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B105.N33 T47 1987Needs / Garrett ThomsonThomson, GarrettLondon New York : Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1987
B105.W3 D38 1992Warcraft and the fragility of virtue : an essay in Aristotelian ethics / Grady Scott DavisDavis, Grady ScottMoscow, Idaho : University of Idaho Press, 1992
B128.H66 E5 1966The works of Hsüntze. Translated from the Chinese, with notes by Homer H. DubsHsün-tzu, 340-245 B.CTaipei, Ch'eng-Wen Pub. Co., 1966
B1499.E8 S54 1990The moral animus of David Hume / Donald T. SiebertSiebert, Donald TNewark : University of Delaware Press London : Associated University Presses, c1990
B1647.M74 S97 1990The moral philosophy of G.E. Moore / Robert Peter Sylvester edited and with an introduction by Ray Perkins, Jr. and R.W. Sleeper foreword by Tom ReganSylvester, Robert Peter, 1927-1986Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 1990
B165 .H9The origins of philosophy : its rise in myth and the pre-Socratics \ A collection of early writings, selected, edited, and with explanatory essays [by] Drew A. HylandHyland, Drew A. compNew York : Putnam, c1973
B2247 .P53 1993Auguste Comte : an intellectual biography / Mary PickeringPickering, MaryCambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 1993-
B2430.M33 R32The range of reasonMaritain, Jacques, 1882-1973New York, Scribner, 1952
B2430.S34 D63 1993Jean-Paul Sartre and the politics of reason : a theory of history / Andrew DobsonDobson, AndrewCambridge [England] New York, NY, USA : Cambridge University Press, 1993
B2430.S34 G4714 1992Jean-Paul Sartre. French;"Sartre, conscience haïe de son siècle / John Gerassi traduit de l'anglais par Philippe Blanchard"Gerassi, JohnMonaco : Editions du Rocher, c1992
B2598 .B738 1990Leibniz and Strawson : a new essay in descriptive metaphysics / Clifford BrownBrown, Clifford, 1923-München : Philosophia, c1990
B2844.W53 E5 1992Wissenschaftslehre nova methodo. English;"Foundations of transcendental philosophy (Wissenschaftslehre) nova methodo (1796/99) / Fichte translated and edited by Daniel Breazeale"Fichte, Johann Gottlieb, 1762-1814Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 1992
B2844.W533 S45 1993Fichte's Wissenschaftslehre of 1794 : a commentary on Part 1 / George J. SeidelSeidel, George J. (George Joseph), 1932-West Lafayette, Ind. : Purdue University Press, c1993
B29 .C2785 1987Philosophical essays / Richard CartwrightCartwright, RichardCambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c1987
B2948 .B68 1970The young Hegelians / by William J. BrazillBrazill, William JNew Haven : Yale University Press, c1970
B2949.R3 B3613 1989Posaune des jüngsten Gerichts über Hegel, den Atheisten und Antichristen. English;"The trumpet of the last judgement against Hegel the atheist and antichrist : an ultimatum / by Bruno Bauer translated by Lawrence Stepelevich"Bauer, Bruno, 1809-1882Lewiston, N.Y. : E. Mellen Press, 1989
B3279.H49 R36 1993Reading Heidegger : commemorations / edited by John SallisBloomington : Indiana University Press, c1993
B3279.H94 T55 1990Logic in the Husserlian context / Johanna Maria TitoTito, Johanna MariaEvanston, Ill. : Northwestern University Press, 1990
B3376.W563 P637 1992Skepticism, rules, and private languages / Patricia H. WerhaneWerhane, Patricia HogueAtlantic Highlands, N.J. : Humanities Press, 1992
B3376.W564 M8A critique of linguistic philosophy, by C. W. K. MundleMundle, C. W. KOxford, Clarendon P., 1970
B3376.W564 S524 1993Logic and sin in the writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein / Philip R. ShieldsShields, Philip RChicago : University of Chicago Press, 1993
B3614.C73 E713 1992Estetica come scienza dell'espressione e linguistica generale. Parte 1. English;"The aesthetic as the science of expression and of the linguistic in general / Benedetto Croce translated by Colin Lyas"Croce, Benedetto, 1866-1952Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 1992
