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Sustainable Product Design and Innovation

IISPDI360 Sustainability by Design

An interdisciplinary approach grounded in a comprehensive definition of sustainability to assist students exploring potential multidisciplinary or transdisciplinary solutions to complex, multi-layered problems - including but not limited to climate change, desertification, militarism, consumerism, wealth inequality and affordable housing, education and health care. Open to all majors. Prerequisites: Take 24 credits of ISP, including ITW 101 and a QL course. Fall, Spring.

INSPDI385 Bio-Fabrication

Bio-printing uses 3D-printing to reproduce a 3D functional living tissue scaffold through the deposition of biomaterials along with high precision positioning of cells. You will learn about 3D bio-printing principles, biomaterials, and complex geometric modeling of body parts. Discover the current challenges, possible solutions and potentials of bio-fabrication. Previous CAD experience, Math and Chemistry are helpful. Prerequisites: Take 24 credits in ISP including ITW 101 AND QL. Spring.