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Each honors cohort is made up of outstanding students with a diverse array of academic and social interests. Professor Robert Kostick advises all students in the College Honors Program.

Decisions about your major or majors are completely your own and independent of your participation in the Honors Program. You will work with your advisor in your majors and some of you will apply separately for acceptance into a major. Professor Kostick, however, will also act as your general advisor until you choose an advisor within your major program.

Performance Expectations

As a participant in the College Honors Program, we expect you to meet an overall 3.25 GPA during your first semester. By the end of your second semester, you must attain an overall GPA of 3.5. (Students who entered before fall 2009 must maintain a 3.25 GPA). If your GPA falls below the requirement, you will be on probation for a semester, and your academic performance will be reviewed at the end of that semester. You are encouraged to communicate regularly with the honors advisor about your scholarly interests, academic achievements, and development as a student.

We also expect you to demonstrate exemplary behavior in and out of the classroom. Please read thoroughly the College policies and expectations.

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