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An academic minor in Dance is available for students who have an interest in Dance and/or for students who want a concentration of study in dance to complement another major. The minor is designed to provide a broad foundation of creative and technical experience for the development of dance artists.  By minoring in Dance, students will discover intersections between their chosen major and dance performance and choreography.

20 credits

Minor Requirements

TAD 235 Dance History

Select one of the following:

  • TAD 318 Research in Choreography
  • TAD 495 Modern Dance Seminar

Select 12 credits from the following:

  • TAD 112 Modern Dance/Composition I
  • TAD 212 Modern Dance/Composition II¹
  • TAD 311 Modern Dance/Composition III¹
  • TAD 312 Modern Dance/Composition IV¹
  • TAD 411 Modern Dance/Composition V¹
  • TAD 412 Modern Dance/Composition VI¹

¹ These courses may be repeated once for credit