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Winter 2014

Foodies in the Marketplace**

Keene State boasts numerous graduates who work in the “retail” end of the food business. Here’s a listing of just a few alumni who own or work in restaurants, markets, or food shops that you can visit.

More Food-Inspired Writing

Here’s another piece of prose written by a student in Jeff Friedman’s Cooking, Eating, and Dreaming class.

Chasing July
By Lindsey Pinault

The marks he left were like tread marks in the snow, they slowly vanished with the changing of the seasons, but when they were fresh they were crisp and clear, painfully cold to the touch. Once, we sat beneath the cherry trees, watching the stars twinkle like the fireflies of summer. Back then our love was a pink lady, fresh and sweet, budding from delicate, pure, white petals. But that was before the frost came, rolling over us slowly and dissolving the passion as it does the carnage of fall. Leaving the dead, browned leaves to stick to my hair like the taste of his breath on my lips.

Writing about Food

Check out a piece of student writing from English Department Lecturer Jeff Friedman’s Cooking, Eating, and Dreaming class, featured on page 20 of Keene State Today. More about Writing about Food

Fall 2013

If you saw the eye – “Read more online at” – or the video icon, you’ll find links below to learn more about stories in the Fall 2014 issue of Keene State Today.

Introducing Anne E. Huot

Watch new KSC President Anne E. Huot deliver her 2013 opening convocation address to first-year students.

Faculty/staff accomplishments

Watch Patrick Dolenc speak to incoming first year students at the August opening convocation.

Keene State giving

Learn more about giving and donate online to help Keene State College students