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Children's Literature Festival

CLF 2017

CLF Scholarships (discontinued as of 2017)

Because of the Festival’s financial success, Keene State College students have been recipients of some special benefits. In 1985 the Festival was able to begin providing scholarships to KSC students interested in further study of children’s and/or adolescent literature. The scholarships give the students financial funding, enabling them to complete a three-credit independent study on the topic of their choosing.

Danielle Marra ‘96, a 1995-96 scholarship recipient, had the findings of her independent study on how National Geographic Standards could be taught through children’s literature published in the August 1996 issue of the Journal of Geography. "That’s quite an accomplishment for an undergraduate," says Festival Director David White, "to be able to go to job interviews with a published article under her belt!" This also applied to Jason W. Fraser ‘00, a 1999-2000 scholarship recipient who co-authored with Dr. David E. White the article "Insights from Authors: What Readers Can Learn about Self and Society" in the Fall 2001 issue of Journal of Children’s Literature.

The individuals selected serve as Student Directors for the annual Festival and also serve on the selection committee for the next year’s scholarship recipients.

Applying for a scholarship


To provide financial support for up to two students interested in further study of children’s and adolescent literature. The amount of each scholarship is $1,000.

Eligibility Requirements

Each student shall be a full-time undergraduate who:

  1. is matriculated at Keene State College, and
  2. shall have a cumulative gpa of 2.50 (on 4-point scale) or better, and
  3. will have earned a minimum of 60 credit hours (at least 30 at Keene State College), and
  4. will have completed a one-semester course in children’s literature with a minimum grade of B, and
  5. will agree to act as a student assistant to the Director of the annual October Keene State College Children’s Literature Festival, and
  6. will serve as a member of the committee to select the recipients of the next year’s scholarship winners.

If a recipient of the scholarship at the beginning of the fall no longer meets all of the above provisions, the scholarship will be awarded to an alternate. A student can receive this scholarship only once.

Note: If the scholarship recipient is a senior and an education major, s/he must student teach during the spring semester. All recipients, even if graduating in December, must be available for a meeting in the spring to select the scholarship recipients.

Application Procedures

Eligible students must submit the following to Dr. David E. White, S129 Rhodes Hall, Keene State College:

  1. a cover letter indicating interest in the scholarship
  2. a current transcript and a list of courses currently being taken
  3. a proposal for an independent study to be taken during the 2002 fall semester.
Current & Past Recipients

2016-2017 - Jessyca Derby 2015-2016 - Amanda Balsamo, Shannon Nee
2014-2015 - Kaitlyn Bergstresser, Caroline Plonsky
2013-2014 - Nicole Carrobis, Danielle Field
2012-2013 - Jenna Caswell, Jessica Lulka
2011-2012 - Chelsea Nickerson and Kimberly Tighe
2010-2011 - Danielle Johnson and Tyler Patria
2009-2010 - Peter Best and Kade Hill
2008-2009 - Kelli Aldrich and Lauren Stark
2007-2008 - Lauren Hannum, Andrea Nakos
2006-2007 - Kelly Gennett, Shawna Pelletier
2005-2006 - Adam Boccalatte, Laura Pedrotty
2004-2005 - Taryn Horozy, Jessica Wilkinson
2003-2004 - Laura Casey, Courtney Dillion, Emily Spring
2002-2003 - David Caplette, Rachel Carter, Betty Tuininga
2001-2002 - Katherine Bartlett, Sarah Holbrook, Kate Vercellin
2000-2001 - Sarah Burke, Erin Scillia, Melisa Simpson
1999-2000 - Jamie Berg, Amy Foss, Jason Fraser
1998-1999 - Kristen McLaughlin, Elizabeth Quinn, Laurie Wilcoxen
1997-1998 - Henry Lee, Heather Nielsen, Jane Stewart
1996-1997 - Laurie Perreault, AnneMarie Riendeau, Stephanie Slater
1995-1996 - Karen Boucher, Danielle Marra, Brian Richardson
1994-1995 - Amy Martin, Michele Reiner, Victoria Sylvester
1993-1994 - Julie Allsworth, Cheryl Buck, Rachel Thomas
1992-1993 - Leslie Browning, Mary Hopgood, Shannon Hughes
1991-1992 - Alison Barlick, Carol Browning, Kristin E. Sagendorf
1990-1991 - Richard R. Bernier, Shauna O. Davis, Kelly M. Moses
1989-1990 - Sharon Davis, Kristine Mudge
1988-1989 - Joanne Grimes, Karin Haggerty
1987-1988 - Chris Demers, Kimberly Henrickson
1986-1987 - Jean Minnich