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A central location may be provided for receiving supplies, or they may be delivered to various locations. Some factors that determine whether Central Receiving or random receiving is appropriate in a given situation are:

1. Need for loading dock facilities.

2. Control of traffic.

3. Capability to perform receiving functions at individual buildings.

4. Verification of delivery and control and payment of collect and freight charges.

5. Effectiveness of inspection and claims processing.

6. Identification of true costs in Central Receiving compared to the fragmentation of costs in random receiving. (NACUBO)




Never return items to vendors without notifying Purchasing. Accounts Payable should be notified so that they don't pay the invoice. Departments must first contact the vendor and make arrangements for returning the goods, as well as expediting or tracing an order. If a department cannot get any satisfaction from the vendor, they should contact Purchasing and we will get involved.

For tracing and returns, we need the following information:

Item 1: Purchase Order number.

Item 2: Any and all documentation associated with the order.

Item 3: Reason(s) for returning goods.

Ascertain if the items have arrived on campus before requesting a trace. The department will be informed as soon as the vendor responds.


The person receiving short shipments, damaged goods or goods suspected to have possible concealed damage is to acknowledge this on the receiving report and on the common carrier's delivery receipt, and is to notify the Purchasing Office immediately. DO NOT REJECT THE SHIPMENT! The shipment must not be removed from the point of delivery and the carton/packaging material must be retained.

As soon as damaged or short shipments are discovered, the department is to notify the carrier(s), the shipper and Purchasing. Common carriers have, in the past, required written notification within fifteen (15) calendar days. Good business practice dictates prompt notification. The chance for a favorable settlement is enhanced if the claims procedure is instituted within fifteen (15) days or sooner. Accounts Payable will be requested to supply a copy of the invoice to establish the value of goods missing or damaged. The carrier or his agent is required to investigate the claim promptly and thoroughly. If an inspection of goods is made, a copy of the report will be left by the inspector.


5.3.1 Surplus Property Letter to the Campus

Each year the Purchasing Office asks the entire Campus Community to assist us in our Surplus Property Program. We provide you with an opportunity to clean out your offices, closets, etc. and get rid of those items that have outgrown their usefulness to you. The items you may consider junk, may be treasures to others.

5.3.2 Surplus Property - KSC POLICY

All equipment and property currently used by your area, or purchased in the future, with Keene State College funds, are owned and belong to the University System of New Hampshire. No property is allowed to be disposed of without prior approval of the Purchasing Office.

To declare any/all computer and audio visual equipment items as surplus the following must happen:

1. Computer equipment - contact the KSC Help Desk, or 8-2532.
2. Audio visual - contact Steve Armstrong, or 8-2416.

For all other equipment the KSC Purchasing office needs to be informed in writing when:

1. Equipment location is changed, (building)
2. Equipment is transferred to another department
3. Equipment is acquired by means other than the standard Purchasing process, (i.e. donated)
4. Equipment is traded in/replaced because of repairs

If there are excess equipment items you wish to have removed from your area, you must claim these items as SURPLUS PROPERTY. These items will then enter into the Surplus Property Program and be sold through this network.

To declare an item Surplus Property, please notify purchasing via email and send an MRO to Grounds requesting them to move the item(s) to the Surplus Property Building on Winchester Street.





Any department or office at KSC that wishes to use the services of a consultant or independent contractor, for whatever reason, MUST complete an Independent Contract Agreement PRIOR to the services being performed. The form can be accessed at All Independent Contracts MUST have the proper authorized signatures before performing their service(s). All consultant's agreements MUST have the Principal Administrator and Presidential Approval before they can be forwarded to KSC Purchasing for processing.

Consultant's agreements that exceed the Campus dollar authority of $75,000.00 require the USNH Vice-Chancellor's approval before they become valid.

Note: The guidelines for using these forms are also located on the forms page at Just click on either PDF or Word to get to the form.


All computer and audio visual related equipment that has a per unit cost up to $4,999 must conform to KSC standards and be approved by the IT Group via two (2) copies of the FORM D before we can process a purchase order. For this category, the FORM D does not require vice-president or presidential signature.

All equipment items between $5,000 and $9,999 require a FORM D signed by the acquiring department and the vice president. All equipment items over $10,000 require a FORM D signed by the acquiring department, the vice president, and the president. If any item is a computer or AV item, IT Group approval is also required.

Banner account codes to use for fixed assets are as follows:

    740000 - Single equipment items over $5,000.00
    715026 - Single equipment items from $3,000.00 - $5,000.00
    715025 - Single equipment items from $1,000.00 - $3,000.00

Regardless of the inventory list on which these items may appear, it is the responsibility of each budget manager to maintain their area inventory. This responsibility includes notification to the Purchasing Office of any change in location, sale or transfer, and new purchase additions.

