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We believe that when done right, joining a fraternity or sorority can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences during a student’s undergraduate career. In an effort to create and foster a positive, meaningful, and enriching experience for all members within the fraternity and sorority community at Keene State, each recognized Greek-letter organization on campus will be evaluated annually via an accreditation process. This process provides a greater opportunity to measure the impact of the experience for members of our organizations and community while creating the opportunity to engage in constructive conversations leading to the enhancement and progression of fraternity and sorority life at KSC.

The accreditation process evaluates seven major areas identified by members of the community that each recognized Greek-letter organization should address with their chapter membership, but also be fully engaged in. These major areas include:

  • Leadership/Professional Development
  • Academics
  • Service
  • Philanthropy
  • Campus Involvement
  • Community Involvement
  • Alumni/Advisor Involvement

All recognized Greek-letter organizations/chapters at Keene State College must be accredited in order to maintain their recognition status by the Office of Student Involvement as a recognized student organization on campus. Chapters that do not pass the accreditation process will be placed on a probationary period of one (1) semester providing the chapter time to improve weak areas identified in the initial accreditation process. Chapters on probation/in a probationary period shall maintain their status as a recognized student organization on campus, and may continue to operate as such (i.e. plan/host events, participate in philanthropic activities and community service, etc). However, chapters that fail the accreditation process following their probationary period will forfeit their campus recognition for a period of one (1) academic year in which the chapter must work with the Coordinator of Fraternity & Sorority Life and Student Leadership towards progressing towards their reinstatement/accreditation status for the following academic year.

During the period in which the chapter forfeits their campus recognition, the chapter is not deemed a recognized student organization at Keene State College, and is strictly prohibited from identifying as a member for the KSC fraternity and sorority system. In addition, the chapter’s international headquarters is notified, and the chapter is strictly prohibited from planning, executing, or participating in any event of any kind that may be deemed or perceived as an event planned, executed, sponsored, or endorsed by that organization.

Violation of this policy shall result in the chapter being referred to their respective governing council’s Standards Peer Review Board as well as a notification letter being sent to the chapter’s headquarters. In addition, violation of this policy will result in the chapter’s possible indefinite suspension from the fraternity and sorority system at Keene State College.

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Office of Student Involvement
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