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Fall 2016: The Sustainability Issue


Fall 2016: Sustainability

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Academics, energy use, climate change, natural resources, architecture and design, farming, health and wellness, population growth. Sustainability is a huge topic, one we’re addressing on campus with a commitment to attain STARS Gold status from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.

You’ll learn more about what’s happening on campus inside this issue, and you’ll also find a myriad of stories focusing on how Keene State alumni and other members of the College community are working toward sustainability in their lives.

Sustainability at Keene State

Read Director of Campus Sustainability Cary Gaunt’s overview of sustainability efforts at Keene State College. More about Sustainability at Keene State

Learn more about sustainability at the College

Learn more about the STARS program

Living Off the Grid

Want to walk and live lightly on the earth? Here are some thoughts about doing so from Bill Elliott:

“I don’t pretend to prescribe the details of this lifestyle to anyone. I think it’s very individual and personal. It fits Eileen and I pretty well because we developed, over 50 years, really, a lifestyle that suits our personalities and our circumstances more or less just right. It’s really no different than deciding on a career or where to live or who, if anybody, to form a lifetime relationship with. More about Living Off the Grid


Enjoy more photos of Bill and Eileen Elliott’s homesteading life.

Tiny House, Big Life


Check out more photos of Sara Voorhis’s tiny house in progress.


Sara’s tiny house reading suggestions:

Tiny House Giant Journey blog

The Tiny Life blog

Tiny House Hacks

Tiny Homes Shelter

Tiny House Spotlight

Niko Niko Radish

Cindy Gibbs

Read Cindy Gibbs’s first-person account of the Fulbright Japan-US Teacher Exchange for Education for Sustainable Development. More about Niko Niko Radish


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