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Social Research Methods

School of Sciences and Social Sciences

Students earn 20 credits by taking a combination of courses intended to develop both quantitative and qualitative skills. To satisfy the quantitative requirements of the minor, students choose the two-course statistics sequence in Economics, Psychology, or Sociology. To satisfy the qualitative requirements, students take POSC 335 and ANTH 430. Additionally, students take a 4-credit, 400 level research course in a Social Science major.

Minor Requirements

Select one of the following combinations of courses:

either MATH 141 Introductory Statistics
or PSYC 251 Psychological Statistics
and ECON 420 Econometrics


PSYC 251 Psychological Statistics and
PSYC 252 Research Methods in Psychology


SOC 301 Sociological Research Methods and
SOC 303 Sociological Quantitative Analysis

Select both of the following

POSC 335 Qualitative Research Methods
ANTH 430 Ethnographic Methods

Four additional credits from the following list of capstone or senior research courses in a Social Science major:*

  • ANTH 498 Independent Study
  • ANTH 499 Senior Honors Thesis
  • ECON 498 Independent Study
  • PSYC 496 Honors Seminar
  • PSYC 498 Independent Study
  • POSC 401 Keystone in Political Science
  • POSC 498 Independent Study
  • SOC 498 Independent Study
  • SOC 499 Senior Honor Thesis

*The senior research project must demonstrate advanced research skills. Specifically, students must employ empirical strategies (such as experimental design, regression analysis, or ethnological investigation) that comprise a major component of their project. Students need to earn a B or higher in the 400-level, capstone research course to successfully complete the minor.