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KSC270 Learning Assistant

1-4 credits

Under faculty supervision, learning assistants develop and practice instruction and interaction skills for working effectively with students in a specific discipline. Supplemental instructors and undergraduate teaching assistants are examples. May be repeated for a total of 8 credits. Fall, Spring.

KSC280 Study Away

12 credits

Semester study away placeholder to designate that a KSC student is enrolled in a fulltime (12 credit equivalent) KSC-approved study away experience (domestic or international). This placeholder is designed to facilitate registration, enrollment verification, billing, financial aid, etc. It will be replaced in the student's academic record by the relevant transfer courses and credits, and as such will not appear in the student's official academic record (e.g., academic transcript). Prerequisite: Permission required. Study Away Fee.

KSC690 Graduate Special Topics

1-4 credits

Study of selected topics in academic disciplines based on the needs and interests of the student. Intended for professionals seeking continuing study and middle school and high school educators seeking advanced study in content areas. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Fall, Spring, Summer.