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Academic Enrichment Programs

Achievement. Excellence. Engagement. Professional Networking.

These are the program goals and the opportunities for students through Keene State’s Academic Enrichment Programs. At Keene State we are committed to student engagement beyond the classroom and to providing students with opportunities to gain knowledge, develop skills, and have experiences that both enhance your academic experience and facilitate professional networking opportunities and career success. The Academic Enrichment Programs at Keene State College support students who are committed to academic excellence, to broadening their personal and professional perspectives, and to expanding their learning beyond the classroom.

Employers are very interested not only in the courses students took in college but the work they did. They want to know what research you conducted, on which projects you worked, at which conferences you attended and presented, and how you extended your professional development beyond your course work.

The four initiatives that frame Keene State’s Academic Enrichment Programs allow you opportunities not only to enhance your educational experience but to demonstrate to employers what you did while you were here.

Honor Societies, Advisors, and Funding

Honor Society funding is designated for enrichment activities sponsored by the Honor Societies. The mission of each Honor Society defines enrichment activities, and honor societies are eligible to apply for enrichment funding. Students have used funds to bring speakers to campus, to travel to museums, and to attend musical and theatrical events.

Student Conference Fund

The Student Conference Fund provides financial support for students to attend and/or present at academic or professional conferences with the goal of enabling students to enrich their academic experience. The Student Conference Fund promotes student research and scholarship relevant to students' academic and professional interests.

Field Experience and Engagement Fund

The Field Experience and Engagement Fund has been created to support faculty who wish to offer out-of-class field experiences that are part of their courses and that are focused on enhancing student engagement.

Contact Academic Program Services

Donna Ward
Academic Program Services Assistant