Budget managers are responsible for their inventories. Budget Managers may be asked periodically to verify their departmental assets.

6.3 FORM D

Requirements for Form D's are as follows:

    AV or computer related item(s) only with a per unit cost up to $4,999.99: Form D required with signatures by the acquiring department head and the Information Technology Group before the item can be purchased.
    Equipment, including AV or computer related item(s) between $5,000.00 and $9,999.99: Form D required with signatures by the acquiring department head and a vice-president. If the item is AV or computer related, the Information Technology Group must sign the Form D before it comes to Purchasing.
    Equipment, including AV or computer related item(s) $10,000.00 and up: Form D required with signatures by the acquiring department head, vice-president and the president. If the item is AV or computer related, the Information Technology Group must sign the Form D before it comes to Purchasing.


The Purchasing Office is responsible for implementing the standardization of a variety of products and services for the Campus. This standardization allows us to purchase quality products and services by large volume, thus saving money for KSC while still providing users with items they have requested.

It also allows us to enter into favorable service agreements with vendors. The third advantage of such a program is that the user can be assured they are purchasing a product for which Campus staff can provide maintenance assistance. Six such programs currently in effect are the computers, audio/video items, business cards, stationery, publications and help-wanted advertising. The KSC Information Technology Department must approve all computer purchases and audio/video related purchases, College Relations must approve all business card, stationery purchases and publications and Human Resources must approve all help-wanted advertising. Advertising for new hires must be approved by the Human Resource Office before placing it in the newspaper. These approvals guarantee that the users not only purchase items that can be serviced, but it also establishes a high standard of quality for the items purchased by the College. Other areas of standardization are under consideration.

Please feel free to contact these departments when thinking about purchasing such items. Their expertise in these areas can provide you with the answers needed for "smart buys".

Any and all equipment requests must be forwarded in writing to your responsible Principal Administrator. This request is then forwarded to the Purchasing Office. Purchasing is not authorized to procure any equipment without prior Principal Administration and the President's approval on an Equipment Authorization Form. The Form D form is located at

6.4.1 Lock Down Policy & Procedures

Keene State College policy requires that all departmental computers be secured with approved lock-down devices.

All departments wishing to have lock-downs installed in their areas should contact the Information Technology Department.


Keene State College, as part of the University System of New Hampshire (USNH), adopted the Hazardous Materials Management plan on November 3, 1994. It was created to outline system-wide policies for the ongoing management of hazardous materials, from acquisition through disposal, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Specific responsibilities for hazardous materials management is outlined for all persons within the organizational structure, with the ultimate responsibility for using hazardous materials safely and in compliance with all laws residing with the user.

The basic tenets of the Plan include: Inventory Management, Hazardous Waste Minimization, Hazardous Materials Use Reduction, Mandatory Training Requirements, Organizational Communication, Life cycle Cost Accounting and an Emergency Action Plan. It is the intent of the Plan to incorporate these tenets to provide a safe environment for all USNH students, staff and faculty to work together successfully. Any and all questions regarding the use of hazardous materials should be directed to the KSC Physical Plant Office.


6.6.1 Office Supplies

All purchases for office supplies are to be placed through the current Contracted Vendor for office supplies. The Office Supply contracted vendor's catalogs are available through the Purchasing Office.

6.6.2 Travel

All travel arrangements, questions and concerns should be directed to the Keene State College Travel Coordinator. The Travel Coordinator is located in the Purchasing Office, Fiske Annex, at 603-358-2494. When making travel arrangements, please consult the Travel Handbook.

Travel arrangements are to be made through the Keene State College preferred vendors, Accent Travel or Milne Travel.

The Keene State College Travel Handbook explaining all of the procedures is available on the Purchasing web site.

Example on how to make travel arrangements:

KSC Master Card "GHOST" Card Program:

  • Traveler contacts KSC approved travel vendor, (Milne or Accent)* and makes all his/her arrangements

*Travel Agency can reserve hotel & car rentals but the Traveler must use their own credit card upon arrival at the hotel and/or car rental agency. Reimbursement for these expenses is via the USNH Travel Expense form.

