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Bachelor of Arts

The English program encourages students to develop sophisticated ways of understanding, creating, and responding to texts. English majors and minors study the historical development of literary and rhetorical traditions, of literatures written in English, as well as world and European literatures in English translation. Students in the literature option read a wide range of literature from various cultures and historical periods. Students in the writing option also read a great deal of literature and study literary method, but focus their coursework on the writing of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. English/Secondary Education majors must choose the Literature option and take one additional course, ENG 312 Descriptive Grammar.

The English faculty emphasizes critical thinking, the analysis of texts, clear and effective writing, aesthetic appreciation, and theoretical sophistication. We value small class sizes and personal contact between faculty and students, and we work closely with students as academic advisors to plan the course of study. Faculty members also guide students to consider such opportunities as a semester of study abroad or a writing internship.

In addition to fostering a lifelong appreciation of literature and language and a high degree of literacy, a degree in English provides a range of personal and professional opportunities. Surveys of employers consistently stress the value of the skills we teach: the ability to communicate effectively with others, to think critically and creatively, to read carefully, and to write with clarity and purpose. English majors go on to graduate and professional schools; they work in the field of teaching; they become writers; and they are employed in publishing, journalism, business, public relations, library science, and many other fields.

Integrative Studies Requirements

40 credits minimum

Major Requirements

44 credits

Language Requirement

The minimal requirement for all students with a major in English is one course in a foreign language, normally French, Spanish, or German.

Literature Option

Students choosing the Literature option in English must complete a minimum of ten courses. English/Secondary Education students must select the Literature option.

  • ENG 215 Literary Analysis (must be taken before completing 9 credits toward the major)
  • In addition to ENG 215, students must take one of the following 100 or 200-level ISP ENG or ENG literature courses:
    • IHENG 195 Introduction to College English
    • IHENG 220 Readings in British Literature
    • IHENG 240 Readings in American Literature
    • IHENG 251 Literature of the Holocaust
    • IHENG 260 Readings in World Literature
    • ENG 290 Topics
  • ENG 315 Literary Form and History
  • ENG 415 Literary Criticism and Theory
  • ENG 490 Advanced Studies (two [2] sections, two [2] different topics)
  • Four additional 300-level courses. Three of the four 300-level courses must be in literature.

Of the 300 or 400-level courses listed above, one course must be in pre-1800 literature, one in literature from 1800-1900, and one course must be a Differing Cultural Perspectives course.

English/Secondary Education majors must take ENG 312 Descriptive Grammar as one of their four 300-level courses.

Writing Option

Students electing the writing option in English must complete a minimum of ten courses. Students may not pursue both the Writing option and the Writing minor.

Choose one course from:

  • IHENG 195 Introduction to College English
  • IAENG 202 Creative Nonfiction Writing
  • IAENG 204 Creative Writing

Additional required courses:

  • ENG 215 Literary Analysis (must be taken before completing 9 credits toward the major)
  • ENG 315 Literary Form and History (prerequisite: completion of ENG 215)
  • ENG 402 Theory and Practice
  • ENG 405 Writing Portfolio (must be completed in senior year)
  • Two ENG electives in literature at the 300 or 400 level

Choose three additional writing courses (two courses must be at the 300 level or 400 level, other than ENG 402 and ENG 405):

  • IHENG 195 Introduction to College English
  • ENG 201 Writing with Style
  • ENG 301 Fiction Workshop
  • ENG 302 Poetry Workshop
  • IAENG 304 Advanced Creative Writing
  • ENG 307 Professional Writing Workshop
  • ENG 308 Advanced Topics in Writing
  • ENG 312: Descriptive Grammar (prerequisites: ITW 101 and one 200-level English course)
  • ENG 497 Writing/Publishing Internship

Certification as an English Teacher

Dual Major in Education

  • Secondary Education

Additional Major Requirements

  • ENG 312 Descriptive Grammar: Students must earn a grade of C or better.


Select courses to reach a total of 120 credits for the degree.

Degree Requirements

120 credits
40 credits at the upper-level