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Information for Keene State Employees

Updated June 30, 2020

Make a Request for Personal Protective Equipment

After taking the Canvas Keene State Covid 19 training here, you may request PPE by submitting this form.

Keene State will centrally supply protective equipment to faculty and staff to address potential exposures to COVID-19. Supplies are subject to an identified need and the availability of the equipment needed. The currently available materials are shown on the order form. Before using this form to order equipment, faculty and staff must complete the online training. Questions about this equipment can be directed to Ralph Stuart at

For Employees Working Remotely

Where can I find the Human Resources form to request a COVID-19 related work accommodation?

Find out how to request a COVID-19-related accommodation here.

Are there IT requirements I must follow while working remotely?

Yes. Most requirements are common sense, but here are some of the parameters:

a. Anti-malware software installed/operational/updated

b. Operating system patches applied

c. Host-based firewall installed and enabled

d. Screen lock requiring password or PIN

  • Don’t share equipment (i.e. with other family members) and protect from theft
  • Protect all USNH data and printed material from unauthorized access
  • Log into the KSC VPN (Pulse Secure) prior to logging into university systems remotely
  • Store all USNH information on university servers, BOX, or equipment (i.e., hard drive)
  • Do not use public machines to log into USNH systems containing restricted information (i.e. Banner) or public networks and do not use passwords for restricted environments on public machines
  • Report any IT security breach or equipment compromises immediately at 862-4242 during customary work hours or 862-1427 outside customary work hours

What if I am not able to work remotely for health reasons due to COVID-19?

Employees will be paid in this situation, and will need to use the “COVID” code.

What should I do if I feel ill while working or need to call in sick?

Keep your supervisor informed and utilize sick time, if applicable. If caring for an ill family member, use accrued Family Care (ability to use up to 25 sick time days) or Family Leave (ability to use up to 10 sick leave days as specified in CBAs) to replace salary, if available.

If you plan to seek medical care with your PCP or Health & Wellness, please telephone them ahead of time to provide advance notice of your arrival.

If you or your family member’s illness is caused by COVID-19 coronavirus, another option recently available is the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. For more information on the benefits provided by the Act, read the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Benefits and Employment Frequently Asked Questions.

My child’s school closed, and I need to be home to care for them - what should I do?

If you are working remotely, continue working if possible. This might require an adjustment in your normal schedule because of home schooling or other related activities. If you have work, reach out to your supervisor to discuss options to accomplish your work, including a schedule change or remote work.

If working remotely or changing your schedule are not options, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act may work for your situation. For more information on the act and to see if it applies to your situation, read the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Benefits and Employment Frequently Asked Questions.

How long will remote work for staff continue?

Staff working remotely will likely continue until late summer. The President’s office will communicate any updates to the timeline. Please watch for updates.

I am a benefits eligible employee – when can I use the COVID not working earning code on my time entry to replace my wages without impacting my paid leave balances?

If it is not possible for you to achieve some or all of your work schedule related to the campus response to COVID-19. For example, you and your supervisor determine your work cannot be achieved remotely and work is not available. Always consult with your supervisor before entering the COVID not working code.

If your reason for not working is caused by COVID-19 coronavirus, another option recently available is the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. For more information on the benefits provided by the Act read the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Benefits and Employment Frequently Asked Questions.

What if I am unable to work from home and willing to come to campus? Is that allowed?

Check with your supervisor to see if this is appropriate and available.

Other Questions`

How do I access the Keene State Health Attestation?

Students and employees may access the Health Attestation Form here, and also using the A-Z index at the top of, searching for “Health Attestation Form”.

What is the purpose of the Keene State Health Attestation?

Part of your expected individual responsibility is to help support the health and safety of Keene State community members. Evidence supports that temperature screening is a valuable and important self-health monitoring metric.

What kind of information is asked in the Keene State Health Attestation?

Employees and students are asked Yes or No questions related to:

  • not tested positive for COVID-19
  • not been in contact with others tested positive
  • do not have temperature of 100 degrees F or above in past 72 hours
  • no respiratory symptoms
  • no muscle aches/chills
  • no change in sense of taste/smell

How often do students/employees need to complete the Keene State Health Attestation?

Students and employees should complete the form once per day. It should be submitted no more than 90 minutes in advance of the first time being out on campus each time.

Where is information on the enhanced Student Code of Conduct to address COVID-19?

You may find it here.

Will guests/vendors/contractors who are on campus for college business be expected to complete a health attestation?

Yes, they are required to follow same behavior expectations as Keene State employees and students. The Keene State employee who is in contact with this population is responsible for getting their health attestation. A form will be provided to employees soon.

How do I share feedback or concerns regarding student behavior associated with COVID-19 expectations?

If a productive conversation with the student isn’t possible, you may convey your concern using the Silent Witness form.

What are my options now that my child’s school is closed due to COVID-19?

We understand that schools in New Hampshire and beyond our state borders are canceling classroom instruction, sending children home, and are instead offering remote instruction. These are unprecedented times, and therefore we are looking for new ways to support faculty and staff who are affected, while ensuring continuity of business. More will be shared soon. In the meantime, please know that if you cannot report to work due to childcare needs, you have the option to use Family Leave for now.

How can employees remain informed about changes to operations during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Keene State employees should frequently check their email, and also make sure their KSC Owl Alert account, through a service called RAVE, is up to date. This service sends emergency notifications and updates from the College on an ongoing basis for a variety of potential situations. Sign in at

Is coronavirus testing covered by my medical insurance?

If you are a USNH Cigna customer, CIGNA will waive all co-pays and cost-shares for Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing as recommended by your health care provider.

If you are covered by our health plan, we also recommend using telehealth services through AmWell or MDLive, to help prevent potential infection with office visits.

Dr. Steve Miller, Cigna’s Chief Clinical Officer, also offers advice and resources for coping with stress, recommendations on when to refill your prescriptions, and more. View Coronavirus Resources

Who do I report a coronavirus diagnosis to at work?

You are encouraged to report a COVID-19 diagnosis to your supervisor/HR. This is not only for your welfare but for the protection of your coworkers and community.

What resources are available if I am stressed about the coronavirus?

Employees are encouraged to contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at 1.800.424.1749 or, Code: USNH. USNH will support increased flexibility in teleworking, where applicable, to ease employee concerns regarding reporting to work in an unstable environment.

Can sick leave policies be more flexible (borrow from future accrual) during this pandemic?

No, Human Resources will review these on a case-by-case basis.

If a coworker makes me sick, is that covered under Workers’ Compensation?

No, it is not covered.

If I am sick with the coronavirus, will Short Term Disability and Family Medical Leave Act apply?

Yes, standard rules regarding STD and FMLA will apply.

How do I access the Keene State COVID-19 training course in Canvas?

You can access the training course here.

When do I need to complete the Keene State COVID-19 training course?

Employees should complete the training by August 24. The course will be available on August 17.

Contact The Wellness Center

☎ 603-358-2200