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Living/Learning Communities

2017-2018 First-Year LLCs

The Keene State College Living and Learning Commons is the home of our Living and Learning Communities (LLCs) for First-Year students. This state of the art residential facility boasts 10 different communities that provide a variety of opportunities for students to pursue their academic and social goals in a safe, supportive and dynamic environment. The LLCs help create a more seamless transition to college life by providing an environment where faculty and residential staff work collaboratively to nurture communities where students can develop friendships and succeed academically.

Building Excellence in Science and Technology (B.E.S.T.)

Are you interested in exploring Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, or Physics? The B.E.S.T program forges meaningful relationships between students, faculty, and college staff to form a community where all involved can be successful. The B.E.S.T Living and Learning Community is supported by student peer course assistants that work with students beyond the classroom providing support and guidance for new students. You will also be given priority for unique undergraduate research opportunities and participate in programming and events that connect students to the campus, their major, and faculty in the Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

Diversity and Social Justice

Are you invested in making our world, nation, and local communities more respectful, just, and inclusive spaces? The Diversity and Social Justice Living and Learning Community is designed for students of all majors who want to engage in courageous and meaningful discussion and action on societal issues focusing on identity, diversity, and difference. In a supportive community, you will explore how and why privilege and oppression function in our societies, examine how race and ethnicity connect with identity categories like gender and class, and have opportunities inside and outside of the classroom to think about and enact social justice.


Do you love making, viewing, or talking about films? If so, join the Film Living and Learning Community to get to know other students who are passionate about cinema and moving image media. The Film LLC will become an active group within the Film Society, meeting each week and experiencing the films that are screened at the college’s historic Putnam Theater. Film LLC students can also make independent films through Keene State Media Productions. Share your love of film as a form of art, entertainment, and social commentary, build relationships with peers and professors, and take classes in film studies.

Global Explorers

The Global Explorers Living and Learning Community explores the idea that we must have a better understanding of our world in order to change it. In this LLC, you gain knowledge about global issues through the study of international, social, and environmental problems, and learn geographic methods to investigate, map, and address complex global problems ranging from social inequality to climate change. Activities include field trips to nature conservatories and museums, guest speakers, and outdoor activities as we try to better understand our world and make a difference.

Graphic Design

Are you interested in a career in graphic design? Do you enjoy making visual messages that communicate ideas? Learn how to speak the language of design effectively and have fun doing it! The Graphic Design Living and Learning Community is designed to help you understand how the world we live in depends upon clear and coherent graphic expression. Everything we communicate in contemporary culture is presented through a range of design techniques. This LLC gives you tools to succeed as a designer of visual communication. Activities include field trips to museums, a letterpress printing workshop, exhibitions, films, and guest lecturers.

Health Wellness

How does the way we treat our bodies and minds influence the way we engage the world? The Health and Wellness Living and Learning Community is all about you and how to create and maintain healthy habits that contribute to a stronger self within the greater community. You will participate in campus and community activities designed to increase your understanding of personal health and wellness with an in-depth exploration in nutrition. By studying personal wellness, we will explore the impact of family and friends on our health and the impact of society on the way we feel and act.


Do you have a lively interest in studying the past? The History Living and Learning Community provides an engaging environment for you to live and study with others who share a genuine interest in history. Participating students take a two-course sequence that introduces you to ways of reading, writing, and thinking as historians, as well as exposes you to an array of different types of historical study and understanding. The History LLC is dedicated to offering a welcoming academic culture for history students and to developing strong intellectual bonds.

Honors Program

Each year a select number of qualified first year students are invited to participate in the Morris August Honors Living and Learning Community. Do you have a passion for learning about a range of different subjects? Do you consider yourself to be academically motivated? If so, then this Living and Learning Community is for you. Here you will work together with fellow honors students as you explore human history, science, arts, and culture—knowledge that is unique to a liberal arts education. You will work closely with professors and peer mentors in the classroom while enjoying outside-of-class activities that include book discussions, guest speakers, field trips, service projects, movie nights, and social gatherings.

Nature and Sustainability

Are you inspired by nature and the challenge of living sustainably? In the Nature and Sustainability LLC, we come to know our regional environment and find solutions to live harmoniously with nature. Through outdoor experiences such as day hikes and camping, classes that develop critical thinking and knowledge of natural and human systems, and field trips to visionary communities that are living sustainably, you will develop skills to shape your personal ecological footprint and help build sustainable communities. Enthusiastic faculty, staff, and a peer mentor work closely with students, building a committed community of learners oriented to positive change.


Do you want to learn about the psychology, chemistry, and biology behind how brains function? Join the interdisciplinary Neuroscience LLC to study the brain and nervous system to better understand how they control diverse functions of the body and mind. Many mysteries remain about how nerve cells organize into circuits that allow humans to read, speak, feel, move, and regulate bodily functions. Students will explore these issues in the classroom and engage in co-curricular activities such as attending neuroscience conferences, going on field trips to medical centers, and participating in study sessions with peers and professors.

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