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History and Archives

Master of Arts

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Learning Outcomes: MA in History and Archives:
• Students will acquire the core knowledge of the profession, focusing on the nature of records and the basic archival functions of records appraisal, acquisition, arrangement, description, preservation, reference, access, outreach, and archives administration.
• Students will also gain essential contextual knowledge of the sociocultural factors shaping archival records as they are created and managed over time in different communities of practice and localities.
• Students will understand and appreciate ethical considerations inherent in selection of material for acquisition and preservation and in the method of exhibition of material.
• Students will engage in the advanced study of historiography to better understand how historians applying different theoretical and methodological approaches might utilize archival holdings.
• Students will be able to formulate historical arguments and communicate those arguments in clear and persuasive prose. • Students will demonstrate mastery of the knowledge and skills involved in historical practice by conceptualizing and executing a significant piece of original research.