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Call for Proposals

The 2015-2016 Keene State College Symposium is focused on Education reform and all the ways it impacts and intersects beyond the classroom. The purpose of this symposium is to explore the causes and consequences of U.S. educational reform (pre-Kindergarten through higher education), to raise awareness of social justice issues inherent in the topic, and to examine solutions to improve our education system. Addressing issues of social justice and inequality are at the heart of sustaining public education.

Many education reform efforts fail to acknowledge our nation’s challenges for what they are: the sum product of systems of inequalities. Furthermore, a number of reform efforts have created opportunities for individuals and special interests to capitalize on and gain from these systems of inequalities.

The outcomes of reform efforts are far-reaching, even seeping into institutions of higher education. They show up as diminished state financial support, students with low college readiness levels, decreased interest in the arts, fewer students entering the STEM fields, and apathy toward civic engagement. In order to move forward, we must explore all facets of our campus and community to understand the antecedents and the effects of contemporary education reform efforts and policies.

We invite proposals from all disciplines. The goal is to inform the Keene State College community and the Monadnock Region about issues of education reform, social justice, and inequality. We welcome a wide variety of proposals, including paper presentations, performances, and exhibits.

Please feel free to share your work by whatever means is appropriate for your discipline and topic. Students are also encouraged to submit proposals, and collaborative student/faculty projects are highly encouraged.

Please fill out the call for proposals form as completely as possible.

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Kimberly Schmidl-Gagne