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EDUC 431

Secondary Methods II: English

Course Summary: Secondary English Methods II is your real immersion into the profession you have chosen. This course is the gateway into the classroom—you now begin planning lessons you will actually teach, implementing the philosophy of teaching you have been developing, and interacting with students. Students may loop from Methods II to Student Teaching with these placement matches.

Students may spend this time in a variety of ways—observing different teachers and grade levels; tutoring students; monitoring small group work; grading quizzes; talking to staff; discussing what they will teach with their cooperating teacher. Students need to keep a log of all their hours listing dates, times, and activities.

Field Experience: 30 hours. Students must work out their time in the schools with their cooperating teachers according to their schedules.

Students must complete 4 official observations and teach 4 times. Students may put in a few hours at a time or spend the whole day in the school. Students may be in the same classroom or multiple classrooms for their observations.

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