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What Former Links Students Say

Alexa Reichardt, Links Program 2016 Participant

“As the summer before my first semester of college, it was a pivotal one. Links gave me the imperative information to help guide my thinking and plan my future for success. I am not entirely certain I would even have thought college was an option without Links giving me a basis for the many options within higher education.

With a team of community minded and resourceful educational counselors backing students: Links creates a unique atmosphere for ensuring the greatest potential blossoming of each individual student.“

Nyzair Rountree, Links Program 2018 Participant

“Links helped me to transition from high school to college. Living here and taking classes helped my adjustment from life at home to life at college and gave me the tools to be ready for my first semester at KSC.”

Jarrod Bernier, Links Program 2017 Participant

“Links was a formative experience for me. It has already been almost 2 years since I attended and I still feel the benefits daily. It was a fun and worthwhile experience that I would do again in a heartbeat.”

Doris Martino, Links Program 2017 Participant

“Before Links I was just as nervous as everyone else starting their first year of college. This program was the perfect transition from living at home to being a full-time student. I love my classes and they gave me a taste of what to expect from future courses. At the beginning of the summer my plan was to transfer my credits to UNH where I had decided to go in the fall. By the end I decided that Keene State was where I wanted to learn.”

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