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Ethos Percussion Group


Accomplished classical and world music artists, Ethos marries global instruments and playing styles with the conventions of Western chamber music, creating a visually and aurally compelling experience. The New York Times described their playing as filled with “expert togetherness, sensitivity, and zest.”

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A composition for percussion quartet, commissioned by Ethos Percussion Group under the auspices of the Jerome Foundation. Here they are playing the last five minutes of the piece live at Symphony Space in New York City:

For more than fifteen years, Ethos Percussion Group has inspired audiences throughout the country with its exceptional music-making and collective devotion to the incredibly diverse world of percussion music:

DBR jams with Yousif Sheronick of Ethos Percussion Group at an informal session at CSPAC, February 13, 2008:

Wednesday, February 24, 7:30 p.m.
Alumni Recital Hall
$26 - $14buy