B4377 .A7 1967Kierkegaard's authorship a guide to the writings of Kierkegaard, by George E. Arbaugh and George B. ArbaughArbaugh, George ERock Island, Ill., Augustana College Library, 1967
B4377 .G715 1992Kierkegaard and Kant : the hidden debt / Ronald M. GreenGreen, Ronald MichaelAlbany : State University of New York Press, c1992
B4568.M373 M48Antropología metafísica. English;"Metaphysical anthropology the empirical structure of human life [by] Julián Marias. Translated by Frances M. López-Morillas"Marías, Julián, 1914-University Park, Pennsylvania State University Press [1971]
B52 .L559 1988Philosophy goes to school / Matthew LipmanLipman, MatthewPhiladelphia : Temple University Press, 1988
B52.7 .M38 1989Philosophical rhetoric : the function of indirection in philosophical writing / Jeff MasonMason, Jeff, 1945-London New York : Routledge, 1989
B525 .G66 1990Greek scepticism : anti-realist trends in ancient thought / Leo GroarkeGroarke, Leo, 1953-Montreal Buffalo : McGill-Queen's University Press, c1990
B53 .A23Man is the measure : a cordial invitation to the central problems of philosophy / Reuben AbelAbel, Reuben, 1911-New York : Free Press, c1976
B53 .W53 1989Overcoming foundations : studies in systematic philosophy / Richard Dien WinfieldWinfield, Richard Dien, 1950-New York : Columbia University Press, c1989
B67 .B7 1977A sense of the future : essays in natural philosophy / J. Bronowski selected and edited by Piero E. Ariotti, in collaboration with Rita BronowskiBronowski, Jacob, 1908-1974Cambridge : MIT Press, c1977
B72 . B37 1992Women philosophers : a bibliography of books through 1990 / Barth, Else MBarth, E. MBowling Green, Ohio : Philosophy Documentation Center, c1992
B721 .E86 1993Philosophy and theology in the Middle Ages / G.R. EvansEvans, G. R. (Gillian Rosemary)London New York : Routledge, 1993
B73 .W4Abstraction, relation, and induction three essays in the history of thought [by] Julius R. WeinbergWeinberg, Julius R. (Julius Rudolf), 1908-Madison, University of Wisconsin Press, 1965
B755 .H8 1940A history of mediaeval Jewish philosophy / by Isaac HusikHusik, Isaac, 1876-1939Philadelphia : Jewish Publication Society of America, 1944,c1940
B785.S23 Q6813 1988Quod nihil scitur. English & Latin;"That nothing is known = (Quod nihil scitur) / Francisco Sanches (Franciscus Sanchez) introduction, notes, and bibliography by Elaine Limbrick Latin text established, annotated and translated by Douglas F.S. Thomson"Sánchez, Francisco, ca. 1550-ca. 1623Cambridge [England] New York : Cambridge University Press, 1988
B808.5 .C43Language, existence & God interpretations of Moore, Russell, Ayer, Wittgenstein, Wisdom, Oxford philosophy, and TillichCell, EdwardNashville, Abingdon Press [1971]
B808.5 .W3 1965The principles of linguistic philosophy edited by R. HarŕeWaismann, FriedrichLondon, Macmillan New York, St. Martin's Press, 1965
B809.8 .J6 1967The evolution of dialectical materialism: a philosophical and sociological analysis [by] Z. A. JordanJordan, Zbigniew ALondon : Macmillan New York, St. Martin's P., 1967
B824.6 .F45Language, logic and GodFerré, FrederickNew York, Harper [c1961]
B828.2 .K67 1993Inductive inference and its natural ground : an essay in naturalistic epistemology / Hilary KornblithKornblith, HilaryCambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c1993
B829.5 .E7 1970Language and being: an analytic phenomenology / by Stephen A. EricksonErickson, Stephen ANew Haven : Yale University Press, c1970
B829.5 .M634 1989Transcendental phenomenology : an analytic account / J.N. MohantyMohanty, Jitendranath, 1928-Oxford, UK Cambridge, MA, USA : Basil Blackwell, 1989
B831.2 .C34 1990Against postmodernism : a Marxist critique / Alex CallinicosCallinicos, AlexNew York, N.Y. : St. Martin's Press, 1990
