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Hold Policy

Students who have a financial obligation (including account balances, parking fines, etc.) will have a hold placed on their account which could prevent registration, schedule adjustments, payment of housing deposits, and the release of transcripts. Once the student has met his or her financial obligation, the hold will be removed from the account within 24–48 hours. The student’s delinquent account may also be assigned to an outside collection agency.

My account has been financially cleared. What does that mean?

  • Financially clear means there are currently no holds or restrictions on the student’s account.
  • When a student is declared financially clear, he or she may attend classes, move into student housing, open a BECA bookstore account, and request transcripts or diplomas.
  • Any subsequent changes made (adding classes, cancelation of financial aid, meal plan changes, etc.), may result in an additional balance due on the student’s account.

Arrangements for alternate financing through private agencies must be made no later than late-July (for the fall semester) or late-November (for the spring semester) to ensure timely payment of semester charges.

If one of the above means of payment or arrangements for payment are not made prior to the payment deadline, a late payment fee will be charged to the account (up to $150 based on the outstanding balance due).

Students who are anticipating a credit-balance refund are encouraged to review the refund policy.

Contact Student Accounts

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