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Information Studies

IIINFO110 Information Environment

An exploration of the interdisciplinary field of information science, including information seeking behavior, information as a commodity, digital divide, information overload, information privacy and accessibility. Students engage in critical dialogue about the complexities of the current and evolving information environment to become effective and ethical consumers and users of information. Fall.

IIINFO310 Information Policy

This interdisciplinary course draws from Information Science, Communications, and Public Policy to examine policies governing the use, access, storage, creation, and dissemination of information. Students apply theoretical frameworks and consider how information policies affect their own agency and citizenship. Topics include freedom of expression, privacy, and intellectual property. Spring, odd years. Prerequisite: ITW 101

IIINFO320 Participatory Cultures

How do we engage in information creation in ethical ways? How do online groups help produce information? This interdisciplinary course draws from information science, communication, and education, allowing students to produce digital content as a means of self-discovery, self-expression, and community engagement while considering the ethics of knowledge creation. Prerequisite: 24 credits in ISP, including ITW 101 and QL course. Spring.

INFO490 Advanced Special Topics in Information Studies

Intensive study of selected topics in Information Studies. May be repeated as topics change. Spring, even years.

INFO498 Independent Study

1-4 credits

Advanced individual study of an issue, problem, or topic related to information studies under the direction of a faculty member. Repeatable for a maximum of 8 credits. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Fall, Spring.