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2020 Fall Courses

Accommodating Preferences for Fall Classes

We know that some students are interested in an online learning experience in the fall semester, instead of rejoining the Keene State community on campus. Our goal is to help you have a successful semester by providing you with as many options as possible for completing course requirements, whether this is done on campus or via online instruction.

The information below provides you with details on the kinds of courses that are available to be selected in the course registration system. Please note that not all classes are designed to be offered remotely. Be sure that the courses you need to complete your semester are available online, if you want a fully-online learning experience.

To see which courses are available remotely, you may use Student Planner in Self-Service. Search the “Course Catalog” by “Locations” and select “Online Accessible.”

First-year students who need assistance with adjusting their course schedule for the fall should reach out to Academic and Career Advising to do so.

For returning students, you may adjust your academic schedule through the Student Planner in Self-Service. If you would like assistance in selecting courses, please contact Academic and Career Advising. When your online schedule is set, you must contact Academic and Career Advising so that they can make a note in your record that you will be participating in courses online only for the fall semester. Any appropriate billing adjustments for remote delivery will not be made to your account until you confirm your schedule with Academic and Career Advising.

Your Choices in Course Delivery – In-person, Hybrid, Blended or Online

In the Student Planner, there are four categories of fall 2020 classes. In order to maintain the quality experience that you expect at Keene State, professors are choosing the way courses are being taught, to best fit the learning needs of their classes.

You can take classes in a variety of ways. Classes are identified in course registration with the information below:

  1. In-person: These classes will take place in person, in a classroom on campus. In-person classes are identified as Guided Inquiry, Incorporates Lecture & Lab/Studio, Laboratory, Lecture-based Learning, Seminar, or Studio.
  2. Online: These classes take place entirely online and are identified as Online.
    • With these classes, there are no scheduled times for in-person classes for students and instructors.
    • These courses are delivered entirely online using regularly-occurring meeting times (synchronous), classwork that is completed outside of regular class times (asynchronous), and/or flexible participation approaches.
  3. Hybrid: These classes take place both online and in-person on campus, using rotating student groups for the in-class experience and are identified as Hybrid. Students who are not in the classroom access the course online during the regularly-scheduled class times. Some of these courses are identified as Remote Hybrid – these are the hybrid courses that can be fully accessed remotely.
    • These classes take place both online and in a physical location on campus.
    • A portion of the scheduled in-class time between students and instructors is delivered online during regularly-occurring meeting times (synchronous), and includes classwork that is completed outside of regular meeting times (asynchronous), and/or flexible participation approaches.
    • These classes frequently rotate student groups.
  4. Blended: These classes include a combination of scheduled in-class time on campus, with the online portion of the class primarily or entirely asynchronous (completed outside of a regular scheduled class time) and are identified as Blended. Some of these courses are identified as Remote Blended – these are the blended courses that can be fully accessed remotely.
    • These classes take place both online and in a physical location on campus.
    • The scheduled in-class time between students and instructors is reduced by 20% to 80%.
    • These classes may include rotating groups of students.

If you are selecting courses for remote-delivery only, you must select course that are delivered either Online, Remote-Hybrid or Remote-Blended. All other course modalities require in-class participation.

Expectations for Student Participation

Please note that students must be available during the entire time periods for which their courses are scheduled regardless of their physical location (on-campus or remote) as they should be available to participate in all synchronous (regularly-scheduled) instruction that takes place during their classes.

Courses have been taught using different approaches to accommodate students in the past. The world continues to face this unprecedented time during the Coronavirus pandemic, therefore, faculty continue to embrace a variety of approaches to teaching, to ensure participation and attendance. Please be sure to thoroughly read your course syllabi to understand the established expectations and requirements for each class.

Who to Contact with Questions

For questions about your class schedule and types of classes, first-year students and students who are transferring to Keene State may contact Transitions and Parent Programs staff. Students who are returning after their first year or are readmitted may contact Academic and Career Advising.