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Donor Honor Roll

Thank you for making a donation to support Keene State College students! Donations to the KSC Fund, endowed scholarships, buildings, athletics, clubs/organizations, and academic departments are instrumental in providing KSC students with a unique, affordable, liberal arts education. KSC students have big goals and dreams; your donations make it possible for them to succeed.

We are recognizing all donors who made a donation during fiscal year 2015 (July 1, 2014, through June 30, 2015). Please click in the lists below to find your name. Your support is truly appreciated by all Keene State College students, faculty, and staff.

To view donors, click on the categories below.

Please note: * indicates those who are deceased. Our Donor Honor Roll is intended to celebrate and thank you for your generosity. If you have any questions, corrections, or wish to be listed anonymous, please email Lindsay Taflas, Acting Director of Annual Giving at or call 603-358-2641. Thank you.

All Donors Listed Alphabetically

11125C LLC
8 Cady Street LLC
A.W. Hastings & Co.
AAUW Brattleboro Branch
AAUW Keene Branch
Jacqueline A. Abbott ‘58 M’62
Rebecca J. Abbott ‘63
Jeffrey Aboshar
Aceto Acoustics Inc
Carroll L. Adams ‘68 and Beverly C. Adams
Edward S. Adams ‘70 and Linda Adams
Peggy Adams ‘65 and John Adams
Barbara L. Adams ‘43
Lauren A. Adams ‘11
Melanie M. Adams ‘93
William W. Adams ‘78
Douglas C. Adler ‘09 and Carol A. Adler ‘95
Argiro Aghiorgoussis
Angelo Agiorgousis
Agnes M. Lindsay Trust
Alison Ahmed ‘85
Bonny-Jo Jernberg-Aho ‘77 and Peter Aho
Timothy D. Ainsworth ‘97 M’13
Chitra V. Akkoor
Dennis B. Alakoski ‘68
Alan P Zucchino 1994 Revocable Trust
Ralph Albanese and Nikki Albanese
Janet J. Albarado
Lisa M. Alberico ‘10
Janice G. Albert
David D. Alcox ‘87 and Chantal N. Alcox ‘89
Richard Alden and Laurie E. Alden
Alden Recreation Services Dba Troy Merchants
Earl R. Aldrich ‘57
Elaine R. Alexander ‘75
Alice S. Ayling Scholarship Foundation
Brian C. Alim ‘00
Isabelle E. Alix ‘47
Angela Allard
Denise A. Allard
Douglas S. Allen ‘86 and Katrina A. Allen
Jean A. Allen ‘94 and James E. Allen ‘92
Carolyn C. Allen
Deborah G. Allen ‘81
Heidi K. Allen ‘87
Jane J. Allen ‘74
Sally J. Allen M’00
Alliance Data
Beth M. Allison ‘84
Inge Amari ‘57
Edward A. Ambrose ‘11
American Society of Safety Engineers Region VIII
Amanda B. Anderson ‘14
John M. Anderson ‘60
Charles H. Anderton
Andrea L. Maniglia Revoc. Trust
Cheryl A. Andreason
Caeli Andrews ‘99
Laura B. Andrews M’97
Sharon P. Andrulot ‘97 and Matthew A. Andrulot ‘99
Christina A. Angell
Mary E. Annear ‘05
Pamela L. Annotto ‘68
Elise K. Anton M’85
Thomas C. Anzer ‘74
Penny A. Archambault-Gallagher ‘89
David A. Armitage ‘84
Louis G. Armstrong M’56
Connor Arnold
Alice M. Ashdown
Taylor F. Asher ‘15
Nancy S. Ashford ‘45
Matthew T. Ashnault ‘14
Susan G. Ashworth ‘74
Walter J. Asonevich ‘77 and Kimberly A. Asonevich
Association of College Honor Societies
Cynthia Atkins ‘74
Joan Atkinson
Jill M. Atwood ‘96
Bruce A. August
Casey B. August ‘13
Michael J. Aumand ‘75
Bruce L. Austin ‘77 and Barbara D. Austin ‘77
Bruce & Barbara Austin Family Foundation
Micheal J. Autuori and Christel M. Autuori
Dwight A. Ayotte ‘75
Wendy L. Ayotte ‘89
B. Safe Consulting LLC
B.E. Crowley, Inc.
Paula J. Babel ‘85
Helen Z. Babonis
Tracy E. Bacchiochi
Mark E. Backus
Rebecca J. Badach ‘89
Charles A. Badeau
BAE Systems
Adela S. Baer
Judith A. Bailey
Margaret P. Bailey ‘56
Ronald N. Bailey ‘60
Susan Y. Bailey-Yeaton ‘70
Robert A. Baines ‘68
Elizabeth G. Bainton ‘61
Mabel G. Baker ‘55 and James E. Baker
Linda J. Baker
Lori Jean Baker ‘93
Robert L. Baker Jr
Robert L. Baker Jr ‘77
Samuel N. Baker-Salmon ‘12
Riccardo Baldassari
Lynn Ball
Marion S. Ball ‘59 M’60
Tim J. Ballantine ‘85
Kenneth D. Ballou
William M. Banister ‘09 and Lindsay K. Taflas ‘09
Joseph F. Bannon ‘87 and Marcia Bannon
Barbara J Stimson Trust
Barbara L Adams Rev Trust
Kate S. Barber ‘11 and George F. Barber ‘11
Herbert F. Barbour
Jean E. Barden ‘67
Kristin A. Barden ‘03
Mary E. Barker ‘76
Suzanne Barker
Sarah M. Barkhouse ‘04
Angela Barlow
Marguerite A. Barnes ‘91
Helen J. Barnhart ‘63 and John H. Barnhart
Richard H. Baron ‘12
Gordon K. Barr ‘04
Debra A. Barrett ‘03 and Kirk Barrett
Stephen J. Barrett and Erin C. Barrett
Kathleen A. Barrett
