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Make sure to fill out all require fields including the 'Document to be Copied' field. Your form will not be processed if you do not attach a document. For assistance, please call Print Services at 2763.

* required fields


E-mail Address* (e.g.



Phone Number*

Fund Number*

Document to be Copied*

Use the Browse button to look through your computer and find the document you want copied, or type in the PATH to that file. (e.g. D:\myfolder\booklet.doc)

Number of Pages in Document*

Number of Copies*

Paper Size

Paper Color/Type

All colors come in 8.5" x 11"
* Comes in all three sizes
Copies on regular paper cost 3 cents per impression
Copies on NCR Duplication paper cost 4 cents per impression

Would you like your copies 3-hole punched? (no charge)    No    Yes

One-sided or Two-sided

Reduction/Enlargement (no charge)
Reduce to %
Enlarge to %

How would you like your copies folded?
(Single Sheet Folding - $.0045 per folded sheet, 45 cents per 100)
(Multiple Sheet Folding - $.009 per folded sheet, 90 cents per 100)

Would you like your copies collated? (no charge)

How would you like your copies bound/stapled?

*Black Combs can only bind a document of 10-425 sheets including covers.

Clear Plastic Covers

Front Cover (no charge)

Back Cover (no charge)

Pick up or Delivery (no charge)
I will pick the copies up at the Mail Room
Please deliver them to my Mailstop

Date & time you need the copies by:
Turn around time must be at least 4 business hours.

Special Instructions


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