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Keene State Today

Spring 2015: The Wellness Issue

It’s not just about physical fitness and eating right, though those are key pieces. This issue of Keene State Today looks at a whole spectrum of elements that factor into personal well-being – and then takes a broader look at the role wellness plays in society. You’ll meet a 1959 grad who runs marathons, a nontraditional student who interns at the Cheshire County jail, two active centenarians, and more.

Tom Bassarear

Mindful Stress Reduction

How can you weave mindfulness into your everyday life? For starters, breathe! And then try some of these suggestions from Tom Bassarear, professor of education, for reducing stress. You’ll also find ideas for reading more about mindfulness and for places to practice and study meditation in southern New Hampshire and Vermont. More about Mindful Stress Reduction

Dianna Sinni

Tips for Staying Active with a 9-5 Desk Job

Stuck behind a desk? Here are some great suggestions from Dianna Sinni ’10, a registered dietitian, wellness nutritionist, and whole food blogger whose “grab and go” recipes can be found on page 7 of Keene State Today’s Spring 2015 issue. You may want to check out Sinni’s food blog, Chard in Charge, too.

  1. For every hour you sit at your desk, get up and walk for five minutes. This helps to get the blood flowing and prevent your muscles from cramping after being in one position for an extended period of time. So take that extra run to the copier or walk around the cubicles twice before stopping in for your next meeting.
  2. Take a lunch break! Break free from your computer or desk and allow yourself to eat in a quiet place away from a screen, even if only for ten minutes. Give yourself a quick “recharge” away from your work and take in a new scene, even if it’s only the parking lot.
  3. Sit with good posture. Not only does this strengthen your back and shoulder muscles and prevent future spinal problems, but it’s a whole lot easier to work when you aren’t hunched over your desk. Ask your employer to have your workspace ergonomically evaluated – you work there for eight hours a day, so it should be comfortable and appropriate for your body.
  4. Take the stairs! Climbing is a quick way to get in some cardio during your day and burn extra calories throughout the year.
  5. Stretch. Do some simple spinal twists while seated in your desk chair. Try a standing forward fold or shoulder/neck rolls. Frequent movements can help negate the effects of sedentary lifestyles.

Dianna Sinni ’10

Tips for Healthy Relationships

Want your relationship to flourish? Check out these tips gathered by Brian Quigley, director of the Keene State College Counseling Center. More about Tips for Healthy Relationships

Graphic by Danny Cobbs '15

The Cost of Living

As part of the course Political Economy of Inequality, students Sara Myers, Jessica Schaper, and Kirsten Aglia created a minimum wage calculator and survey. This chart shows the survey and one sample response. Based on the needs checked off, this responder would have to earn $13.44 an hour over a 40-hour workweek to be able to meet expenses. (Graphic by Danny Cobbs ‘15)

Live Long and Prosper


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