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SCF Individual and Group Application

Prior to form submission, please review fund criteria and travel requirements.

Applications must be submitted at least one month in advance of the conference. Applications for conferences in July and August must be received by the second week in June.

In your pre-proposal travel request to the Dean or appropriate administrator, be sure the check the SCF as the Secondary trip sponsor in the pop-up box that reads, Please list any other trip sponsors including all KSC funding sources.

You will need to attach a narrative document to this form; make sure to have it ready before you start filling out this form. In this narrative, not to exceed two typed written pages: (1) explain the relationship of the conference to your students' academic and professional development, and (2) identify how your students will use or disseminate information and knowledge obtained at the conference.

If presenting, please send this additional information to Donna Ward:

  • The invitation for your students to participate in the conference or acceptance of their proposal from the conference chair.
  • An abstract of your students' presentations.
  • A copy of the part of the program where the presentation is highlighted (if available).

E-mail is preferred for these documents. If the information is only available as hard copy, please deliver it to Donna's office (Hale Building, 1st floor).

If you have any questions, please contact Donna Ward by e-mail or at 358-2104.

All fields marked with an * are required.

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.doc, .docx, .pdf only - 2M file size limit

Itemized Budget
Item Expense Request
1. Conference Registration
Cost per Person

2. Lodging (2 nights maximum)

3. Flight
4. Train
5a. Car Rental Information
Rental, Information

5b. Car Rental Budget
6. Parking
7. Totals (Sum of 1-6)
8. Applicant(s) Contribution
9. Total Other Funding Sources
10. Total Contributions (Sum of 8-9)

Contact Academic Program Services

Donna Ward
Academic Program Services Assistant