Marcia J. Barrett ‘95
Margaret A. Barrett ‘63
Margaret A. Barrett ‘74
Toni M. Barrett ‘74
James R. Barry M’70 and Randee Barry
Roberta L. Barry ‘66 M’76 and John L. Barry III ‘65
John C. Barry ‘75
Lindsay R. Bartlett ‘92 and Dan S. Bartlett
Paula J. Bartlett and David L. Bartlett
Augusta W. Bartlett M’74
David Bartlett
Matt J. Bartlett ‘15
Louette D. Bartol ‘56
Kevin R. Barton and Jill M. Sizensky
Barbara W. Barwood ‘62 and Hal Barwood
Andrew L. Bass
Thomas J. Bassarear
Timothy L. Bassey ‘83
Carolyn R. Baston ‘54
Russell F. Batchelor Jr ‘65 M’70 and Alice G. Batchelor
Christian F. Battaglia ‘97
Frank J. Battaglia
John S. Battenfeld
Mary Battenfeld
David F. Battey ‘57
Dorothy A. Bauer
Lisa L. Bauer ‘86
Paul W. Baures
Hank Bause
Stephanie H. Baute ‘62 M’78 and Joseph A. Baute
Michele A. Baxter ‘66 and Bruce H. Baxter ‘67
Christine M. Bayr ‘85 and Klaus J. Bayr
William D. Bean and Janice M. Bean
Nora L. Beaton ‘82 and Douglas A. Beaton Jr
Bonita A. Beaubien ‘67
LeeAnn Beauchamp ‘72
Peter W. Beauchamp ‘06
Nancy A. Beaudry ‘57
Robert W. Beaulieu Jr ‘78
Zachary T. Beaver ‘11
Janet K. Beaverstock ‘64 and Malcolm C. Beaverstock
Emma A. Becker ‘11
John R. Beckett ‘76
Kathy A. Beckwith
Paula J. Bedard ‘85
Allison M. Bedell ‘14
Susan E. Beer ‘68 and Roger Beer
Beeze Tees Screen Printing
Beverly A. Behrmann
Ernest E. Belanger ‘65
Linda I. Belcher
Margaret I. Beling
Paul Beliveau
Sherry P. Bell ‘85 M’87
Philip R. Bellingham ‘76 and Marjorie Bellingham
Shari L. Bemis ‘00 and Darrin Bemis
Henry J. Bendel ‘15
Clare M. Bennett ‘46 and Charles E. Bennett
Jennifer L. Bennett ‘94 and Andrew Bennett
Donna J. Bennett ‘75
Evan C. Bennett ‘13
Margaret A. Bennett ‘74
Katharine J. Bennett-Weber ‘82
Gladys L. Benshimol ‘73
David H. Benson ‘85
Benson & Company
William N. Bentley ‘67
Alexander F. Berard ‘08
Walter F. Bergen
Meghan K. Bergeron ‘15
Jane M. Bergeron-Beaulieu ‘79
Lynn Bergman and Kenneth D. Bergman
Nancy W. Bermudes ‘55
Alice M. Bernet
Julie N. Bernier M’86 and Joan E. Andresen ‘82
David A. Berry
Nancy L. Berry ‘69
Karen L. Berube ‘79
Kathy Berube
Nancy K. Berube ‘91
Victoria L. Berube ‘86
Barbara K. Bessey ‘71
Nancy J. Best
Nonnina Biancamano
Gregory P. Bickford ‘15
Karl H. Bickford III ‘68
Paul D. Bieber and Elaine H. Bieber
Bieber Consulting Group, LLC
Steven D. Bill and Kathleen M. Bill
Maurice D. Bilodeau ‘76
Donna C. Birney ‘71
Joyce A. Bissett ‘70
Marie C. Blackburn ‘58
Shirley Blades and G. E. Blades
Marisa R. Blais
Robin E. Blais ‘97
Steven J. Blake ‘75 and Sandra Blake
Michael E. Blake ‘87 and Marguerite A. Stadler ‘87
Robert W. Blakslee ‘60 and Sylvia Blakslee
James H. Blamy ‘75 and Marlene Blamy
Bonnie L. Blanchard ‘82 and Michael Blanchard
Lisa A. Blanchard
Vincent J. Blandini ‘64 and Cynthia A. Blandini
Robert S. Bliss ‘86
Nancy M. Blodgett ‘84
Ronald C. Blom
Judith Blood ‘74
Charles Blount
Michael H. Blumenthal ‘08
Phyllis B. Bodwell ‘43
Barbara L. Boe ‘57
Cecile H. Boehlert ‘73
Janet Bogle ‘75
Peter K. Bogle ‘88
George Bohrer Jr M’82
Ronald F. Boisvert ‘73
Roderick A. Boivin ‘54 and Jeanne Boivin
Clifford T. Boivin ‘56
Andrew T. Bollerud ‘01
Timothy E. Bollinger II ‘12
Sylvia D. Bonaccorso and Roy T. Bonaccorso
LuAnne Bonanno ‘80 and A. Richard Bonanno
Patricia A. Bonardi ‘53
Karyn E. Bond
Martha B. Bond
J Eric Bone M’96
Bernard C. Bonne ‘79
Theresa M. Bonner ‘89 M’92 and John P. Bonner
Paul E. Bonneville ‘63 and Marjorie M. Bonneville
Jay D. Borden ‘14
Laura C. Borden ‘83
Barbara K. Borek M’89 and Theodore S. Borek
Roy Borgatti
Michael L. Borsari ‘87
Andrew J. Bosco
John G. Bosse and Gayle I. Bosse
Margaret R. Bost ‘51
Kathleen W. Boston ‘75
Kathryn E. Bottomley
Neal E. Bottomley ‘86
Jan C. Bouch M’88
Paul J. Bouchard ‘62 and Leola Bouchard
Raymond A. Bouchard ‘66 and Michelene E. Bouchard ‘66
Carol C. Boucher ‘57
Frances H. Boucher ‘91 M’04
Mary Ellen Bouchie ‘69
Judith E. Boufford ‘74
Gary G. Boulay
Michael L. Boule ‘87 and Laura A. Boule ‘85
Joseph F. Bourassa ‘85
Antje S. Bourdages ‘95
Cynthia Bourn ‘64
Dwight W. Bowie and Debra S. Bowie
Melissa S. Bowler ‘94 and Christopher P. Bowler ‘96
Maurice N. Bowler ‘50
Raymond M. Bowler II ‘87
Wendy W. Boxer and Jeffrey J. Boxer
Lauren K. Boynton
William H. Boynton
Chester T. Brach ‘78 and Lauren Brach
Chester B. Brach ‘41
Lisa Bracken and Jay Bracken
Valeria M. Bracken and John E. Bracken
Janice Bracken