B835.5 .R43 1992Reduction, explanation, and realism / edited by David Charles and Kathleen LennonOxford : Clarendon Press Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 1992
B840 .B57The labyrinth of languageBlack, Max, 1909-New York, Praeger [1968]
B840 .C58 1991The semantic tradition from Kant to Carnap : to the Vienna station / J. Alberto Coffa edited by Linda WesselsCoffa, AlbertoCambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 1991
B851 .D63 1988Doctrine and experience : essays in American philosophy / edited by Vincent G. PotterNew York : Fordham University Press, 1988
B995.F334 F33 1992Fackenheim : German philosophy and Jewish thought / edited by Louis Greenspan and Graeme NicholsonToronto Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, c1992
BC108 .H36 1993The mechanism and freedom of logic / Granville C. HenryHenry, Granville CLanham : University Press of America, c1993
BC135 .P39 1989Language, philosophy and logic / Clifford R. PaulsonPaulson, Clifford RSilver Spring, Md. : Kala Information Services, 1989
BC135.W52 S8 1960aWittgenstein's Tractatus: a critical exposition of its main lines of thoughtStenius, ErikIthaca, N.Y., Cornell University Press, 1964 [c1960]
BC161.T4 N48 1992Inductive reasoning in the secondary classroom / by Gloria A. Neubert and James B. BinkoNeubert, Gloria AWashington, D.C. : NEA Professional Library, National Education Association, c1992
BC71 .B56Margins of precision essays in logic and languageBlack, Max, 1909-Ithaca [N.Y.] Cornell University Press [1970]
BC71 .G34 1968Reference and generality, an examination of some medieval and modern theoriesGeach, P. T. (Peter Thomas), 1916-Ithaca, N.Y., Cornell University Press [1968, c1962]
BC71 .S47 1991The bounds of logic : a generalized viewpoint / Gila SherSher, GilaCambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c1991
BC71 .W65 1989Philosophical logic : an introduction / Sybil WolframWolfram, Sybil, 1931-London New York : Routledge, 1989
BD111 .M44 1993Modalities : philosophical essays / Ruth Barcan MarcusMarcus, Ruth BarcanNew York : Oxford University Press, 1993
BD111 .P376Concept and quality a world hypothesis, by Stephen C. PepperPepper, Stephen C. (Stephen Coburn), 1891-La Salle, Ill., Open Court, 1967
BD111 .R65 1993The question of being : a reversal of Heidegger / Stanley RosenRosen, Stanley, 1929-New Haven : Yale University Press, c1993
BD161 .N4 1922The New realism : coöperative studies in philosophy / by Edwin B. Holt ... [et al.]New York : Macmillan, 1922,1912
BD175 .F834 1992The professional quest for truth : a social theory of science and knowledge / Stephan FuchsFuchs, Stephan, 1956-Albany : State University of New York Press, c1992
BD177 .M86 1993Philosophical Darwinism : on the origin of knowledge by means of natural selection / Peter MunzMunz, Peter, 1921-London New York : Routledge, 1993
BD177 .R47 1990A useful inheritance : evolutionary aspects of the theory of knowledge / Nicholas RescherRescher, NicholasSavage, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, c1990
BD181 .W384 1988Theories of concepts : a history of the major philosophical tradition / Morris WeitzWeitz, MorrisLondon New York : Routledge, 1988
BD214 .C53 1993Sensory qualities / Austen ClarkClark, AustenOxford : Clarendon Press New York : Oxford University Press, 1993
BD232 .P43The sources of value / Stephen Coburn PepperPepper, Stephen C. (Stephen Coburn), 1891-Berkeley : University of California Press, 1970
BD232 .Q82 1994A quarter century of value inquiry : presidential addresses of the American Society for Value Inquiry / edited by Richard T. HullAmsterdam Atlanta, GA : Rodopi, 1994
BD232 .T24The Tanner lectures on human valuesSalt Lake City : University of Utah Press, c1980-
BD237 .R82 1992Explaining explanation / David-Hillel RubenRuben, David-HillelLondon : New York : Routledge, 1992,1990
BD241 .V85 1986What are philosophical systems? / Jules VuilleminVuillemin, JulesCambridge [Cambridgeshire] New York : Cambridge University Press, 1986
