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Computer Science

School of Sciences, Sustainability, and Health

24 credits

This minor allows non-computer science majors to gain skills important in a modern world abounding in CS-related technologies.

Minor Requirements

24 credits

MATH 135 Discrete Mathematics for CS or MATH 151 Calculus I
ISCS 140 Programming Foundations I
CS 185 Programming Foundations II
CS 265 Computer Architecture

One of the following skills courses:

  • ISCS 150 Website Design & Construction
  • INCS 160 Microcomputer Systems

One of the following programming courses:

  • CS 225 C++ Programming
  • CS 280 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CS 310 Systems Programming: C & Assembler

Appropriate CS 199 and CS 290 topics courses will be allowed with department approval.