William L. Brackett ‘57 and Barbara R. Brackett ‘57
Virginia D. Brackett ‘64
Katherine E. Bradford ‘12
Susan M. Bradlau
Carol M. Bradlee ‘88
M. Lucille Bradley M’89 and Homer S. Bradley Jr
Karen M. Bradway and Donald C. Bradway
Robert L. Bramlitt and Elizabeth C. Bramlitt
Bran Mor Associates
Gloria J. Brancaleoni M’90
Robert S. Brandner ‘84
Elaine Brandon ‘64
Christine S. Branley ‘71 and Kevin Branley
Harry H. Branning and Christine Branning
Theodore W. Braun
Roberta H. Brayer
Janine C. Breitbart ‘55
Charles H. Brennan
Judith A. Brereton ‘66
Ronald R. Bresell ‘71
Kevin M. Breslend
William T. Bridgham Jr ‘62
Edward B. Briggs ‘57
Jodi M. Briggs ‘97
David J. Brigham ‘87
Dorothy M. Bright ‘60 and Roy E. Bright
Stephen P. Brighton ‘85 and Regina Brighton
Ian T. Brisson ‘10
Marilyn A. Britton ‘57 and Carl J. Britton Sr ‘59
Ella M. Brockelman ‘11
William S. Brodrick ‘61 and Theresa D. Brodrick ‘64
Barbara Brooks
Barbara S. Brooks ‘51
Frances Brooks
Louis H. Brooks Sr ‘69
Joyce E. Brookshire ‘65 and Edward C. Brookshire ‘65
Kenneth L. Brown ‘64 and Corinne L. Brown ‘66
Leona L. Brown ‘90 and Wendell Brown
Pauline B. Brown ‘51 and Clayton S. Brown
Tim Brown ‘66 and Carol Brown ‘66
Barbara C. Brown M’83
Kathleen M. Brown ‘67
Laura A. Brown
Lisa M. Brown ‘83
Paula J. Brown ‘58
Robert M. Brown ‘06
Cathy Brownrigg
Leslie Brull
John F. Brunelle ‘11
Joyce M. Brunelle ‘89
Francis W. Brush
Joan D. Buck ‘65 M’86 and David S. Buck ‘70 M’80
John B. Buckley ‘95
Suzanne Buckley
Stephen R. Bucknam ‘85 and Lynn M. Bucknam ‘85
Stephen J. Budaj
Louis J. Buffalano and Catherine A. Buffalano
Marilyn J. Buhlmann M’89 ‘85
Mary H. Bulley ‘53
E. A. Bunce ‘78
Lizabeth R. Buoro
Marilyn Burday
Crystal J. Burgess ‘62
Katherine E. Burke ‘11
Kelly E. Burke ‘90
Sharon D. Burke
Mitzi L. Burkinshaw
Helen C. Burnett ‘43
John A. Burnham ‘55
Gary P. Burns ‘82 and Virginia L. Burns
Deborah A. Burt ‘86
Shirley Burt ‘49
Bridgit O. Buscetto
Robert P. Bushey ‘56 and Patricia P. Bushey ‘59
Dr. John E. Buster, M.D.
Ronald B. Butcher H’70 and Kristine Butcher
Eleanor S. Butler ‘48 and John B. Butler
Curtis J. Butler ‘15
John B. Butler
John Butler
Barbara A. Butt ‘59
Jessica L. Buttafuoco ‘09
Barbara Buttafuso
Nancy E. Butterfield ‘71 and Charles H. Butterfield
Nathan R. Buzby M’07 and April A. Buzby ‘11
William Byrnes
Gail E. Bys ‘97
C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
Matthew W. Cabana ‘93
Erin E. Cahillane ‘11
Cynthia G. Cahoon ‘80 and Gary Cahoon
Gerald D. Cahoon Jr ‘90 and Elizabeth A. Cahoon ‘90
Donna C. Calabro ‘77 M’97 and Joseph Calabro
Cynthia L. Callahan
William J. Callahan ‘74
Malcolm E. Cameron Jr ‘69
Catherine Cametti
Kirsten L. Camp ‘91
Katherine A Campbell
Nancy E. Campbell ‘75
Linda R. Candela ‘65
Linda K. Cannon
Connor Capone
Jakie Capone
Matthew R. Caputo ‘13
Car Clean USA
Catherine M. Carabello ‘83
Cynthia L. Carbone
Maureen S. Cardinal and John F. Cardinal
Adrianna M. Cardinal ‘13
Lenore F. Cardoza and John G. Cardoza
Colleen E. Carey ‘13
Donald P. Carle ‘52 M’56
James K. Carley
Karen P. Carlow
Debora M. Carlson ‘86
Nancy L. Carlson ‘70
Raynee J. Carlson ‘73
Randall S. Carmel
Joan E. Carmody ‘07
Jane C. Caron
Thomas E. Caron
Timothy M. Caron ‘07
Kaley A. Carr ‘15
Thomas J. Carraher Jr ‘69 and Leanne Carraher
Dorothy D. Carrien ‘92
Carroll Concrete
Audrey Carson
Stephanie M. Carter ‘81
Christina Casavina
James H. Casey IV
Patricia Cass ‘70 and John W. Cass ‘70
Colin Cass
Justin J. Cassarino ‘10 and Elizabeth A. Cassarino ‘10
Chad D. Cassin ‘01
Suzanne M. Castriotta and Louis Castriotta III
Kathryn Catala
Anne M. Catalano ‘05
Sheila Cataldo and Rob Cataldo
Roberta B. Catchings
Susan N. Catuccio ‘90 and Peter Catuccio
Benjamin J. Caulfield ‘97
cb seating
Peter C. Cellana ‘78
Cellana General Contracting
Margaret O. Center ‘54
Central New England Attack-A-Crack
Bonnie M. Chalmers ‘13
Michael P. Chamberlain
Ruth J. Chamberlain
Carter R. Chamberlin and Bonnie C. Chamberlin
June S. Chambers ‘52 and J. Richard Chambers ‘52
Susan Chambers
Grace E. Chandler ‘52
Gregory J. Chapin and Cynthia M. Chapin
Christopher C. Chapman ‘11
Barbara A. Chaput ‘67
Robert M. Charney
Robert M. Charney
Brinda S. Charry
Raymond C. Chartrain ‘67
Scott B. Chase ‘85 and Donna L. Chase ‘85
Cynthia L. Chase
Jane Chase
Ruth A. Cheney
David S. Cherwin M’69
James C. Chesebrough
Cheshire Co. Retired Teachers Assoc.
