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Children's Literature Festival

CLF 2017

Festival Gallery Collection

Gallery Rabbit

The Festival Gallery Collection began in November 1990 and is a permanent collection of original illustrations, working drawings, and pieces related to children’s book illustration. It currently contains hundreds of pieces by more than 200 artists. In addition to these, 42 more are among the artists who created our 108 owls in the Festival Owl Collection.

The collection hangs in Rhodes Hall and may be viewed weekdays all year round and evenings when classes are in session.

* Denotes donation by the illustrator/author/owner to the collection



  • Mary Azarian, Tuttle’s Red Barn


  • Natalie Babbitt, Illustration made for a book of poems by Valerie Worth*
  • Ann Barrow, pencil sketch of Trina Schart Hyman*
  • Ann Barrow, 3 illustrations from Big Blue*
  • Raymond Bial, Photograph from Amish Home
  • Harry Bliss, Bailey
  • Higgins Bond, A Place for Birds*
  • Leslie Brooke, Johnny Crow’s Garden
  • Kathryn Brown, Climb into My Lap
  • Anthony Browne, Gorilla drawing for 15th Anniversary Booklet*
  • Betsy Byars, The Lace Snail* ^ Top


  • Timothy Campbell, 5 illustrations from The Almost Adventures of Why Boy*
  • Eric Carle, Working collage for Dragons, Dragons*
  • Eric Carle, Working collage for Cricket Magazine*
  • Donald Carrick, The Wednesday Surprise, pencil character sketches, watercolor experimentation, and finished illustration
  • Donald Carrick, Original illustration from The Washout plus the color separations and progressive proofs for this illustration*
  • Victoria Chess, All the original drawings and finished illustrations for Good Night Dinosaurs
  • Victoria Chess, All illustrations and sketches from King Long Shanks*
  • Victoria Chess, 8 illustrations from Mole Family Christmas*
  • Victoria Chess, All illustrations from The Little Buggers*
  • Victoria Chess, All illustrations from Three Blind Mice*
  • Victoria Chess, Cover and 13 illustrations from The Fat Cats at Sea*
  • Victoria Chess, 12 illustrations from The Spooky Witch and Other Spooky Riddles*
  • Victoria Chess, Most illustrations from Slugs*
  • Victoria Chess, all illustrations from Ten Sly Piranhas: A Counting Story in Reverse
  • Victoria Chess, all illustrations and sketches from Teeny, Tiny, Tingly Tales
  • Victoria Chess, sketches, dummy, and most illustrations from Ridiculous Nicholas
  • Victoria Chess, sketches for This For That
  • Victoria Chess, sketches for Scaredy Cats
  • Victoria Chess, all illustrations for Tales for the Perfect Child
  • Victoria Chess, all illustrations for Lost in the Stove
  • Victoria Chess, all illustrations for Baby Boloka*
  • Victoria Chess, all illustrations for The Beautiful Butterfly*
  • Victoria Chess, all illustrations for The Scaredy Cats*
  • Victoria Chess, all of the art from Brenda Berman, Wedding Expert*
  • Eileen Christelow, Glenda Feathers Casts a Spell
  • Eileen Christelow, Sketches for Glenda Feathers Casts a Spell that were never used*
  • Eileen Christelow, Sketches for The Robbery at the Diamond Dog Diner that were never used*
  • R. Gregory Christie, Bad News for Outlaws
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton, Photograph and Greeting from the First Lady for the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Festival in October 1996*
  • Maryann Cocca-Leffler, orginal illustration, storyboard and sketch from Jungle Halloween
  • Raul Col√≥n, As Good As Anybody
  • Kenn Compton, Painting based on an illustration in Sody Sallaratus*
  • Carol Coogan, will donate an owl for collection project
  • Barbara Cooney, The Little Juggler*
  • Barbara Cooney, Letter explaining her gift and hope of helping the Festival Gallery Collection get started*
  • Floyd Cooper, Be Good to Eddie Lee
  • Lucy Corvino, Conversations on the Ark*
  • David Hyde Costello, I Can Help
  • Richard Cuffari, 2 pencil preliminary drawings for The Bushmen and Their Stories* by Jane Yolen ^ Top


