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Student Organizations

Academic Organizations

American Choral Directors Association

President: Callie Carmosino

Treasurer: Sarah Ames

Advisor: Daniel Carberg

Art Collective

President: Emily Mathieu

Treasurer: Haley Kean

Advisor: Jonathan Gitelson

Athena Nursing Club

President: Casey Kelley

Treasurer: Olivia Thom

Advisor: Patricia Shinn

Chemistry Lyceum

President: Melissa Wydra

Treasurer: Haley Fantasia

Advisor: James Kraly

French Club

President: Ezra Richardson

Treasurer: Haley Fantasia

Advisor: Tom Durnford


President: Katie Woltner

Treasurer: Quinlan Hornish

Advisor: Steve Bill

Geography Club

President: Timothy Peterson

Treasurer: Gabriela Pacheco

Advisor: Sasha Davis

Holocaust and Genocide Awareness

Advisor: James Waller

Keene State Athletic Trainers Society

Advisor: Wanda Swiger

Math Club

Advisor: Vince Ferlini

Music Teachers National Association - MTNA

Advisor: Matthew Odell


Advisor: James Chesebrough

National Science Teachers Association

Advisor: Sally Jean

Physical Education Club

Advisor: Eric Carpenter

Social Studies Club

Advisor:John Sturtz

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Advisor: Lisa Hix

Society of Physics Students

Advisor: Steve Harfenist

The Society of Architecture Students of Keene State College

Advisor: Bart Sapeta

Club Sports

The purpose of the Club Sports Program is to provide students an opportunity to participate in an organized team or individual sport program and to enhance their skills in a particular sport.

The clubs currently receiving administrative support from Rec Sports are Brazilian Jujitsu, Men’s Soccer, Men’s Rugby, Women’s Rugby, Men’s Ice Hockey, Women’s Ice Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee and Barbell Club.

For more information on Club Sports opportunities, please contact Lynne Andrews, Director of Recreational Sports.

Fraternities and Sororities

Being a member of a Greek-letter organization at KSC helps students to connect to campus, meet new people, be a part of campus traditions, and explore various leadership opportunities. Keene State College currently has 8 inter/nationally recognized Greek-letter organizations (3 sororities and 5 fraternities) active on campus, overseen by the Inter-Fraternity Council (governing body for fraternities) and the Panhellenic Council (governing body for sororities). In addition, in a continued effort to promote scholarship, outstanding members of the fraternity/sorority community are recognized for their academic achievement by being inducted into the Order of Omega Honor Society. The Fraternity/Sorority community at KSC holds the values of scholarship, service, brotherhood/sisterhood and leadership in high regard.

Honor Societies

Honor Societies at Keene State College provide talented students the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to academic excellence in a chosen discipline or field of study.

For more information about Honor Societies, please contact Kim Schmidl-Gagne, Program Manager for Diversity and Multiculturalism Initiatives.

Media-Based Organizations

Design & New Media

Advisor: Randall Hoyt


Advisor: Julio DelSesto, Rodger Martin

Film Society


KSMP- Keene State Media Productions

Advisor: Tom Cook


Advisor: Julio DelSesto


Advisor: Diana Duffy

Special Interest Groups

3 Ways Til Sunday

Advisor: Peggy-Rae Johnson

Active Minds

Advisor: Nashla Feres

Anime Club: Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture

Advisor: Jo Dery

Campus Ecology

Advisor: William Fleeger

Chock Full of Notes

Advisor: Daniel Carberg

Common Ground

Advisor: Dottie Morris


Advisor: James Sharrock

Dance Team

Advisor: Cheryl Martin

Environmental Outing Club

Advisor: Mark Long

Fair Trade Club


Feminist Collective

Advisor: Patricia Pedroza

Fishing Club

Advisor: Steve Kessler

G2: Gamers Guild

Advisor: Dana Gibson

Global Culture Club

Advisor: Steve Spiegel

Group Theatre

Advisor: Kirstin Riegler

Habitat for Humanity


Advisor: Celia Rabinowitz

Humans Vs. Zombies

Advisor: Jack Bouley

Interfaith Voices

Advisor: Hank Knight

Keene Cannabis Coalition

Advisor: Rick Foley

Keene State Investment Group

Advisor: Linda Hadden

KSC Democrats

Advisor: Brian Green

KSC Pride

Advisor: Jamie Landau, Hunter Kirschner

KSC Republicans

Advisor: Chris Cusack

KSC Yoga Club


Newman Student Organization

Advisor: Cindy Cheshire

Owl Nation

Advisor: Casey Justice

Ski & Snowboard Club

Advisor: Francis Brush

Social Activities Council

Advisor: Britany Gallagher

Student Government & Classes

Class of 2021

Advisor: Peggy Richmond, Casey Justice

Class of 2020

Advisor: Cory Davis, Liz Cahoon

Class of 2019

Advisor: Kevin Justice

Class of 2018

Advisor: Brandon Mathieu

Student Government

Advisor: Brandon Mathieu

Recognized Student Organization Constitutions

Recognized Student Organization constitutions must be reviewed and revised every three years (2017, 2020, 2023, 2026, 2029, etc.). The purpose of review and revision is to ensure content accurately reflects the intended mission, functions, and purpose of the organization. Additionally, it should include any changes to how the organization operates group activities, meetings, funding sources, and officer and advisor roles and responsibilities. All Keene State College recognized student organizations are required to maintain an up-to-date constitution both within the organization and with the Office of Student Involvement.

Components of an effective constitution

  • Official organization name (must not include Keene State, Keene State College, KSC, or any other similar phrasing that includes the College’s name)
  • Mission statement
  • Keene State College Nondiscrimination Statement
  • Organizational structure and descriptions of each (President, Vice President, Director, Executive Director, etc.)
  • Membership
  • Meetings and annual activities
  • Executive board election process *0Removal of officers
  • Amendments
  • Dissolution of organization
  • Keene State College Hazing Policy

Constitution Review Meetings

  • RSOs should hold a few constitutional review meetings that are open to all members of the organization and include the advisor(s).
  • Start with discussion about the mission and purpose of the organization.
  • Next, discuss activities and functions that allow the RSO to achieve the stated mission and purpose.
  • Describe the makeup of the group: who should join and what do they get out of their membership?
  • If there are any costs related to membership, these must be accurately described in terms of the exact dollar amount and the use of the dues.
  • Use third-person neutral language: “the President,” “they/them/their,” etc.
  • Maintain editable copies (.docx, .doc), as well as hard copy format. These should be shared with all members, officers, and advisors annually.

Please direct any questions on this process to Nadia Hasan, Constitution Committee Chair or Britany Gallagher, Coordinator of Student Activities and Organizations.