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The Main Theatre

Center Stage into House

The Main Theatre of the Redfern Arts Center at Keene State College is a 572 seat proscenium with a stage that allows for the presentation of most professional touring shows.

Seating in the Main Theatre is divided into three sections. The Orchestra section, closest to the stage, seats 170. The Loge section in the center of the house seats 100. The Balcony section comprises the rear of the house and seats 302. A steep rake in the Loge and Balcony section provides these seats with excellent sightlines, and allows patrons to be closer to the stage. Wheelchair seating is provided in the Orchestra section and at the sides of the Loge section.

Artists who have performed in the Main Theatre include:

  • Pilobolus
  • Shakespeare & Company
  • Groovelily
  • Iceland Dance
  • Imago Theatre
  • The Acting Company
  • Dallas Brass
  • John Irving
  • Rubberbandance Group
  • Aquila Theatre Company

In addition, the Main Theatre is also heavily used by the Departments of Theatre Arts and Music. The Theatre Department usually performs two plays and a full length dance concert in the Main Theatre each season. The Music Department uses the Main Theatre for its larger performing groups including the Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble. The Main Theatre is also the site of the Keene State College Spring Honors Convocation.

Upstage into House

Stage Left

Stage Right

Upstage Wall

Back of Orchestra

Back of Loge

Back of Balcony

Extreme Balcony Left

Extreme Balcony Right

First Row into Grid



Main Theatre Technical Information
General Information
Lighting Equipment
Sound Equipment
Drapery Schedule
Line Set Schedule

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General Information

Load-In Area

  • Loading dock height is 3'-4" from pavement and will accommodate a 45' trailer.
  • Loading dock is at stage level, offstage right, with access to stage through scene shop.
  • Approximate distance from loading dock to stage: 45'
  • Trucks and buses may not idle while at dock.
  • No shoreline power is available.
  • Loading dock door dimensions: 9'-10" high x 9'-8" wide
  • Dock plate is available for loading and unloading trucks:  4'-0" wide x 3'-6" long diamond plate
  • Dimensions of access door to main stage: 17'-10" high x 17'-10" wide
  • Trucks may remain parked at loading dock during entire engagement under most circumstances. Please advise Theatre Operations Manager of your needs so temporary parking permits may be obtained for all vehicles parked at the theatre.
  • IMPORTANT: If storage space is required for road boxes, set pieces, or other equipment, arrangements must be made in advance with Theatre Operations Manager. The scene shop is heavily used and shared with academic programs. We cannot guarantee storage space without 4 weeks advance notice. If it can't stay on the stage or in the truck, give us a call!

Performance Spaces

  • PLEASE NOTE: With regard to special effects, ONLY FOG EFFECTS ARE ALLOWED IN THE THEATRE. The use of open flame (including lit cigarettes, matches, and candles), pyrotechnics or smoke effects are not permitted.
  • Both men's and women's dressing rooms located directly offstage left and are 12' x 14' with adjoining shower and lavatory. Dressing rooms are connected by make-up area.
  • Make-up area has tables with lighted mirrors and seats 20 comfortably.
  • Monitor speakers are located in the Green Room and Make-up area.
  • Laundry Facilities are shared with academic departments. Be prepared to be flexible in your laundry needs.
  • A small dance studio may be available for company class and warm-up. Studio is 37' wide x 20' deep, with mirror on one long wall and ballet barres on short walls. This space is used heavily by the academic departments, so please make your needs known as early as possible.
  • Labor is provided by student crews supervised by one professional staff person. Levels of experience can vary. Patience and flexibility is always appreciated!


Stage Floor

The stage surface is black painted masonite. The masonite is put over plywood which is suspended on 2x4 stringers.

Two dance floors are available:

  • Harlequin Reversible (Black/Grey) dance floor 49' wide x 32' deep
  • Rosco dance floor (Black) 44' wide x 31'-6" deep

    Stage Dimensions

    PROSCENIUM: Height 26', Width 36'-6"
    STAGE DEPTH: 39'-5" to back wall from edge of stage, 35'-5" to back wall from upstage edge of proscenium
    STAGE WIDTH: 67'-10"
    STAGE RIGHT WING: 17'-0"
    STAGE LEFT WING: 14'-0"
    APRON WIDTH: 42' at proscenium, 44' at downstage edge
    HEIGHT OF APRON/STAGE: 3'-5 1/2"

    BATTEN LENGTH:  42'.  All battens have extensions for soft goods only (See line-set schedule for detailed information)

    Lighting Equipment

    ETC Express 48/96 with Remote Focus Unit, located in control booth
    2nd Universe DMX 512 port on down stage right and left walls or in control booth

    The Main Theatre is dimmer per circuit, using Strand CD-80 2.4kw dimmers

    Total number of circuits: 240

    Onstage circuits:
    74 circuits in boxes dropped from grid,
    40 circuits on upstage back wall,
    12 circuits on downstage wall
    8 circuits on pin-rail SR

    FOH circuits:
    32 circuits on first catwalk,
    32 circuits on second catwalk,
    28 circuits on third catwalk,
    12 circuits on fourth catwalk

    House: 8 circuits at rear of orchestra section

    Control booth is located at stage level in center of house under center loge, at the rear of orchestra section.


