Student Workers

During the academic year, and sometimes during the summer, the Thorne needs help. We look for students with a love for art, galleries, and motivation to learn about the curatorial process, installation mechanics, archiving and cataloging the galleries’ collections, artwork preservation and working alongside our staff throughout the year to help with the simple day-to-day necessities that allow a gallery to function. Students would be the face that visitors first see, to go to for information and invitation. We would love to have you come work with us, here at the Thorne! Please contact laura.adams@keene.edu if you are interested.

Classrooms in the gallery

Drawing classes are held in the gallery space during the spring semester to help expand students workspace beyond the typical classroom environment.

Meet the team

Laura Adams

Faculty collections assistant & social media manager

Cheryl Martin

Administrative rockstar

Paul McMullan

Faculty coordinator and Professor of Art

Erica Pritchett

Graphic Designer and Lecturer of Art and Design

Miles Warner

Art handler and installer, Lecturer of Art and Design

Special thanks

Special thanks to the Keene State Art and Design department, our students, and community members for your continued support!