Cheshire Fence Co. LLC
Cheshire Medical Center
Elaine J. Chesley ‘51
Ryan R. Chevalier ‘05 and Kevin W. Chevalier ‘99
Kimberly R. Christel ‘14
Kelly A. Christianson ‘15
William M. Christofori
Ewa Chrusciel
Chubb & Son, Incorporated
Citizens Bank
City of Keene
Mary M. Clark ‘54
Paul C. Clark ‘83
Raymond E. Clarke ‘61 and Patricia Clarke
Rene E. Clarke ‘64 and Janet G. Clarke ‘64
Makayla L. Clarke ‘15
Clarke Distributors Inc.
Clark-Mortenson Agency Inc.
Class of 1965
Philip H. Clay ‘64 and Karen W. Clay
Karen Clement ‘68
Barbara E. Clifford ‘53
Clifford and Judith Stroncer Trust
Nathan C. Clinard ‘92
Jennifer L. Clogston ‘82
Robert B. Close
Lisa E. Clouet ‘85 and Thomas J. Durnford
John R. Cloutier ‘79
Elizabeth L. Clow ‘69
Thomas S. Clow ‘65
Scott M. Cluff ‘11
CMC Design Build Inc.
CNA Insurance
Cheryl J. Coady ‘84 and Scott Coady
Russell F. Cobb ‘92
Jacqueline N. Cobleigh ‘15
Kim L. Cogavin and Dennis Cogavin
Eulalie Cogswell ‘47
Amy Cantin Cohen ‘90 and Stephen M. Cohen
Joseph Cohen and Claire Cohen
Norma R. Cohen and Lester Cohen
Richard B. Cohen and Janet L. Cohen
Mary B. Colarusso ‘56
Robert E. Colbert and Michelle Colbert
John R. Colbert ‘03
Larry K. Colby ‘77 M’79 and Marilee Colby
Steven M. Colby ‘89
Benjamin J. Cole ‘00
Bruce Cole M’66
Lawrence P. Cole ‘59
Linda L. Cole
Emerson T. Coleman ‘76 and Susan Coleman
Dayna S. Coleman ‘12
Kathleen S. Coleman
Tamera Z. Colgate ‘78
Robert R. Coll ‘68 and Betsy R. Coll ‘67
Claire H. Coll ‘60
Virginia G. Collins ‘85
Henry R. Colliss
Brenda Colon
Patricia S. Colony and John J. Colony III
Debra J. Coltey
Ronald B. Comeau ‘71 and Cynthia A. Comeau ‘71
Sarah J. Comeau ‘14
Martha K. Compton ‘98
Paula-Jean Condon and Glenn P. Condon
Congregation Ahavas Achim
Cathy A. Conkling
Susan D. Connolly and Michael J. Connolly Sr
Hailey A. Connor
Jennifer D. Connor
Barbara R. Connors
Joan B. Connors ‘77
Arthur E. Constine Jr ‘57
Construction Safety Mgt Inc
Barbara H. Cook ‘69
James Cook
Patricia P. Cook ‘63
Marilyn M. Cooke
Pamela J. Cooke ‘84
Jacqueline B. Coolidge ‘60
Patricia Coombs ‘74
Claire R. Cooney
Edward J. Cooney
Candice J. Cooper ‘14
Timothy D. Coppinger and Lisa M. Coppinger
Nancy M. Coppinger
Molly A. Corcoran ‘09
Todd M. Corey
Caitlin Cormier ‘15
Corning Incorporated Foundation
Corona Films Inc
Arlene M. Corriveau
Mary C. Cortese and Joseph M. Cortese
Carol L. Corwin ‘79
Dana E. Cosby and Barbara W. Cosby
Rebecca S. Costanzo ‘15
Nancy Cote ‘61 and George W. Cote Jr ‘61
Beth M. Cote ‘09 ‘12
Stacey A. Cotter-Freer ‘85
Mark W. Cotton ‘14
Keith C. Couch ‘86 and Julie A. Couch ‘85
Colette M. Coulon ‘93
Joseph W. Cournoyer ‘66 M’74
Nancy J. Coutts ‘66
Grace L. Couture
Barbara E. Cowan ‘64
John W. Cowdery ‘82 and Glynnis E. Cowdery
Scott M. Cowper ‘80 and Robin L. Cowper
Candace Cox
Janet M. Craig ‘53
Craig F. McBeth DMD
Susan M. Cramer ‘80
Karen R. Crawford
Harvey A. Creem and Cynthia S. Creem
Marion I. Creighton ‘46
Victoria P. Crenson ‘15
Rita A. Crimi
Thomas Crimi
Sarah R. Croitoru ‘15
Carol S. Crooker
Karen L. Crooker
Mikki Crosby
Thomas F. Crosby
Courtenay C. Cross
Crossbar Management and Consulting
Georgette L. Croteau ‘56 and Edward J. Croteau Jr ‘56
Denise E. Croteau ‘90
Melissa Croteau
Sharon H. Croteau M’87
Sydney Croteau-Frechette and David Frechette
Philip R. Crotto ‘87
Bruce H. Crowder ‘63
David T. Crowley
Shirley H. Crowley ‘74
Suzanne W. Crowley
Rebecca M. Cuddy and Edward T. Cuddy
Edward C. Cuddy
Dana L. Cudworth ‘89
Joseph M. Cunningham Jr ‘66 and Donna M. Cunningham
Alexander P. Cuomo ‘12
Prudence H. Cuper
Craig A. Curley
Ellen Curley
Daniel Curll
Joyce Curll
Sean T. Curran
Catherine A. Currier ‘65
James P. Currier ‘66
Currier Properties
Margaret F. Curtin ‘61 and Thomas A. Curtin
William G. Curtin and Elizabeth R. Young
Carol E. Curtin
Martha A. Curtis ‘73
Marguerite R. Curtiss ‘53 and Edwin W. Curtiss ‘53
Tracy D. Cutting ‘88 and Donald W. Cutting ‘89
Matthew G. Cutts ‘09
Caitlynn E. Cyr
David A. Cyr M’07
Stephanie K. Cyr ‘91
Richard P. Czarnec ‘61 and Lucille R. Czarnec ‘63
Czarnec Family Revocable Trust of 2001
Maria Z. Czop ‘76
Evan Czyzowski
Lawrence W. Dachowski
Pauline E. Daigle
Laurel A. Daily ‘74 and Rod Daily
Nicholas Dalesandro
Danelle Daley
