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Dining Services, Zorn Dining Commons

Dining Locations

Zorn Dining Commons

The Zorn Dining Commons is a modern, light-filled, dine-in, “all you care to eat” facility. Once you enter “the DC” you’ll find seven permanent service stations offering myriad choices including pizza, full course meals, deli, sauté, soups, salads, a grill, a vegan/vegetarian station and designated areas for gluten-free items and plant-based dairy alternatives. Seating options that allow you to comfortably sit with a group or on your own. WiFi is available in the DC so you can catch up online.

The Hoot ‘n’ Scoot

The Hoot ’n’ Scoot is a grab-n-go dining option. Here you can “Pick 4” items to make up a full board meal, or purchase individual items from the menu. The Hoot is the place on campus to get a board meal to go, which is ideal for those days when you have a late class, will be off-campus for the day, or if you just want to have “something for later” in your fridge.

The Night Owl Café

The Night Owl Café is located on the 2nd floor of the L.P. Young Student Center. During the week you can use a board meal to get the famous “NOC Sizzler” made especially for you every Monday through Thursday from Noon to 3:00 pm. The NOC Sizzler comes complete with chips and soda to make it a meal.

Contact KSC Dining Services

Owl Card Office
Monday through Friday 8:00 to 4:00 Appointments Recommended