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Casting Limbo in New York City

Thomas Cook, Professor of Film
Thomas Cook, Professor of Film

Professor of Film Studies Thomas Cook needed funding to take his Advanced Film Production students to New York City in 2013 to host casting sessions to film a television pilot episode titled "Limbo" for their Capstone project. He reached out to the College's Field Experience and Engagement Fund and was awarded $500 for the trip.

"We spent two days casting and saw 58 professional actors who auditioned for their senior project," Cook said. "The money allowed us to rent a studio space to host the auditions and one of the actors we cast in New York just finished working on Robert Downey Jr.'s latest film." The series is now in production.

In the past, another award from the Field Experience and Engagement Fund paid for beginning and advanced Film students to visit the home of George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak. The house is the world's oldest museum dedicated to photography. The students got a behind-the-scenes tour.

FEEF funding is crucial to help with extra expenses that crowd funding and other sources don't cover. "Students normally pay for these things out-of-pocket," he said.

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