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Journalism, Multimedia, Public Relations

IHJRN101 Media and Society

This course will examine the ways that the media participates in shaping social reality. Students will analyze and interpret the roles of the media, especially the news media, in a democratic society in regard to a variety of cultural, political, and economic problems. Fall, Spring.

IIJRN268 Environmental Issues and the Media

Media coverage of environmental issues is analyzed from scientific, economic, political and legal perspectives. For both science and non-science majors, a clearer understanding of how the media covers the environment and the various institutional interests involved in that coverage results through critical analysis and research projects. Spring, even years.

IHJRN395 Famous Trials

This course examines fair trial/free press conflicts in U.S. courts. The course will address the historical development of fair trial/free press law and precedent-setting cases in the development of such laws. Applicable law and precedent will be used to examine famous, contemporary, highly publicized trials. Prerequisites: 24 credits of ISP including ITW and QL. Summer.