  • Bruce Degen, original piece celebrating the Festival Gallery Collection*
  • Bruce Degen, a special owl with an Arthurian legend and Magic School Bus theme*
  • Diane deGroat, Animal Fact/Animal Fiction*
  • Diane deGroat, _Charlie and the Christmas Kitty _and steps in process*
  • Lulu Delacre, The Bossy Gallito
  • Lulu Delacre, The separate components as well as an explanation of the process for creating the cover of Golden Tales.*
  • Tomie dePaola, Fin M’Coul*
  • Tomie dePaola, Country Angel Christmas*
  • Tomie dePaola, The Big Book for Our Planet
  • David Diaz, ink painting created while at 2002 Festival*
  • Donna Diamond, 3 pencil on acetate originals from Joseph and Koza
  • Donna Diamond, painting from The Arrow And The Lamp
  • Leo & Diane Dillon, Children of the Sun
  • Tony diTerlizzi, Alien and Possum
  • Michael Dooling, The Amazing Life of Benjamin Franklin
  • Henrik Drescher, The Boy Who Ate Around*
  • Olivier Dunrea, 6 finished illustrations from the book, Ravena*
  • Olivier Dunrea, Maiden on the Moor
  • Olivier Dunrea, Deep Down Underground*
  • Olivier Dunrea, 3 illustrations from The Broody Hen*
  • Olivier Dunrea, The Star of Melvin*
  • Olivier Dunrea, 2 illustrations from Nick Jr. Magazine*
  • Jane Dyer, Bite-Size Life Lessons ^ Top


  • Ed Emberley, Noah’s Ark* Donated by Dr. David E. White to honor his son Noah E. White
  • Shane Evans, No More ^ Top


  • Tom Feelings, preliminary charcoal drawing of a boy* by Katherine and John Paterson along with a handwritten letter to them from Tom Feelings
  • Jules Feiffer, Which Puppy?
  • Scott M. Fischer, Jump!
  • Leonard Everett Fisher, original oil painting from Little Frog’s Song
  • David Frampton, woodcut*
  • Fiona French, Anancy and Mr. Dry-Bone
  • Fiona French, King of Another Country
  • Fiona French, Working drawings for Anancy and Mr. Dry-Bone*
  • Fiona French, Working drawings for King of Another Country* ^ Top


  • Paul Galdone, Hans in Luck
  • Jean Craighead George, Sketch with notes used for The Far Side of the Mountain*
  • Mordicai Gerstein, The Seal Mother
  • Andrew Glass, The Erie Canal Pirates*
  • Hardie Gramatky, Original watercolor for the March 1954 cover of Treasure Trails
  • Kate Greenaway, Pen, ink and watercolor entitled "Priscilla," accompanied by the original bill of sale dated 4 April 1898 on The Fine Art Society stationery
  • Rebecca Guay, The Barefoot Book of Ballet Stories ^ Top


  • Christy Hale, original watercolor artwork from Sky Dancers
  • Gail E. Haley, Four pictures showing the process of an illustration in the Kate Greenaway Award-winning The Post Office Cat
  • Gail E. Haley, Sketch for the cover of The Post Office Cat
  • Kevin Hawkes, When Giants Come To Play, acrylic on paper
  • Helme Heine, Working illustration for The Marvelous Journey through the Night*
  • Yumi Heo, The Snake’s Tales. Donated by the book’s author Maugerite Davol
  • Kathryn Hewitt, Lives of the Pirates
  • Kathryn Hewitt, Lives of the Pirates*
  • Will Hillenbrand, Wicked Jack
  • Tad Hills, Waking Up Wendell
  • Ronald Himler, Six illustrations from Sand In My Shoes
  • Nonny Hogrogian, Cook Cat
  • Warwick Hutton, a study for Beauty and the Beast, donated by Susan Cooper
  • Warwick Hutton, The Nose Tree, donated by Susan Cooper
  • Trina Schart Hyman, Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins*
  • Trina Schart Hyman, The Water of Life
  • Trina Schart Hyman, Princess Rosetta and the Popcorn Man (this was the illustration used for the first poster produced for the Festival)
  • Trina Schart Hyman, From Sea to Shining Sea
  • Trina Schart Hyman, drawing created at the second Festival in 1978* Donated by Dr. David E. White
  • Schart Hyman and Tomie dePaola, sketches for the Festival’s 15th Anniversary Booklet ^ Top


