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Student Thrives on Making Connections and Exploring Cultures

Stephanie Giang
Stephanie Giang

Stephanie Giang, a junior at Keene State, is thriving on campus by leveraging opportunities that are made available to her as a student. She serves as vice president of recruitment for Delta Phi Epsilon, and as fundraising chair for the Panhellenic Council. She is involved on campus as an orientation leader, tour guide, and member of “Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow”, a group of students who take the initiative to create a bridge between students and alumni on and off campus. Her involvement helps her to build relationships with those on campus, and new people wherever she goes. A scholarship through the Keene Endowment Association makes it possible for her to continue fostering her love for travel, connecting with others, and making change.

As a psychology major and history minor, Giang embraces Keene State’s focus on the liberal arts and community. “I’m a student and a person who really values a liberal arts education,” she said. “Having an education that’s all-encompassing is really beneficial to me.” Her interest in having varied perspectives is apparent through her experience as a representative of Keene State around the world.

As a member of the Morris-August Honors Program at Keene State, Giang studied abroad in Florence, Italy. Her love of travel and new cultures allowed her to make connections around the world and inform her own understanding of herself as a student and global citizen. “When I was in Italy I loved knocking on the neighbors’ doors and just talking with them,” Giang said. “I just want to go everywhere and talk to everyone.”

Her love of meeting new people and forming bonds informed her work as part of an Alternative Spring Break trip to Selma, Alabama this spring. It inspired her to pursue social justice education and law after she graduates. “I am someone who gets discouraged if I can’t see change.” Giang said, “I want to make social justice changes through the legal system.”

Abroad, and in Keene, Giang’s love for travel and creating interpersonal relationships allows her to better herself as a student and individual. Her experiences help her to consider and include varying perspectives. “I love learning from other people, it’s how I work. That is my leadership style as well, I am someone who works off of feedback and seeks out feedback,” she said. “It doesn’t make sense for me to lead with only my opinions and perspectives.”

Giang’s work on campus and around the world was in part made possible through a scholarship from the Keene Endowment Association. She is one of the 2016 recipients of the Margaret Ellen Siegert ‘84 Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to students with an interest in travel, new cultures, and improving interpersonal skills. The scholarship was established in 1989 to assist students with those values to study abroad and have lasting global experiences. “I’m so grateful,” Giang said. “I know that through my education here I will be able to be a better citizen, and a better neighbor, which will benefit everyone.”

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