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Integrative Studies Program (ISP)

ISP courses, taken across three to four years, provide the foundation in writing, analysis, and critical thinking that is at the heart of a liberal arts education.

These core skills and habits of mind (writing, critical reading, information literacy, critical and creative thinking, quantitative reasoning, critical dialogue, and media fluency) apply to every major and, eventually, to every job or life choice that our graduates will pursue.

Students begin with introductory courses in Integrative Thinking and Writing (ITW) and Integrative Quantitative Literacy (IQL) and move on to ISP courses within specific disciplines or to interdisciplinary subjects.

Keene State’s ISP has been named an “exemplar program” by the American Association of Colleges and Universities.

What courses does ISP include?

Keene State’s ISP courses are designed to help students connect skills and knowledge from multiple sources. More about What courses does ISP include?

What can students expect to gain from ISP courses?

From a student’s perspective: ISP courses are wide-ranging and often ask you to broaden your outlook on a subject, make connections you’ve never considered before, and develop new skills in research, writing, and data analysis. More about What can students expect to gain from ISP courses?

What do KSC students say about ISP?

Read what some of our students say about their experience in ISP.

Measuring Success

Part of measuring success in the ISP is by assessing student work. More about Measuring Success