  • Bagram Ibatoulline, Crow Call
  • Erick Ingraham, Little Daylight* ^ Top


  • Elizabeth Orton Jones, Illustration of young King David from David published in 1937, donated when Mrs. Pauline Croteau was Professor of Children’s Literature at Keene State College*
  • Lita Judge, How Big Were Dinosaurs*
  • Lita Judge, sketches and two finished illustrations from One Thousand Tracings
  • Lita Judge, original watercolor illustration for Pennies for Elephants ^ Top


  • Gloria Kamen, watercolor and graphite original from Warton and the Castaways for WETA-TV
  • G. Brian Karas, Switching on the Moon
  • Doug Keith, gouache and ink on illustration board from A Place for Grace
  • Marty Kelley, sketch and finished illustration from Winter Woes
  • Marty Kelley, sketch and finished illustration from Twelve Terrible Things
  • Steven Kellogg, Clorinda
  • Steven Kellogg, Is Your Mama a Llama?*
  • Beth Krommes, sketch and finished illustration from The Lamp, The Ice, And The Boat Called Fish
  • Boris Kulikov, Morris the Artist
  • Boris Kulikov, Sandy’s Circus*
  • Boris Kulikov, The Boy Who Cried Wolf*
  • Boris Kulikov, Franklin’s Big Dreams* ^ Top


  • Giles Laroche, Down to the Sea in Ships
  • Giles Laroche, Down to the Sea in Ships*
  • Errol le Cain, A School Bewitched
  • Blair Lent, Sketch, cardboard cut, color separations, color proofs, and printed page from Bayberry Bluff
  • Betsy Lewin, Yo, Hungry Wolf! (2 pieces)
  • Ted Lewin, Faithful Elephants*
  • Ted Lewin, The Great Pumpkin Switch*
  • Ted Lewin, Three photographs of models and 4 sketches from I Wonder If I’ll See A Whale
  • Ted Lewin, Four illustrations from I Wonder If I’ll See A Whale
  • Ted Lewin, Matthew Wheelock’s Wheel*
  • E. B. Lewis, Little Cliff’s First Day of School*
  • Brian Lies, Bats at the Ballgame*
  • Gary Lippincott, The Mythic Beastiary: The Illustrated Guide to the World’s Most Fantastical Creatures
  • Megan Lloyd, Davey Crockett Gets Hitched
  • Megan Lloyd, two pieces from The Mixed-Up Rooster*
  • Anita Lobel, Illustration from the book, Looking for Daniela
  • Arnold Lobel, the Festival Frog and Toad logo
  • P. J. Lynch, Watercolor from Grandad’s Prayers of the Earth
  • P. J. Lynch, Watercolor cover illustration from The King of Ireland’s Son* ^ Top


