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Theme 2

Demonstrate professional and ethical behaviors that meet high expectations and standards

Faculty and cooperating professionals strive to model ethical behavior, facilitate reflective practice, and encourage advocacy for the benefit of children, their families, and the educational system. Therefore, understanding the role of teachers and other professional school personnel as educational leaders, acceptance of the need to foster good communication skills, cooperation and collaboration with families, students, and colleagues, and experiences with conflict resolution strategies are all fundamental to professionalism.

Knowledge and acceptance of personal responsibility for one’s actions, respect and empathy for others, a clear understanding of the legal mandates and moral obligations of the profession, and the ability to implement ones’ values in the real world are all important components of ethical behavior. Faculty and cooperating professionals support candidates as they develop their ability to clearly articulate standards, to construct their own knowledge, to assess progress toward meeting those standards, and to reflect on personal and professional growth.

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