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Patricia Pedroza, faculty member in Modern Languages and Women’s Studies, has had an essay accepted for publication by the Society for the Study of Gloria Anzaldua and The Women’s Studies Institute at the University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA). Her essay’s title is “The Political and Spiritual Pedagogy of Anzaldua’s Inadequacy.” This essay discusses the curricular exclusions of Chicana/Latina ways of gaining knowledge relating to learning, shifting stages of consciousness, and ways of healing, and will appear published in November 2010 at UTSA.

Barbara Ware (Spanish) presented a paper at the “Interdisciplinary and Multicultural Conference on Food Representation in Literature, Film and the Other Arts” Feb. 25-27 at the University of Texas San Antonio. The UTSA Department of Modern Languages and Literatures hosted the sixth biennial conference and was organized by UTSA Professor Santiago Daydi-Tolson. The event featured 24 national and international scholars presenting a wide variety of papers on the presence of food and food-related issues in literature and the arts. Dr. Ware participated on the panel “European Literature” and presented a paper entitled: “The Creation of a National Culinary Canon: Emilia Pardo Bazán’s Gendered Authority.”

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