  • Turi MacCombie, My First Book of Animals and Marty Stouffer’s Wild Animal Babies
  • Adam McCauley, Oh No, Not Ghosts!
  • Margaret Mahy, Drawing and comments for 15th Anniversary Booklet*
  • Kathy Mallat, illustration from her book Brave Bear*
  • James Marshall, Working illustration for The Cut-Ups*
  • Robert McClung, Three drawings from The Amazing Egg*
  • Robert McClung, Illustration of a Northern Spotted Owl from Lost Wild America, the Story of Our Extinct and Vanishing Wildlife*
  • Michael McCurdy, A wood block, original black-and-white print, and a hand-colored one of the same from "Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind" from American Tall Tales
  • Laura McGee Kvasnosky, original gouache resist from Zelda and Ivy: The Runaways
  • Bruce McMillan, 2 original hand-tinted photographs from Grandfather’s Trolley*
  • Bruce McMillan, Color print of photograph from One Sun: A Book of Terse Verse*
  • Bruce McMillan, Color print of photograph from Growing Colors*
  • David McPhail, Handwritten manuscript, sketches, mock-up book, 24 of the 26 illustrations, and the 3 color separations for each of the 26 illustrations, for Bumper Tubbs
  • David McPhail, Pen and ink of boy holding sailboat*
  • David McPhail, 2 illustrations from A Wolf Story*
  • David McPhail, 5 illustrations from Santa’s Book of Names*
  • David McPhail, 10 illustrations from Little Red Riding Hood*
  • David McPhail, Sam’s Winter Hat
  • David McPhail, title page of Alligators Are Awful* Donated by Dr. David E. White to honor his son Adam C. White and his wife Heather (Nielsen), a former Festival Scholarship recipient
  • Holly Meade, two pieces from In The Wild
  • Charles Mikolaycak, The Rumor of Pavel and Paali
  • Lauren Mills, The Rag Coat
  • Wendell Minor, Preliminary pencil sketch from Pumpkin Heads!*
  • Wendell Minor, Cat, What is That?*
  • Wendell Minor, We Were There*
  • Wendell Minor, Watercolor from Pumpkin Heads!*
  • Barry Moser, Watercolor used for the 1992 Festival flyer and poster*
  • Jon J. Muth, A Family of Poems ^ Top


  • Dennis Nolan, Cover of Red Flower Goes West
  • S. D. Nelson, The Story of Crazy Horse ^ Top


  • Anne Sibley O’Brien, photographs of model, pencil sketches, tracingpaper layout, original painting, and explanation of process for the book Jamaica and Brianna
  • Kelly Oechsli, "Hamsters" from Wish I Could Have a Pet
  • Kelly Oechsli, The cover of Sing a Song of Sixpence, Selections from Mother Goose*
  • Kelly Oechsli, 3 illustrations from Sing a Song of Sixpence, Selections from Mother Goose*
  • Kelly Oechsli, Boober Fraggle’s Celery Souffle*
  • Kelly Oechsli, All illustrations from Space Dog and the Pet Show*
  • Kelly Oechsli, All illustrations from Space Dog and Roy*
  • Kelly Oechsli, School*
  • Kelly Oechsli, Cover of Haunted House*
  • Kelly Oechsli, 3 miscellaneous illustrations*
  • Denise Ortakales, Planets ^ Top


  • Katherine Paterson, sketch for the Festival’s 15th Anniversary Booklet
  • Tracy Campbell Pearson, All of the original pen sketches for The Howling Dog*
  • Brian Pinkney, Cover of Tales of the Dark Thirty
  • Jerry Pinkney, Drawing of a rabbit in a KSC sweatshirt given for the 15th Anniversary Booklet*
  • Jerry Pinkney, Mirandy and Brother Wind
  • Stephan Poulin, Benjamin & The Pillow Saga
  • Stephan Poulin, My Mother’s Loves
  • Alice & Martin Provensen, The Provensen Book of Fairy Tales* ^ Top


  • Arthur Rackam, Pen & ink drawing for the tailpiece of the last chapter in The Complete Angler
  • Ted Rand, The dummy and finished illustrations for In the Palace of the Ocean King.*
  • Ted Rand, Willie Takes a Hike*
  • James Ransome, owl illustration from Quilt Alphabet*
  • James Ransome, Peepers
  • Chris Raschka, cover of his Caldecott Medal book The Hello, Goodbye Window
  • Chris Raschka, I Pledge Allegiance*
  • Robert Rayevsky, Bernal & Florinda*
  • Robert Rayevsky, Metal plate and hand-colored print to explain etching process*
  • Robert Rayevsky, Two steps and a finished illustration from Squash It!*
  • Barbara Reid, Two by Two ^ Top


