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Student Sustainability Innovation Fund

Apply now for next year.

Keene State College Student Sustainability Innovation Fund

The KSC Office of Sustainability announces the new KSC Student Sustainability Innovation Fund. If you will be a Junior or Senior next year (fall 2020-spring 2021) you are eligible to apply and win $$$!

This new fund will provide up to three rising Juniors or Seniors a financial award of $500 toward a project that supports student-centered programs of the Office of Sustainability or other innovations that will help KSC achieve its sustainability goals.

Examples of projects could include new sustainability marketing and communications campaigns; student workshops or other educational outreach programs; theater, dance or music performances that address sustainability or climate change; science projects about water or ecosystem health – the options are endless, but we would like to make sure projects address topics of relevance to KSC.

Projects that will be funded through this program must meet the following criteria:

  1. Focus on Keene State College’s campus or the neighboring community as a test bed for envisioning, testing, and implementing innovative solutions to environmental sustainability and climate change challenges.
  2. Support attainment of KSC’s Sustainability Goals and address how it complements the KSC Sustainability College-Wide Learning Outcome (see Attachment to learn more about these goals).
  3. Address the Office of Sustainability’s vision and mission of supporting KSC in becoming a leader in educating and demonstrating visionary sustainability.
  4. Be new and innovative or provide innovative new approaches to existing projects.

Priority will be given to projects that are interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary and include multiple sectors of the campus community. Priority will also be given to projects that have the potential for campus-wide involvement and are open to the public. If you are interested in applying, submit an application to the Office of Sustainability by noon on April 29th.

The Student Sustainability Innovation Fund was created through proceeds and donations received from annual Move-Out Sales and individual contributions. The Office of Sustainability thanks everyone who contributed seed money for this opportunity for student innovation in sustainability and climate change!

Contact the Sustainability Office

Cary Gaunt
Director of Campus Sustainability
Elliot Center

Diana Duffy
Coordinator of Energy and Administrative Services
Elliot Center

Marcus McCarroll
Recycling Assistant, Green Bikes Coordinator
Elliot Center

Matthew Bacon
Recycling Coordinator
Elliot Center