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Steps to Transition and the Accommodation Process at Keene State College

Welcome to Keene State College! The following information is for students with disabilities who plan on utilizing accommodations while at KSC. This outline describes the process for identifying yourself to the Office of Disability Services, how eligibility is determined, and how to access accommodations.

Step 1 – Identify Yourself to the Office of Disability Services: Submit Documentation

Submit current documentation of a disability directly to the Office of Disability Services. Documentation guidelines can be viewed on our webpage.

  • In general terms, IEP’s and/or 504 plans from high school are not sufficient documentation to determine disability and eligibility for accommodations.
  • Do not assume your high school has forwarded your documentation.

Step 2 – Wait for Eligibility Determination: Confirmation Letter from ODS

Beginning in mid-May, all newly submitted documentation for incoming students is reviewed by ODS staff. If documentation is insufficient, you will receive a letter describing why and what is needed in order to determine disability status. If documentation is sufficient and determines eligibility, you will receive a letter confirming this.

Step 3 – Let Your Needs be Known: Make an Appointment

It is the student’s responsibility to connect with the Office of Disability Services and discuss what they feel is needed to accommodate their disability. Typically, students make an appointment with our office within the first couple of weeks of the semester. However, ODS welcomes meeting with students over the summer if it is felt this would be helpful to the transition process. At this initial meeting, staff work with students to determine what accommodations are needed and reasonable within the context of the courses they are taking.

  • Faculty Notification forms are completed with the student outlining what accommodations the student is requesting and approved for.
  • Students are told to give these forms to each of their Faculty and are encouraged to discuss the nature of their disability and how it impacts them.

Important Fact: Faculty are under no obligation to accommodate a student until they are supplied with a Faculty Notification form generated through the Office of Disability Services.

Step 4 – Stay in Touch - Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

ODS does not monitor student performance. It is expected that if a student is experiencing personal, academic or accommodation related difficulties they will communicate with the Office of Disability Services and seek out assistance. Our door is always open!

Contact the Office of Disability Services

Office of Disability Services
229 Main Street
Keene, NH 03435-2609

Phone: 603-358-2353
Fax: 603-358-2313