  • Yuri Salzman, watercolor and color markers original from Chameleon’s Rainbow
  • Ruth Sanderson, an illustration from Mother Goose*
  • Ruth Sanderson, Goldilocks*
  • Maurice Sendak, three small drawings from autographed books
  • Marcia Sewall, Finzel the Far-Sighted*
  • Marcia Sewall, all the illustrations from People of the Breaking Day*
  • Sewall, Marcia. Four illustrations created for the Weston Woods film of The Pilgrims of Plimoth and one illustration of the Thanksgiving Feast that appeared in Learning magazine.
  • David Shannon, The Amazing Christmas Extravaganza
  • David Shannon, The Ballad of the Pirate Queens
  • David Shannon, Letter, Sketch, and Illustration from The Shark God*
  • David Small, A Surfeit of Similies
  • Brad Sneed, front and back covers of The Strange and Wonderful Tale of Robert McDoodle
  • Brad Sneed, dedication page of The Strange and Wonderful Tale of Robert McDoodle*
  • Peter Sis, Dummy book, cover art plus color separations, and all illustrations from Higgledy-Piggledy*
  • Gennady Spirin, The Nose*
  • Robin Spowart, "Chanukah Pancakes" from Songs of Chanukah, acrylic on illustration board*
  • Robin Spowart, Cover for The Night Call, acrylic on illustration board*
  • Robin Spowart, "End" from Vegetable Soup, watercolor on illustration board*
  • Robin Spowart, "Gifts" from Lunch with Milly, colored pencil on paper*
  • Robin Spowart, "The Menashe Family" from Latkes and Applesauce, acrylic on illustration board*
  • Diane Stanley, Cover for Cleopatra
  • Janet Stevens, Anansi Goes Fishing
  • Janet Stevens, The Bremen Town Musicians
  • Ozzie Sweet, Photograph of baby egrets from The Mysterious Egret*
  • Ozzie Sweet, Photograph of adult egret with rhinoceros from The Mysterious Egret*
  • Cyndy Szekeres, Ten progressive drawings leading to the finished art for a promotional poster for Western Publishers*
  • Cyndy Szekeres, All the art for Brimhall Comes to Stay*
  • Cyndy Szekeres, All the art for The Clumpets Go Sailing* ^ Top


  • Mark Teague, Sketches preparing for book plus finished illustration from The Iguana Brothers
  • John Thompson, Christmas in the Big House, Christmas in the Quarters
  • Wallace Tripp, Granfa’ Grig Had a Pig*
  • Tasha Tudor, Brite and Fair
  • Nancy Tafuri, mixed media original from Blue Goose ^ Top


  • Nora Unwin, Illustrations from the following books written by Elizabeth George Speare: Mountain Born, Once in the Year, A Place for Peter, Your Prayers and Mine* ^ Top


  • Vladimir Vagin, Insects from Outer Space*
  • Eric Velasquez, Some Kind of Love: A Family Reunion in Poems ^ Top


  • Wendy Watson, Doctor Coyote
  • Leonard Weisgard, The Golden Egg Book
  • Leonard Weisgard, The Macmillan Science-Life Series
  • Elaine Wentworth, Two finished illustrations with photocopied pen and ink compositions, these two pages from a dummy book of black and white compositions, and watercolor roughs from The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter
  • David E. White, Signed document explaining the creation of the Gallery*
  • David Wiesner, Illustration of "The Malaysian Mer" from Neptune Rising
  • Hans Wilhelm, Don’t Give up, Josephine!*
  • Nancy Willard, Illustration made for the 15th Anniversary Booklet*
  • Mo Willems, Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed
  • Jeanette Winter, Nasreen’s Secret School
  • Jeanette Winter, Biblioburro* ^ Top



  • Jane Breskin Zalben, Beni’s First Chanukah
  • Paul Zelinsky, "The Stories Julian Tells" from The Random House Book of Humor for Children*
  • Paul Zelinsky, "The Witches" from The Random House Book of Humor for Children*
  • Paul Zelinsky, The Story of Mrs. Lovewright and Purrless, Her Cat* ^ Top