BD311 .K3 1969Language and ontologyKaminsky, Jack, 1922-Carbondale, Southern Illinois University Press [1969]
BD431 .B24The dignity of man : studies in the persistence of an idea / by Herschel BakerBaker, Herschel Clay, 1914-Cambridge : Harvard University Press, 1947
BD431 .B24 1961The image of man a study of the idea of human dignity in classical antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the RenaissanceBaker, Herschel Clay, 1914-New York, Harper [1961, c1947]
BD431 .B77The fate of man, edited with introductions and postscriptBrinton, Crane, 1898-1968New York, G. Braziller, 1961
BD431 .F68 1967The case for modern manFrankel, Charles, 1917-New York, Harper [1956]
BD431 .P5Realms of meaning a philosophy of the curriculum for general educationPhenix, Philip Henry, 1915-New York, McGraw-Hill [1964]
BD450 .F73 1968Language and human nature a French-American philosophers' dialogue. Edited by Paul KurtzFrench-American Philosophers' Conference (1968 : Oyster Bay, N.Y.)St. Louis, Mo., W.H. Green [1971]
BD450 .K55 1977The man we serve : value base of human services / Paul K.H. KimKim, Paul K. HLanham : University Press of America, c1977
BD450 .W49The philosophy of action edited by Alan R. WhiteWhite, Alan R., 1922-London, Oxford U.P., 1968
BD573 .H37 1993Beyond Powershift : theological questions in a changing world / Barbara C. Harris. The God of philosophers / Ralph McInernyHarris, Barbara CSalt Lake City, Utah : Westminster College, c1993
BD632 .W52 1992Theoria primarius / James H. WiborgWiborg, James HTacoma, WA (6608 N. 46th, Tacoma 98407) : J.H. Wiborg, 1992
BD701 .H37 1991Cosmos and anthropos : a philosophical interpretation of the anthropic cosmological principle / Errol E. HarrisHarris, Errol EAtlantic Highlands, N.J. : Humanities Press International, 1991
BF109.M85 M87 1990Gardner Murphy : integrating, expanding and humanizing psychology / by Lois Barclay MurphyMurphy, Lois Barclay, 1902-Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland, 1990
BF161 .O9The mature mindOverstreet, H. A. (Harry Allen), 1875-1970New York, W. W. Norton [1949]
BF175.4.R44 P79 1990Psychoanalysis and religion / Joseph H. Smith, editor Susan A. Handelman, associate editorBaltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, c1990
BF38 .F74 1975Rational behavior : an explanation of behavior that is especially human / Myles I. FriedmanFriedman, Myles I., 1924-Columbia, S.C. : University of South Carolina Press, 1975
BF442 .A92 1991Practical reasoning / Robert AudiAudi, Robert, 1941-London : Routledge, 1991,c1989
BF455 .A45Language and thinking a philosophical introduction [by] Hubert G. AlexanderAlexander, Hubert G. (Hubert Griggs), 1909-Princeton, N.J., Van Nostrand [1966, c1967]
BF455 .L84 1961The role of speech in the regulation of normal and abnormal behavior / by Alexander R. Luria edited by J. TizardLuri︠i︡a, A. R. (Aleksandr Romanovich), 1902-New York : Liveright, [1961]
BF456.R2 R33 1989The psychology of reading / Keith Rayner, Alexander PollatsekRayner, KeithEnglewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice Hall, 1989
BF637.S8 D8The art and skill of getting along with peopleDuvall, Sylvanus Milne, 1900-Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall [1961]
BF698 .S76 1979Faces in a cloud : subjectivity in personality theory / Robert D. Stolorow and George E. AtwoodStolorow, Robert DNew York : Aronson, c1979
BF713 .T56 1956Developmental psychology / Louis P. Thorpe and Wendell W. CruzeThorpe, Louis P. (Louis Peter), 1893-New York : Ronald Press Co., 1956
BF721 .C62 1977Contemporary readings in child psychology / [compiled by] E. Mavis Hetherington, Ross D. ParkeNew York : McGraw-Hill, c1977
BH201 .P42The basis of criticism in the arts, by Stephen C. Pepper ..Pepper, Stephen C. (Stephen Coburn), 1891-Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University Press, 1945
