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Alternative Text

Obtaining Print Materials in Alternative Formats Policy

Eligible students may request their textbooks in alternative formats by filling out the Alternative Text Request Form

Alternative Text Request Deadlines:

Textbooks for: Request Deadline
Fall Semester July 15th
Spring Semester November 15th
Summer May 1

Students can check the following FREEresources to obtain alternative text formats on their own without having to go through ODS:

  1. - An accessible online library for people with print disabilities. Free membership for qualified students.
  2. Audiobooks, Keene State Library, Keene Public Library
  3. - Audio and E-books

You can make your own digital copy of a school related publication or book. Make an appointment to use our "Alternative Text Station" in the ODS computer lab.

At our Alternative Text Station you can:

  • Scan pages yourself using our scanner
  • Convert PDF's to Word documents for easier use
  • Use any of our specialized software


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