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Budget & Resource Council

The BRC is a committee comprised of members from various campus constituent groups which have been charged by the President to assist in budget related issues, cost containment efforts and the planning process. This website will serve as a means for:

  • communicating our global and yearly charge
  • providing membership information
  • communicating issues and announcing activities
  • providing other resources for campus budget and planning processes


  • The BRC will review all budget issues sent to them by the Planning Council and determine feasibility.
  • Working with academic departments and continuing education, the Task Force will develop a strategy to schedule course offerings for summer school that makes available new courses which are of great need by current students, has the potential to generate additional revenue and to bring in a greater number of students. To assist this effort, the Cabinet has agreed that a percentage (not to exceed 10%) of any gains in revenue over those made during FY08 will be remitted back to the department for its operational uses.
  • The Task Force should determine other initiatives which could promote greater revenue development and should identify those which have already been done.
  • The Task Force would work with Dr. Jay Kahn, Vice President for Finance and Planning to develop a response to the Chancellor and Board of Trustees to identify past and future College-wide cost containment efforts.

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