BH221.G33 E56 1994Empathy, form, and space : problems in German aesthetics, 1873-1893 / Robert Vischer ... [et al.] introduction and translation by Harry Francis Mallgrave and Eleftherios IkonomouSanta Monica, CA : Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities [Chicago, Ill.] : Distributed by the University of Chicago Press, c1994
BH39 .H585 1970Agony and epitaph man, his art, and his poetryHofstadter, Albert, 1910-New York, G. Braziller [1970]
BH39 .W375 1992The discipline of taste and feeling / Charles WegenerWegener, CharlesChicago : University of Chicago Press, 1992
BJ1012 .B97 1992The philosophical and theological foundations of ethics : an introduction to moral theory and its relation to religious belief / Peter ByrneByrne, Peter, 1950-New York : St. Martin's Press, c1992
BJ1012 .C586 1993Commonplace moraliser : insights and outrages / Stephen CohenCohen, Stephen, 1947-Lanham : University Press of America, c1993
BJ1012 .D263 1993Moral reasons / Jonathan DancyDancy, JonathanOxford [England] Cambridge, Mass. : Blackwell , 1993
BJ1012 .G37 1990Dialogues concerning the foundations of ethics / K. Richard GarrettGarrett, K. RichardSavage, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, c1990
BJ1012 .H46 1990A philosophy of morals / Agnes HellerHeller, AgnesOxford, UK Cambridge, Mass., USA : B. Blackwell, 1990
BJ1012 .J64 1989Wittgenstein and moral philosophy / Paul JohnstonJohnston, Paul, 1962-London New York : Routledge, 1989
BJ1012 .M67 1990The Moral sense and its foundational significance : self, person, historicity, community, phenomenological praxeology, and psychiatry / edited by Anna-Teresa TymienieckaDordrecht Boston : Kluwer Academic Publishers, c1990
BJ1031 .C6 1991 SupplProblem cases to accompany contemporary moral problems / [edited by] James E. WhiteSt. Paul : West Pub. Co., c1991
BJ117 .B76 1991The ledgers of merit and demerit : social change and moral order in late imperial China / Cynthia J. BrokawBrokaw, Cynthia JoannePrinceton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c1991
BJ1201 .B54 1993The hastening that waits : Karl Barth's ethics / Nigel BiggarBiggar, NigelOxford : Clarendon Press New York : Oxford University Press, 1993
BJ1451 .B47 1987Freedom from necessity : the metaphysical basis of responsibility / Bernard BerofskyBerofsky, BernardNew York : Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1987
BJ1461 .L35 1990Freedom of choice affirmed / Corliss LamontLamont, Corliss, 1902-New York : Continuum, c1990
BJ1461 .O39 1988Moral freedom / Jeffrey OlenOlen, JeffreyPhiladelphia : Temple University Press, 1988
BJ1473 .O24 1993Morality and the emotions / Justin OakleyOakley, Justin, 1960-London New York : Routledge, 1993
BJ1521 .K87 1991Character / Joel J. KuppermanKupperman, JoelNew York : Oxford University Press, 1991
BJ1581.2 .L23 I ain't much, baby--but I'm all I've got. Lair, JessGarden City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1972
BJ21 .R62 1991Ethics, an annotated bibliography / John K. Roth, with the assistance of Teresa A. Gonsalves ... [et al.]Roth, John KPasadena, Calif. : Salem Press, c1991
BJ319 .D47 1993Balance and refinement : beyond coherence methods of moral inquiry / Michael R. DePaulDePaul, Michael R. (Michael Raymond), 1954-London New York : Routledge, 1993
BJ702 .C7Nature and culture ethical thought in the French enlightenmentCrocker, Lester GBaltimore, Johns Hopkins Press 1963
BJ71 .T3 1972Problems of moral philosophy : an introduction to ethics / edited by Paul W. TaylorTaylor, Paul WEncino, CA : Dickenson, c1972
BL2015.N26 E52 1990Utopias in conflict : religion and nationalism in modern India / Ainslie T. EmbreeEmbree, Ainslie ThomasBerkeley : University of California Press, c1990
BL215 .G88 1993Faces in the clouds : a new theory of religion / Stewart Elliott GuthrieGuthrie, Stewart, 1941-New York : Oxford University Press, 1993