Shannon B. Daley ‘15
Gail M. Daly and Dennis G. Daly
Shelagh R. Daly ‘14
Katherine M. Dalzell ‘86
Nicholas D’Amato
Anthony D’Ambrosio Jr ‘60
Debra J. Damelio ‘81
Joyana J. Damon ‘97 and Steve Damon
Susan M. Daniels
John Daniggelis and Debbie Daniggelis
Patricia A. Darbisi
Joseph E. Darby
Scott E. Darger and Barbara M. Darger
Rocky Darger
Deborah T. Dario
Patricia C. Darrin ‘68 and John W. Darrin Jr
Salvatore A. D’Atri ‘95
Ellen Davey-Fleming
Darcy E. Davidson ‘78
Elizabeth Davidson ‘84
Francis W. Davis ‘59 and Patricia A. Davis
Alan P. Davis ‘78
Barbara R. Davis ‘80
Carolyn B. Davis ‘48
Heidi L. Davis ‘91 M’94
Kasey L. Eddy ‘03
Ms. Sylvia J. Davis
Nora A. Wood ‘98
Rebecca A. Davis ‘15
Sharon L. Davis ‘90
Warren Davis
Ellen M. Day ‘84 and Jack Day
Helen H. Day ‘64 and John Hurd
David M. Day ‘00
Phyllis Day ‘69
Sharon J. Day
Christopher D. Dayton ‘04
Grace M. Dayton ‘43
Nancy E. De La Cruz
Raymond A. De Rocher ‘64 and Bette J. De Rocher
Thomas E. Dean ‘79
Stacey P. DeAngelis ‘89
Francis Deasy and Barbara J. Deasy
Carolyn K. DeBell M’93
Marcus A. Debro ‘83
Sarah Decas
Forest A. DeCoste ‘15
Karen M. DeDonato
Judy Deeb
Justin C. Mongue ‘11
Rebecca A. DeGrandpre ‘92 and Martin G. DeGrandpre
Josepine T. Del Mauro and Gene L. Del Mauro
Tony Del Mauro
Julio G. Del Sesto ‘07 and Kathleen A. Handorff
Gabriel Delacruz Jr
Richard W. Delande and Pamela L. Delande
Carolyn M. Delehanty
Anne R. Delgrande
Delma A Langille Rev Trust
Laura M. Demanche ‘10
Marcia R. Demers ‘70
Matthew A. Demko ‘01
Hilda L. deMoya
Ms. Alma M. Dempsey
Mitchell R. Denoncourt ‘15
Robert K. Dentan
Jill R. Derose
Matthew J. Derrickson ‘15
Ann E. Derry ‘87
Derry Septic Sevice, Inc.
Derryfield School the
Violet Desilets
Michelle Desmarais
Judith A. Desrosiers ‘86 and David J. Desrosiers ‘87
Brian R. Desrosiers ‘12
Joseph A. DeStefano Jr ‘71 and Greer E. DeStefano
Rosemary T. Dettelback ‘87
Michael J. Devarenne ‘15
John E. Devine Jr ‘63 and Janice H. Devine ‘63
Kathleen M. Devito ‘74
John A. DeVittori ‘11
Audrey J. Di Maria ‘71
Diane E. Diagle
Pamela Diamantis
Chantal L. DiBartolomeo ‘10
Susan D. Dick and Michael R. Dick
Mary-Beth Dickey ‘68
Thomas M. Dieter ‘00
Theresa A. Difilippo and John E. Difilippo
William D. DiGiulio ‘59 and Elizabeth A. DiGiulio ‘60
Elizabeth M. Dignitti
Antonio D. DiMichele ‘68
Bruce J. Dinner and Bernice Dinner
Sandra R. Dinwoodie ‘62 and Robert B. Dinwoodie Jr ‘61
Normand A. Dion ‘62 and Joan R. Dion ‘64 M’94
Gail L. Dion
Pauline A. Dionne
Valerie A. DiPietro ‘85 and Thomas DiPietro
Linda A. Dixon
Rebecca Dixon
D.Robin Dizard
Richard F. Doble ‘67
Lynne J. Doblin
Ruth E. Dodge ‘39 and Ralph Dodge
Ralph C. Dodge ‘62
Lisa J. Dolan and John W. Dolan
Lisa K. Dolloph ‘97
Kristie M. Burroughs ‘14
Bettiann Donahue ‘56
Mary L. Donahue ‘80
Donna Sheldon 2003 Trust
Daniel Donnellan
Cathleen M. Donohue ‘84
Julie A. Donohue ‘82
Matthew P. Donovan ‘98
Mary M. Donovan Visnic ‘89
William M. Doolan ‘64 and
Patricia Doolan ‘62
Hannah S. Doolittle ‘15
Kathleen P. Doorley
William J. Doran ‘93
William E. Doreski
Dorothy C. Smith Revocable Trust
Olive H. Dorr ‘49
Virginia Dosch and Thomas Dosch
Deborah D. Doubleday ‘88
Andrea C. Doucette
Deanna L. Doucette
Raye Ellen Douville ‘77
Lorraine Dow
Richard P. Dowd ‘57 and Phyllis M. Dowd ‘57
Natalie A. Downey
Richard E. Doyle ‘65 and Barbara Doyle ‘65
Allyson W. Doyle
Marc E. Doyon
Kent Drake-Deese and Jennifer A. Drake-Deese
Nancy A. Draper ‘69 and Floyd W. Draper ‘69
David R. Draper ‘14
Alison C. Dreyfuss ‘12
Meredith J. Drobinske ‘79 and James T. Drobinske M’79
Ruth Dropkin
Donna M. Drouin M’91 ‘80 and Leo G. Drouin
Francis Dube
James Dube
Frances R. Ducharme
Katherine G. Dudak ‘12
Patricia C. Dugger ‘82
R Barclay Dugger Jr ‘89
Brian G. Duke and Ann H. Duke
Kristin A. Dumeny ‘14
Clark P. Dumont ‘76 and Anne L. Dumont ‘74
Richard R. Dumont ‘70 and Ellen M. Dumont ‘70
Timothy J. Dunbar ‘01
Lee Duncan ‘57
Randall S. Dunton ‘15
Chelsey M. Duranleau ‘10
Donna C. Durkin ‘82
Pamela S. Dushan ‘78
Paul B. Dustin ‘93
James A. Dutton ‘58
Roger H. Duval ‘14
Lyndsey M. Dwyer
Gail S. Eames ‘75 and David W. Eames ‘74
Erin M. Earley
Linda M. Earley
John F. Eastman ‘94
Dean Eaton
Thomas R. Eaton Sr