    38 6x9, Altman 575w
    51 6x12, Altman 575w
    32 6x16, Altman 575w
    14 1KL 20 degree, Altman
    15 36 degree, Source 4 575w
    10 26 degree, Source 4 575w
    4 19 degree, Source 4 575w

    20 8" Altman 1K

    30 Source 4, 575w, with clear flat, very narrow, narrow, medium, wide, and extra wide lenses

    5 3-color sky cyc units, Altman 1K per color
    15 Single unit broad cyc, L&E 1K

    Lighting Notes

    • 2P&G 20A connectors on all instruments and cable.
    • Instrument mounting: C-clamps on electrics
    • Company panel located upstage right, accepts Cam-Lock connectors.  3 phase/4 wire, 120/240 VAC, 600 amp per leg.  No bare end connections.
    • No permanent electric pipes. 74 circuits in boxes dropped from grid.
    • Houselights controlled from Control Booth or backstage left. Houselights are dimmed independently from stage lighting.
    • 10 - 50 lb. boom bases. 8 booms are 16' tall and 2 are 14' tall.
    • 2 - 10' roving booms
    • 72 - single-t sidearms. 60 are 1' long and 12 are 2' long.
    • 5 separate onstage 20 amp 110v circuits.

    Sound Equipment

    1 Allen & Heath GL3300 - 32 channels with meter bridge, 8 sub groups, 4 mute groups, 8 aux sends (4 with XLR and inserts, 2 stereo returns)
    1 Yamaha MC2404II, 24 channels, 4 group outputs, stereo L & R outputs, 4 aux outputs (2 pre, 2 post), phantom power.
    1 Soundcraft LX7ii, 16 channels, 2 stereo inputs, 4 subgroups, 3 mix outputs, 6 switchable pre/post fader aux outputs in pairs at each channel

    2 Mackie 1402-VLZ, 14 channels (6 mono mic inputs, 4 stereo line level inputs), stereo L&R outputs, 2 aux sends (1 switchable pre/post, 1 post), phantom power.

    HOUSE SPEAKERS - MONO (Mounted under 1st and 4th Catwalks)
    1 EAW DS 122HP speaker for orchestra
    2 EAW JF 260iP speakers for loge and balcony
    2 Bose 802 Series II speakers for upper balcony

    2 EAW SB 180R subwoofers

    BACKSTAGE MONITOR SPEAKERS (Mounted on SL and SR walls)

    2 Bose 802 Series II Articulated Array Loudspeakers

    2 EAW JFX 560 2 way full range
    1 JBL 4642-4 Dual 18 Sub
    5 Bose 802 Series II Articulated Array Loudspeakers
    2 EV FM1202ER Wedges

    3 QSC PL325 Powerlight 3 (Installed in Main Stage Rack)
    1 Crest CA6
    1 Crest FA1201
    2 Crest 3500S (1 Installed in Recital Hall Rack)
    1 Crest V1500
    1 Crest 3000

    2 Sony CDP-D11 CD player
    1 Tascam CD-301 CD player

    2 Rane AC22 Active Crossover (1 Installed in Main Stage Rack)
    1 Delta-Lab Triple Tap Digital Delay (Installed in Main Stage Rack)
    3 DBX 1066 Comperssor / Limiter / Gate
    1 Lexicon LXP-15II Digital effects processor
    3 Bose 802 controller (Installed in Main Stage Rack)
    3 Sabine GRQ3102 Stereo 31-band graphic equalizer w/ FBX
    1 Yamaha Q2031A Stereo 31-band graphic equalizer
    2 Rane ME60, 2 channel 1/3 octave equalizer
    1 Rane ME15B, 2/3 octave equalizer

    6 Shure SM58 Cardioid Dynamic (More may be available with notice)
    11 Shure SM57 Cardioid Dynamic
    4 Shure SM81 Cardioid Condenser
    2 Shure SM87 Supercardioid Condenser
    1 Shure Beta52 Base Drum
    1 Shure SM58 Wireless (Handheld or Lavalier)
    1 Shure Beta 58 Wireless (Handheld)
    6 Sennheiser EW100 (Lavalier)
    3 EV PL-10 Cardioid Dynamic
    2 AKG C5335EB Cardoid Condenser
    2 AKG D3700S Hypercardioid Dynamic
    3 Sennheiser MD 421-U-5 CardioidDynamic
    2 Sennheiser MD518 Cardioid Dynamic
    4 Crown PCC 160 Supercardioid Condenser Boundary

    1 Radial JPC Stereo PC DI
    1 Radial ProAV2 DI
    2 Countryman Type 85 FET DI

    We request that sound be run from control booth for all events where sound levels can be pre-set. For live events, the sound board is operated from the back of the orchestra seating or the first row center loge on a table directly above the control booth.

    Drapery Schedule

    1 Grand Drape, Red Velour, width closed 42', height 25'. Drape flies out to 19'-7".

    1 Valance, Red Velour, width 46', height 9'. Trims proscenium down to 18'.

    5 Borders, Black Velour
    2 @ 50' wide, 9' high
    3 @ 54' wide, 6' high

    5 Sets, Black Velour
    1 @ 6' wide, 29' high
    1 @ 8' wide, 30' high
    2 @ 8' wide, 32' high
    1 @ 8' wide, 34' high

    1 Cyc, 40' wide x 32' high, unseamed unbleached muslin
    1 Scrim, 50' wide x 25' high, black sharkstooth weave
    1 Blackout drop - two black velour panels, each 25' wide x 25' high

    Line Set Schedule

    Line Set PDF