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Type of Transaction Direct Pay PCard Petty Cash
Imprest Checking
Association assessments (Accreditation) X
Athletic game official fees X
Books/pamphlets/sheet music (excluding classroom text) X X X
Business expense reimbursement (day trips, mileage, tolls) X X
Business expense reimbursement (travel-overnight) X X
Business meals X
Conference registration & workshop fees X X X
Copying (Not at KSC or through College Relations) X X X
Copyrights/royalties X
Demurrage (holding fee/shipping) X
Dues/membership fees X X X
Film, tape and slide rental or purchase X X X
Freight and delivery charges X
Gas for vehicles X X
Honarium X
Library acquisitions X X
Licenses/registration (alcohol, TV and vehicles) X X X
Maintenance & repair of small equipment (not service) X X X
Meeting expenses X
Membership fees X X X
Postage and postage meters X X
Royalties X
Subcriptions X X X
Superintendent of Documents/NTIS X
Supplies X X
TV programs (rights to shows) X
Utilities (electricity, telephone services, cable TV, internet services, cell phones, municiipal service, etc.) X


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