James B. Eaves ‘82 and Brenda W. Eaves ‘81
Joyce L. Eck ‘73
Ed Trombly Enterprises, LLC
Heather F. Eddy
Mark G. Edelstein
Francis J. Edge and Ellen E. Ellsberg Edge
Ellen R. Edson ‘78
Jonathan M. Edson ‘11
Edward J Tomey Rev Trust
Edward Jones Investments
Julia Edwards
Susan P. Egan and Kevin W. Egan
Jillian A. Egan ‘09
Gerald J. Eichner
Kelly Eideh and Joe Eideh
Yazid J. Eideh ‘15
Rebecca B. Eisenberg ‘13
Karen A. Eisenhour ‘91 and John Eisenhour
Jane E. Eklund
Andrea Elfring
Diana S. Elkavitch M’89
Derek Elliot
Lisa Elliott
J.William Ellis Jr ‘62 M’69 and Elaine C. Ellis ‘61
Robert L. Ellis
Deb A. Ellison
William J. Ellithorpe Jr ‘61
Toni D. Ellsworth ‘73
Mark R. Elmendorf ‘87 and Eileen Elmendorf
Darlene Embury
Julie A. Emerson ‘75 and William E. Emerson III
Jessica Emond ‘94 and Christopher M. Emond ‘94
Michael J. Emond ‘65 and Frances C. Emond
Engelberth Construction Inc.
Brian P. Engelmann ‘09
Pamela Englander and Luis Englander
Frederick W. Englert and Anne C. Englert
Epping Middle School
Stephen M. Erdody ‘89 and Cheryl Erdody
Jeanne M. Erickson ‘61 and Dennis Erickson
Susan Ericson-West
Janet C. Ernest ‘75
Melanie Escalante
Esri ConnectEd
Joshua A. Estrada ‘15
Ronald E. Everleth ‘71
Thomas M. Ewing
Executive Properties
F. H. Hamblet Electric Inc.
Michael P. Fallon and Donna M. Fallon
Deborah A. Fallon
Holly R. Falzo ‘86 and Ronald S. Falzo
John P. Fanning ‘15
Rita J. Farhm ‘62
Kenneth W. Faria ‘14
Michael A. Farina
Terry Farish
Mary R. Farley ‘52 and John E. Farley
Patricia J. Farmer ‘92 and Charles V. Farmer ‘96
Scott C. Farnsworth ‘87 M’97
Edward J. Farris, Jr.
Linda K. Fasulo
John R. Faust ‘58 and Cynthia A. Faust ‘57 M’80
Lynn-Marie Z. Fawcett
Rudolph Fedrizzi and Heidi F. Rinehart
Mary J. Feeney and Jay DiPucchio
Kevin F. Feeney
Cynthia Feiker
Sydney I. Feinstein
Bernice R. Feld
Joel T. Feldmann
Carolyn J. Fellows M’72
Fenton Family Dealerships
Eric R. Ferguson ‘86
Vincent J. Ferlini
Virginia A. Fernez
Roberto Ferragina ‘96
Sean P. Ferrigno ‘06
Kimberly A. Ferris and Kenneth P. Ferris
Natalie A. Ferro ‘12
Nancy M. Fessenden ‘61
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Fidelity Foundation Matching Gifts
Timothy J. Fidler
Nona P. Fienberg and Lorne M. Fienberg
Elsie M. Fife ‘50
Cody J. Figueiredo ‘15
Filtrine Manufacturing Company
Deborah J. Finch ‘74
John D. Finnern and Bette G. Finnern
Dorothy Finnigan ‘57
Paul Fiondella ‘74
Peter J. Fiore and Catherine M. Fiore
Kyle A. Fiore ‘15
Mercedes C. Fippinger ‘12
Albert W. Fischer Jr ‘58 and Aletheia Fischer
Lucia C. Fischer ‘72 and Steven Fischer
Jane E. Fischer ‘69
Kim R. Fish ‘81 and Bruce Fish
Richard A. Fisher ‘72 and Amelia A. Fisher ‘71
W. Burns Fisher and Ellen L. Fisher
Priscilla W. Fisher ‘54
Jean F. Fisk ‘80
Bernard P. Fitzgerald M’70
Danni J. Fitzgerald
Christopher C. Flagg ‘86
William E. Fleeger and MaryEllen Fleeger
John Fleming
Martina E. Fleming
Ruth M. Fleming
Paula K. Flemming ‘71 and Donald N. Flemming
Patricia H. Fletchall
James E. Fletcher ‘67
Ruth K. Fletcher ‘60
Remi P. Fleuette ‘96 and Kelly W. Fleuette ‘93
Dean M. Florian
Dylan Florian
Joan W. Florian
Kathleen M. Flynn ‘08 and Casey B. Flynn ‘08
Ann H. Flynn ‘56
Kathleen M. Flynn
Philip B. Fogarty
Teresa A. Fogarty
Christopher S. Folan
Edward R. Foley Sr
Meghan B. Foley ‘08
Sheila A. Foote ‘75 M’82
Fred A. Forbes ‘69 and Michele Forbes
Deborah J. Ford
Mr. Daryl B. Foreman
Kathryn Forest
Susan M. Fortier ‘86 and Steven J. Fortier ‘86
Laryssa A. Fortier
Lorraine R. Fortino and John H. Fortino
Betsy A. Foss ‘79
Eileen A. Foss ‘70
Dolores M. Foster
Loisanne S. Foster M’65
Roger L. Fournier ‘67 and Jean Fournier
Kolleen B. Fowler and David A. Fowler
Benjamin W. Fowler ‘07
Nancy E. Fowler ‘81
Nancy G. Fowler
Samantha L. Fowler ‘15
Theresa L. Fowler ‘75 M’82
Colleen R. Fox ‘09
James W. Foye
Frances I Hyde Revocable Trust 1998
Jane W. Francis ‘77
Frank A & Mary Gline Rev. Family Trust
Patricia M. Franson
Keith C. Fraser ‘61 M’75 and Prudence C. Fraser
Jean B. Frasier ‘44
Marion W. Frazier ‘63
Leon C. Frechette ‘63
Roger A. Frechette ‘57
Ian W. Frederick ‘14
Maxine Freedman
Charlene S. Freeman ‘58
Elizabeth C. Freeman
Susan J. Freeman ‘61
Linda M. Freese ‘78
Mary L. Freitas ‘64