  • Travel vendor e-mails itinerary to traveler and purchasing
  • Traveler forwards to his/her Budget Manager to obtain approval for trip.
  • Please note: The individual traveler cannot approve his/her own travel. The supervisor must always approve an individual's travel documentation
  • International - traveler has budget manager's approval and vice-president pre-approval
  • E-Mail must have:
    1. Stated Business Purpose of Trip
    2. FOAPAL - account that the trip will be charged to
  • Purchasing can NOT process requests without written, (we suggest e-mail), proof of budget approval
  • Once approval e-mail is received in Purchasing - Purchasing will call and order the tickets and send a confirmation e-mail to Traveler
  • Purchasing will charge the appropriate departmental account electronically
  • Charge will appear on departmental monthly budget reports

NOTES: When the traveler calls the travel agency to make travel arrangements, the following information is needed:

  • Date of departure
  • Date of return
  • Originating city
  • Destination city
  • Number of travelers
  • Names of travelers
  • Passenger phone number
  • Transfers to/from the airport
  • Any physical disabilities
  • Excess baggage requirements

KSC Travel Card Program - Individual Travel PCard - Please contact Purchasing for information about this program.

When making arrangements for candidates to come on campus, the search chair or designee will call the travel agency with the names of the candidates coming in for interviews. The 800 number is to be given to the candidate and they can call to make the arrangements. The same process will then be followed for booking the air fare.

6.6.3 Food Service/Catering

The Purchasing Office has established the following purchasing procedures for ordering services from our contracted vendor at the Dining Commons:

1. The department can enter a requisition into Banner and Purchasing will assign a purchase order number to it or call Purchasing for a confirming purchase order number. If a confirming number is given to a department, a requisition is to be entered into Banner with the confirming number typed in the comments box. The requisition is to be entered within 24 to 48 hours after receiving the confirming purchasing order number.

2. If a department gets a confirming purchase order number they are responsible for communicating it to the contracted vendor. The contracted vendor WILL NOT provide any service without this number. The Dining Commons must be given the confirming purchase order number at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled event.

3. The contracted vendor will then invoice KSC, clearly indicating the purchase order number on each invoice.

4. Standing Orders will still be in effect and are encouraged.

All departments are strongly encouraged to use the contracted vendor for all of their food service needs. Keene State College has a contractual obligation with our Food Service Contractor allowing them the opportunity to bid on all On-Campus departmental catering requests.

The KSC Purchasing Office requires that a written bid be forwarded to our Office from the third party caterer and the contracted vendor BEFORE we will process paperwork to any third party catering firm. This way, we can take care of our contractual obligations, as well as provide for a competitive and fair catering services arena.


As you may know the moving allowance policy is now an employee transition allowance. USNH Policy USY V.F.7.5.2 ( specifically allows "compensation paid to faculty or exempt staff members as part of a recruiting effort". Below you will find important things to know.

    (1) The transition allowance must be authorized in advance, (by the Vice President -       Position Filled Form)
    (2) The transition allowance must be documented in writing to the employee and for       KSC/USNH files, and (Position Filled Form and the formal appointment letter)
    (3) It must be directly related to the commencement of employment at USNH

When the transition allowance has been offered to a newly hired employee, the hiring supervisor will complete the moving expenses section of the Position Filled Form. The amount offered and any special notes should be provided.

The following language will be included in a formal appointment letter. The VPAA's office will be responsible for including this in all faculty appointment letters and the office of Human Resource Management will include it in PAT appointment letters.

A comprehensive transition allowance in the amount of $________ will be paid in lieu of moving expense reimbursement. The payment will be received during your first month of employment. It will be processed as supplemental taxable compensation through the payroll system with all applicable income and FICA taxes deducted. Many of your moving expenses may be tax deductible. You will be responsible for record keeping and tax form preparation if you chose to claim a deduction for moving expenses. See IRS Publication 521 for current regulations and description of qualified moving expenses.

The Office of Human Resource Management has made a commitment to include the transition allowance in the employee's first paycheck. A transaction will be done by HR to process a one time payment against earn code 418, against the labor distribution associated with the position, but against expense code 61CPBN. All relocation payments must be included in the transition allowance and paid directly to the employee.

In rare exceptions and with written approval by the President, or Vice President, all or a portion of the transition allowance may be advanced to the employee prior to commencement of employment. If an advance is approved, the employee will be required to sign a promissory note payable to the institution that authorized payroll deduction for repayment in accordance with established Payroll procedures. In the event the employee does not commence employment or the advance is not fully repaid on a timely basis, (1) the institution will pursue formal collection efforts, (2) the hiring department will be responsible for funding the full amount of the advance including fringe benefit charges thereon, and (3) the individual will receive reportable taxable income in accordance with IRS "accountable plan" rules.

This protocol will be further discussed as key administrators determine how to insure equity between constituents receiving these payments.

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