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Residential Life

Pondside I


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What do I need to know about being assigned to a triple?


Being placed in a Holloway triple automatically makes you eligible for a 10% discount off the regular Holloway Double Rate. The following conditions apply:

  • All three assigned students must move into the room at the beginning of the semester (fall and spring)
  • The discount remains even if the room is de-tripled at any point during the semester
  • If the room is de-tripled prior to the beginning of the semester, the discount will not apply (fall and spring)

De-Tripling Process

Holloway Hall is used as swing space for triples when the college has more residential students than available beds. This situation is standard practice at most colleges, but Keene State has avoided this practice in recent years. When tripling is required in Holloway Hall, we make room change requests from tripled rooms our highest priority. Students living in triples are given first preference in our room change process and will be offered new assignments on a space available basis.

  • When rooms express an interest in being de-tripled, the Office of Residential Life will contact all residents of the room to determine which student would like to relocate
  • If no one in the room is willing to relocate, the Office of Residential Life will contact another room
  • The Office of Residential Life works to de-triple rooms throughout the academic year as vacancies permit
  • Students are not required to de-triple and will retain the discount even if they decline an offer to de-triple

Please contact if you are interested in being placed on our "de-triple" list.


Why should I live in the residence halls instead of living off campus?

Living on campus is safe, convenient, and exciting. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Trained, professional residential life staff to assist students
  • Organized social activities
  • Wireless computer network connections in resident’s rooms
  • Cable TV service in rooms
  • Live and study with others in your major
  • On-site laundry
  • Close to the library
  • Easy access to recreation facilities and fitness center
  • Short walk to classes and labs
  • Meals prepared by professional chefs

Is there an on-campus living requirement for students?

All first and second year students are required to live on campus, with the exception of those who live within 30 miles of Keene with a parent or legal guardian. To get an exemption from this requirement, those students who meet the noted criteria must request an exemption - in writing - from the Associate Dean of Student Life.


Is there on-campus housing for upper-class students?

We do have a limited number of beds for those who would like to stay on campus past their sophomore year, though we do not have enough housing to accommodate all of our juniors and seniors. These students can enter the lottery process for housing, which takes place in the spring. Please note that P2 is designated solely for upper-class student housing.


What types of measures are taken to protect students' safety?

The safety of our residents is our highest priority. All residential buildings are locked 24 hours a day. Campus Safety officers perform rounds around the campus living areas regularly, and Resident Assistants conduct rounds three to four times a night to make sure the doors are secured and to check on the activity level in the building. Each residential area is supervised by an Area Coordinator (AC) or Residence Director (RD), who are full-time, live-in professionals able to respond to emergencies if they occur.

In addition, each night an AC or RD is "on-call" to respond to concerns as they arise. An escort service is provided by the Office of Campus Safety to accompany students when they travel from one point on campus to another during the evening hours. Please keep in mind, however, that no matter how many safety systems are in place, they are only as effective as the people who use them. If students walk alone instead of using an escort, prop doors for friends or delivery people, or give out room door combinations, the opportunity for criminal harm to come to innocent people or


I understand that the halls have a lot of bunkbeds and lofts. What if I've never slept in one of those before?

Not to worry. We have plenty of bedrails available for those who have never slept more than a few inches above the floor, and they are standard on all bunked and lofted beds.


Are halls open during the semester breaks?

All residence halls except for Pondside 2 are closed during Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks. Students wishing to stay in the Keene area for these breaks should consider contacting friends living off campus, or one of the local hotels.


Can I stay in on-campus housing for only one semester?

Students starting in the fall semester agree to abide by the "Terms and Conditions of the Residence Hall" contract that binds them financially for the full academic year* (two semesters, August through May). Students starting the spring semester agree to a one-semester contract.

