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The logo is the property of Keene State College and decisions regarding how it is to be used rest with the Director of Marketing and Communications. Unauthorized use of the College logo is forbidden.

The College name, seal, and logo cannot be used in any form by any student or student group in connection with a public performance or publication except when used by a College athletic team, or when authorized by the Director of Marketing and Communications or Vice President for Student Affairs.

The name, seal, and logo are all vital parts of the College brand and image. Consistency in their usage helps to develop and maintain the brand and lends credibility to College endeavors. As such, the name, seal, and logo may not be redrawn, reconstructed, or modified in any way.

Use of the College name, seal, or logo in conjunction with advertisement of any alcoholic beverage is expressly forbidden.

Individual Logos

Individual logos have been established by the Marketing and Communications Office for the

  • Redfern Arts Center
  • Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery
  • Child Development Center
  • Children's Literature Festival
  • Cohen Center for Holocaust Studies
  • College Centennial celebration

An owl logo also exists for KSC Athletics and the KSC Bookstore.

The proliferation of individual logos is discouraged. New or redesigned logos must be submitted to the Director of Marketing and Communications along with an explanation of the need for the logo and how it will be used. Logo requests must be approved by the President’s Cabinet.


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