Sue A. Freitas
Fremont Animal Hospital
Kevin R. French
Russell N. French
Susan Frewert and Kevin Frewert
Danielle N. Frey ‘12
Elizabeth G. Freyenhagen ‘92
Freyers, Inc
Jeffrey H. Friedman
Friends of the Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery
William T. Fries ‘94 and Cynthia D. Fries ‘95
Eric F. Frisk ‘54 M’66
Barbara B. Frizzell ‘74
Julia J. Fudala ‘65
Gilbert L. Fuld and Alice K. Fuld
Lisa M. Fuller ‘93
Ralph E. Fuller ‘57
Brian N. Fullerton
Beverly A. Fulling ‘76
Neal D. Gadwah ‘54
Ethan P. Gage ‘13
Thomas R. Gagne ‘88 M’90
Ann M. Gagnon ‘07 and Wayne M. Gagnon
Catherine E. Gagnon ‘89
Stefan C. Gagnon ‘05
Trisha H. Gagnon ‘95
Judith C. Galavotti
Stephen J. Gallagher
Kimberly M. Gammons ‘87 and Phil Gammons
Marilyn Ganame
Timothy M. Gann ‘04
Daniel C. Gannon ‘12
Issac M. H. Gao ‘15
Maich Gardner and Edward J. Tomey
Benjamin Garfield ‘10
Timothy J. Garland
Shari L. Garrison
Randall K. Gates ‘83 and Laurie McLaren
Donald J. Gaudreau ‘57 and Sarah-Lee Gaudreau
M. Jean Gavin ‘57
Richard L. Gay and Elizabeth T. Gay
GE Foundation
Louise M. Geary ‘71
Helen V. Gelotte
Barbara A. Gendron ‘63
General Electric
General Mills Foundation Matching Gift Program
Aaron Genest
Margaret R. Genoter and Christopher J. Genoter
Barbara Genoter
Michael L. Gens Jr ‘15
Virginia A. Gentes ‘59
Geo. J. Summers Trucking Co., Inc
George C. Hall & Sons
George W. Cote and Nancy L. Cote Revocable Living Trust
Deborah J. Georgevits ‘79
Robert W. Germeroth Jr ‘83
Amy Gerolamo
Donald A. Gerolamo
Levi G. Gershkowitz ‘11
John W. Gettens M’94
Marilyn Ghedini
Allison T. Ghirardi ‘13
Claudia Ghitsa
Catherine E. Gilbert ‘65
Michelle Gilbert ‘89
Veronique Gilbert ‘86
Kenneth E. Gile ‘58
Renee M. Giles ‘13
Alyssa J. Gilhooly ‘12
Mary J. Gill ‘57 and Manmohan Gill
Thomas J. Gill
Sean T. Gillery ‘89
Cameron B. Gillies ‘15
Elizabeth B. Gilman ‘63
Nicole A. Gindraux ‘15
Marcia E. Giovannangeli ‘69
James A. Girard
Robert E. Girard ‘75
Michael M. Girardi ‘82 and Barbara L. Girardi ‘83
Gina M. Girardi ‘99
Holly J. Gladsden
Yulia M. Glasgow ‘05
Laurie J. Glassman ‘79
Mary M. Gline ‘56
Cynthia J. Glover ‘57
Lorraine J. Goebel and Kenneth R. Goebel
Cecile E. Goff M’77
Robert E. Golden and Linda P. Golden
Anthony E. Goldin
Peter S. Goldman and Deborah J. Goldman
Amy L. Goldthwaite ‘91
Julia S. Gomberg ‘15
Vincente J. Gonsalves ‘06
Robert Gonzalas
Florinda M. Gonzalez
Malcolm L. Goodell ‘59 and Martha Goodell
Joseph F. Goodhue ‘76
Brian T. Gooding
Kathie J. Goodwin
Diane M. Gormly ‘68
James T. Goss
Stuart F. Goss ‘86
Werner F. Gossels and Elaine F. Gossels
Nancy L. Gossels
Amy L. Gouger ‘79
Brian R. Gould ‘02
Susan D. Goulet ‘80 and Charles Goulet
Tamra M. Goulet
Hannah R. Goulis ‘15
G E. Gowen
Grace M Dayton Rev. Trust
Heidi B. Graff
Janine Graham
Kelly A. Graham
Richard S. Graham
Clive A. Grainger
Marjorie A. Grams ‘57
Laura D. Grandis
Janice M. Grant ‘57
Dolores L. Grassmann ‘80 and Felix Grassmann
Joanne Grasso ‘55
Trevor C. Grauer ‘06
Colin H. Gray Jr ‘59
Greater Boston Chapter Trout Unlimited
Alexander P. Greczylo ‘13
Brooke M. Greeley ‘10
David J. Green and Barbara L. Green
Leonard S. Green and Elinor P. Green
Sarah F. Green
Dorothy B. Greene ‘56 and Prescott Greene
Laurie Greene ‘65 and David K. Greene ‘65 M’75
Edmund C. Greene ‘87
Mitchell H. Greenwald ‘74 and Erika G. Greenwald ‘74 M’91
Greenwald Realty Associates
Peter H. Gregorchuk M’86
Paula J. Gregory ‘71 M’78 and Eugene C. Gregory ‘79
Michael Gregory
Kerry D. Grenier M’73
Kenneth W. Grey and Cheryl J. Grey
Constance J. Griffin ‘64
Leonard M. Grob
Richard J. Groleau
Mark Gross and Kathleen R. Gross
Steven W. Grossman and Dana L. Grossman
Richard David Grossman
Lillian M. Grossman-Strater ‘42 and Henry A. Strater
Michael B. Grotton ‘09
Nancy E. Grout ‘83 and John F. Grout
Grove Street Fiduciary, Inc. Wealth and Trust Advisors
Steven P. Groves ‘69 M’73 and Kathy P. Groves ‘66
Gruber Foundation
Jeanne B. Grubman and James Grubman
Kenneth Gruskin
Peter E. Guay ‘70 and Diane C. Guay
Fred R. Guerrera
Nicole E. Guerrera
Gulf Power Foundation
Anne B. Gulia
Julie A. Gunn ‘92
Andrea Gunst
Lee Gunst
William B. Gurney ‘89 and Margaret S. Gurney ‘82
Alexander F. Haartz ‘82
Haas Remodeling, Inc.
