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Computer hardware, software, accessories, standards


KSC does not have minimum requirements for student computers. Any relatively new Mac or PC should be able to access KSC resources easily. If you are in doubt, do not hesitate to contact the HelpDesk for assistance.

NOTE: If you are entering a major such as Graphic Design, Architecture or another major that might have other system requirements, please contact that department directly. If you are not sure, contact them to verify.

PC computers are required to have anti-virus software installed in order to connect to the wireless network. Windows 10 machines and above come with Windows Defender already, however you may choose any anti-virus program for your computer.

Mac computers typically don’t receive as many viruses as PC computers. However, this problem is on the increase and students are encouraged to run an antivirus product on their personal devices. One such offering is AviraFree Antivirus, which is available here at no cost.

Students have access to OneDrive Cloud file storage, but should also bring a secondary backup device (i.e. flash drive, portable hard drive).

Interested in purchasing a computer for your student?

The Keene State Bookstore offers educational discounts to students for computer purchases. You may get more information from the Bookstore website or calling them directly.

Apple also offers educational discounts on Mac computers. You will find complete information on their website.

The Keene State IT Group has a partnership with Connection to provide educational discounts to all faculty/staff, students, alumni and friends on personal purchases of all products available at Connection. Additionally computer repair services (warranty and non–warranty) are available locally at the Connection office on Marlborough Street in Keene.

Some of these products can include:

  • laptop, tablets, desktop computers
  • software
  • TV’s, cell phones and more.

Visit the Keene State College and Connection website, create an account and browse to see what products are available to you.

Best practice is to shop around and find what meets your needs the best!

Faculty and Staff Information Only

What are the current hardware/software standards

Hardware/software standard change frequently. Please log a ticket for the most current information.

How to Purchase Workstations Using Departmental Funds

To purchase a PC or Apple desktop or a laptop computer using College funds, please follow this procedure.

Computer Loaner Request Form

IT Support Services has a small inventory of computers available on a temporary basis for faculty and staff to be used for emergencies or special requests. These loans are short-term and a Computer Loaner Request Form must be submitted to determine availability.

Can I purchase my old workstation from the college?

Technology assets which may have personal and institutional sensitive data on them are not available for selling, donating and/or destroying by recycling. Due to institutional risk, KSC requires total destruction of data on the technology assets and transfers ownership and liability to federally approved recyclers of such equipment. More…

Microsoft Work-At-Home Software

Keene State College extends work-at-home rights to faculty and staff under the terms of the current Microsoft Campus Agreement. The Office Suite is available via download under the current agreement may be installed and used on your personally-owned computer for work-related use.

You will be required to remove the software from your personally-owned computer if you terminate employment with KSC.

To download the Office Suite on your home computer, log into Office and click “Install Office” in the upper right hand corner.

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