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20 Credits

This minor introduces the student to anthropology, the comparative and holistic study of people. It explores the biological, social, and cultural aspects of our species in the past, present, and future. Anthropology attempts to integrate knowledge of human beings and their activities at the highest and most inclusive level. Anthropologists study the patterning of human behaviors, as well as the conditions under which they arise, persist, or disappear, in the belief that the knowledge gained from this perspective may be applied to the solution of problems of everyday life in different cultures. It provides global information and thinking skills critical to succeeding in the 21st century in business, research, teaching, advocacy, and public service.

Minor Requirements

  • ISANTH 110 Cultural Anthropology
  • ISANTH 111 Archeology and Physical Anthropology

Select three 300-level or above ANTH/ISANTH electives.