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Center for Engagement, Learning and Teaching

Center for Engagement, Learning and Teaching (CELT)

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The vision of the Center for Engagement, Learning, and Teaching is that all Keene State students will be active participants in engaged, inclusive learning environments facilitated by exceptional teaching.


The mission of the Center for Engagement, Learning, and Teaching is to encourage and inspire excellence in teaching and learning. To promote, support, and develop effective learning environments, CELT cultivates collaborative relationships to facilitate professional growth and development across the Keene State teaching and learning community.

Who: We work primarily with faculty, but our constituents include anyone involved with Keene State students in an instructional context, including administrators, staff, and community partner organizations.

What: Our work supports student success by making it easier for faculty to:

  • Identify and implement evidence-based approaches to instruction to meet the needs of Keene State College students
  • Develop solutions to instructional challenges
  • Explore innovative pedagogical practices
  • Make effective use of technology to facilitate teaching and learning activities
  • Engage students in high impact practices
  • Evaluate course effectiveness and assess student learning

How: We work with the teaching and learning community in the following ways:

  • Consultations
  • Collaborations
  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Support for Learning Communities
  • Demonstrations
  • Conferences
  • Institutes
  • Resource creation and curation
  • Course Observations
  • Committee membership

Work with the CELT Team

Academic Technology

Academic Technology provides faculty with a supportive environment for learning how to effectively integrate technology into the curriculum. We help faculty use technology to develop best practices that improve teaching and learning through workshops, demonstrations, online resources, and evaluation of technology. Our partnership with CELT’s instructional consultant ensures that pedagogy is at the forefront of what we do. Click here to visit the AT site.

Instructional Consulting

CELT’s Instructional Consultant partners with Keene State faculty to support student success through innovative course design and delivery, providing support for course (re)design, planning and designing assignments and other course materials, implementing new instructional strategies, and other questions related to instructional design and pedagogy. Click here to visit the Instructional Consulting site.

Service Learning and Internships

Our goal is to facilitate learning through service by coordinating academic service activities that meet the needs of our community and business partners. We provide resources and support to faculty to connect coursework and students with high quality experiential learning, promoting growth while students explore and develop important skills for future success. Click here to visit the SLI site.

Community Connections


Have an idea for a service learning project? Is your organization looking for interns? Are you faculty member or student looking for assistance with service learning or internships? We can help! More about Community Connections

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Our team supports faculty from the time they begin at KSC throughout their careers as they develop and deliver engaging teaching experiences leading to student success and achievement. More about Meet the Team

Adjunct Faculty & PAT Staff Grants


Grants are available for Adjunct faculty and Professional, Technical and Administrative staff (PATs). More about Adjunct Faculty & PAT Staff Grants



Recent news and other helpful information. More about CELT News

New Faculty Orientation

Dr. Daryl Hucks

In an effort to promote the success of new faculty, CELT coordinates new faculty orientation for both new tenure track faculty (this includes clinical faculty and artists-in-residence) and new adjunct faculty. More about New Faculty Orientation

Contact CELT

Linda Farina
Program Support Coordinator