*A student may be released from the housing contract for the following reasons: Withdrawal from Keene State College, transfer from Keene State College, leave of absence, marriage, student teaching beyond a 30-mile commute, studying abroad, or graduation. A student must notify the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services by completing the Online Request for Release from Housing Contract form in order to be considered for release from the housing contract.


Can I connect my computer to the Keene State Network from my room?

Every resident’s room is connected to the campus computer network, be it through wireless or a hardwired jack. If students are interested in getting on the network they should call The HelpDesk at 603-358-2532 for information regarding "Getting Connected at KSC."


How do you match new students with roommates and assign rooms?

Roommates are matched by their requests whenever possible. First-year students are assigned to first-year buildings in order to provide them with the opportunity to meet and build bonds with their classmates.

Every effort is made to assign students to their building preference. However, we cannot guarantee room/hall preferences to all students. The earlier housing applications are received the more likely a specific request can be accommodated. With specific roommate requests, students must request each other on their housing application. Please note that roommate requests take precedence over building preferences.

Returning students select their rooms during the spring Housing Selection process.


What if I don't like my roommate? Can I change rooms?

The answer is a qualified yes. As professionals we realize how difficult it can be to live with someone you don’t know. But we also realize the importance of students learning to broaden their views, to learn about people who do things differently than they do. This is the most important part of a student’s education. Issues of race, religion, sexual orientation, abilities, taste in music, etc., are not viewed as acceptable reasons to change rooms. And we have heard every way these differences can be rationalized into "life or death" situations. Yet the fact still remains that students need to learn to deal with differences, to compromise, and to work through issues.

These are life issues students will face both on campus and off, in both their personal and professional lives. Taking the time to develop these essential skills now will have lasting effects long after students have left college. Though they may not realize it at the time, students can successfully share their space and their lives with someone they do not like. In fact, we often find that students who are friends before they live together don’t stay that way - which is why we recommend that high school friends not room together - and students who do not know each other prior to becoming roommates often develop the best relationships. So, while room changes are possible, they are not automatic. We will work with the students to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding. As a last resort, a room change can be made anytime after the second week of the semester. This two-week rule is in effect so that the Residence Directors have time to figure out who has and who has not shown up and what, if any, spaces are available.


Where do I stay if I want to take summer classes?

For the 2019 summer session students will be housed in the P2 Apartments. Summer rates will be determined by the middle of the spring semester.


How can I get in, out, and around Keene if I don't have a car?

Students can ride the City of Keene’s bus system (City Express) for free. The bus route goes around the city of Keene and includes stops at the hospital, shopping centers, and various points downtown. Call 603-352-8494 for more information about the City Express. In addition, the Vermont Transit Lines bus station is within walking distance to the campus. Call 603-352-1331 for more information. For transportation to and from Boston, Manchester or Hartford airports, call Thomas Transportation at 603-352-5550.


Should I bring a bicycle to campus?

Many students bring their bicycles to campus and find them handy for going to class and riding in and around the area. Bike racks exist outside each residence hall and at various locations on campus. Campus Safety advises locking bikes to the racks at all times with a high-grade "U-Lock" (i.e. Kryptonite). Bicycles are allowed in residence hall rooms, although they must not block points of entry or egress. In addition, bicycles are not to be hung on hooks or nails in the walls.


How many credits do I have to take in order to live on campus?

Students must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 credits in order to select a room on campus.


Do you have resources available for students who wish to live off-campus?

The Office or Residential Life and Housing Services has information on our Off Campus Housing web site for listings provided to our office from landlords in the area. Also available is the publication entitled On Your Own: A Guide to Off-Campus Living, a valuable resource for students living on their own for the first time.


Do I need coins or a card to operate the laundry machines?

The cost for laundry is included in the room rate for on-campus students, so there’s no need to stock up on quarters in order to do your wash.

Contact Residential Life

The Office of Residential Life & Housing Services is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you have questions about housing services (room assignments, housing contract, damage billing, etc.) and are unable to stop by the office, feel free to e-mail or call us.

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