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Journalism - Public Relations

School of Arts, Education, and Humanities

The Public Relations minor provides an opportunity for students from various disciplines to develop skills and knowledge regarding the role and practice of public relations in a diverse global marketplace through learning the application of PR in varied venues like corporations, non-profits, PR agencies, campaigns, and issues-based groups. The minor integrates technique with a multimedia-based approach and emphasizes ethics, research, and analysis skills necessary to produce credible PR.

Minor Requirements

24 credits

  • JRN 130 Writing for the Media
  • JRN 155 Digital Journalism
  • JRN 230 Print Journalism or JRN 235 Broadcast Journalism
  • JRN 386 Public Relations Principles
  • JRN 486 Public Relations Practice

Choose one of the following:

  • MGT 101 Introduction to Management
  • MGT 331 Principles of Marketing