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INOPTC101 Introduction to Optics

An introduction to optics in our world and investigating everyday optical phenomena through exploratory learning. Using hands on activities in the classroom and real world industry problems, students will learn the fundamentals of optical systems including lenses, mirrors, ray optics, spectroscopy, color theory, diffraction, interferometry, IR Imaging, polarization and more! Fall/Spring

INOPTC110 Laser Optics

2 credits

Applications and use of lasers in the fields of optics. Topics include properties of light, optical handling and positioning, light sources and laser safety, geometric and physical objects, principles and applications of lasers. Basic knowledge of algebra, trigonometry, exponentials and logarithms expected. Partially satisfies IN requirement. Spring, Fall.

INOPTC120 Thin Films in Optics

2 credits

A two-credit course exploring light and interference found in nature and applications in current technology. Students will study the wave properties of light and interference in thin films, thin film deposition techniques, vacuum systems, interference filters, spectroscopic analysis and applications. Partially satisfies IN requirement. Spring/Fall