BL2525 .R44 1985Religion in American public life / A. James ReichleyReichley, JamesWashington, D.C. : Brookings Institution, c1985
BL2757 .T87 1985Without God, without creed : the origins of unbelief in America / James TurnerTurner, James, 1946-Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, c1985
BL29 .G27The wisdom of the living religionsGaer, Joseph, 1897-New York, Dodd, Mead, 1956
BL48 .T68An historian's approach to religion based on Gifford lectures delivered in the University of Edinburgh in the years 1952 and 1953Toynbee, Arnold Joseph, 1889-1975New York, Oxford University Press, 1956
BL51 .C59The mirror of language : a study in the medieval theory of knowledge / by Marcia L. ColishColish, Marcia LNew Haven : Yale University Press, c1968
BL51 .E858 1992Passionate reason : making sense of Kierkegaard's Philosophical fragments / C. Stephen EvansEvans, C. StephenBloomington : Indiana University Press, c1992
BL51 .M75Readings in the philosophy of religionMourant, John A. (John Arthur), 1903-New York, Crowell [1954]
BL51 .P44 1991Philosophy of religion, 1991 / edited by James E. TomberlinAtascadero, Calif. : Ridgeview Pub. Co., c1991
BL53 .B642 1990The religious within experience and existence : a phenomenological investigation / Patrick L. BourgeoisBourgeois, Patrick LPittsburgh, Pa. : Duquesne University Press, c1990
BL65.L2 G5Naming the whirlwind : the renewal of God-language / by Langdon GilkeyGilkey, Langdon Brown, 1919-Indianapolis : Bobbs-Merrill, 1969
BL80.2 .V3 1970Transforming light the living heritage of world religions [by] Albert Vail and Emily McClellan VailVail, Albert Ross, 1880-New York, Harper & Row [1970]
BM155.2 .G74 1988A critical bibliography of writings on Judaism / David B. GriffithsGriffiths, David BLewiston, N.Y., USA : E. Mellen Press, 1988
BM157 .S4613 1990Shevaʻ tarbuyot Yiśraʼel. English;"Seven Jewish cultures : a reinterpretation of Jewish history and thought / Efraim Shmueli translated from the Hebrew by Gila Shmueli"Shmueli, Ephraim, 1908-Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 1990
BM316 .B7313 1992Jüdische Orthodoxie im Deutschen Reich, 1871-1918. English;"Modernity within tradition : the social history of orthodox Jewry in imperial Germany / Mordechai Breuer translated by Elizabeth Petuchowski"Breuer, Mordechai, 1918-New York : Columbia University Press, c1992
BP109 .K44 1989Quran : the final testament : (authorized English version) : with the Arabic text / translated from the original by Rashad KhalifaTucson : Islamic Productions, c1989
BR115.C5 D37Religion and the rise of Western cultureDawson, Christopher, 1889-1970New York, Sheed & Ward, 1950
BR115.H5 D4 1988History making history : the new historicism in American religious thought / William DeanDean, William DAlbany : State University of New York Press, c1988
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BR115.P7 C689 1992Religion and radical politics : an alternative Christian tradition in the United States / Robert H. CraigCraig, Robert H. (Robert Hedborg), 1942-Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 1992
BR128.A8 P37The Pastoral approach to atheism, edited by Karl Rahner. [Translated by Theodore L. Westow and others]New York, Paulist Press [1967]
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BT102 .K49 1994Together bound : God, history, and the religious community / Frank G. KirkpatrickKirkpatrick, Frank GNew York : Oxford University Press, 1994
BT111.2 .M5885 1992In der Geschichte des dreieinigen Gottes. English;"History and the triune God : contributions to Trinitarian theology / Jürgen Moltmann [translated by John Bowden, from the German]"Moltmann, JürgenNew York : Crossroad, 1992
BT198 .H84 1988New Testament Christology : a critical assessment and annotated bibliography / compiled by Arland J. Hultgren G.E. Gorman, advisory editorHultgren, Arland JNew York : Greenwood Press, 1988
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