Eileen M. Habelow
Alexander C. Habibi ‘15
Canon Samir J. Habiby
Ellen H. Hackeman ‘80
David E. Hackett ‘58
Susan D. Hackney ‘68 and Gregory A. Hackney ‘68
Samuel E. Haddad
Linda M. Hadden
Eric W. Haffner ‘73
Larry Haft and Florence Haft
Thomas Hageman
Cameron C. Haggar ‘14
William J. Haggerty Jr ‘66
Joan E. Hahn
Bradford Haimowitz ‘10
R. Michael Haines and Beverly A. Haines
Daniel E. Haines ‘79
Leslie N. Haines ‘74
Carolyn J. Hale
Judith M. Hale ‘71
Lynn M. Hale
Kimberly B. Haley ‘86 and Richard A. Haley
Maureen E. Hall ‘71 and Colin C. Hall
Stephen J. Hall M’77 and Barbara A. Hall ‘77
Carolyn H. Hall ‘15
James Hall
Jamie A. Hall
Joan E. Hall
Miranda Hall ‘15
Nancy Hall
A John Hallengren ‘01
Lori A. Halloran ‘99
Patricia A. Halloran M’94
Jade C. Halsey ‘11
Diane G. Halter ‘99 M’03 and John D. Halter
Kathleen B. Halverson
Michael A. Hamel ‘05
Barbara A. Hamilton ‘69 M’72 and Robert Theri Hamilton
Cynthia M. Hamilton
William C. Hamlin and Patricia H. Hamlin
Susan E. Hamm
Evelyn Hammerman
Philip R. Hammond ‘57 and Gloria P. Hammond ‘57
James E. Hampton
Wesley M. Hampton ‘10
Kimberly M. Hanchett ‘97
William H. Hancock ‘74
Heather A. Hankus ‘94
Peter R. Hannah
Michael J. Hanrahan ‘76 and Karen Hanrahan
Sally Hansel and John P. Hansel Jr
Elizabeth L. Hansel
Peter D. Hansel
Nancy W. Hansen M’86 and H. Roger Hansen
Trevor C. Hansen ‘04 and Stephanie-Lynn Hansen ‘06
John Hansen Jr ‘65
Jennifer Hapgood-White ‘95
Melanie Harding ‘72
Diane R. Hardy ‘83
Matthew D. Hardy ‘09
Susan Hardy
Robert W. Harkins Jr ‘70 M’74
Kimberly T. Harkness ‘85
James D. Harlan ‘78
Lisa M. Harnum
Harold & Myrtie Kullgren Family Trust
John R. Harper ‘70
Suzanne W. Harrington ‘76
Andrew T. Harris and Laurie J. Stuhlbarg
Alice S. Harris ‘44
Chelsea J. Harris ‘15
Jonathan L. Harris ‘78
Seth O. Harris Jr ‘84
Stephen F. Harris ‘72
Alexander F. Harrison ‘84
Robert J. Hart and Mary D. Hart
Aleah L. Hart ‘12
Alexandra Hart
Ingrid Hart ‘75
Lawrence Hart
Sherry Hart
Colleen K. Hartman ‘90
Frank A. Hartmann and Diane E. Hartmann
Jerrian Hartmann
Roger D. Hartwell ‘72 and Sheila P. Hartwell
Wayne E. Hartz
Elizabeth M. Harvey ‘09 and Christopher W. Tetley ‘10
Kathy L. Harvey
Harwood Union High School
John E. Hasay ‘77
Patricia A. Haselton ‘70
Eliza L. Hasselquist ‘99 and Niles Hasselquist
Lauren O. Hathaway ‘14
Maribeth D. Hatheway and Charles H. Hatheway
Ronald L. Haugen
Michael A. Haun ‘15
Michelle A. Hautanen ‘01
Russell O. Haviland ‘70
Gerald B. Hawkes
Lisa Hawkins ‘82
Elaine K. Hawthorne ‘59
Edward A. Haydon
Mary A. Hayes and Donald E. Hayes
Hannah C. Hayes ‘11
Jesse T. Hayes ‘15
June Haymon ‘54
Janice S. Hazelton ‘60
Barbara H. Heagney ‘75
Eileen C. Hearn
Jeanne S. Hearn
Patrick K. Hearn
Kenneth E. Heath ‘57 and Claire D. Heath ‘57
Medora C. Hebert ‘73 and Ernest V. Hebert ‘69
George Hebner V ‘15
Julia Hefferan
Heleen H Kurk Rev Trust
Roy B. Henderson and *Kathryn J. Henderson
F. Daniel D. Henderson Jr
Maureen P. Henderson ‘81
Brian J. Heneghan ‘02
Sussan D. Henkel and Paul R. Henkel
Patricia Hennequin and David C. Hennequin
Karen M. Henning ‘85 and Dave Henning
Matthew P. Henry ‘08 and Julie A. Henry ‘08
Joyce M. Henson ‘72
Robert E. Heon ‘57 M’68
Debra G. Herget
Stephanie A. Herlihy ‘73 and John Herlihy
Betty M. Hettinger
Glen P. Hewey ‘97
Barbara L. Hewitt ‘57
Eric H. Hewitt ‘14
Claire L. Hickey
Judith M. Hildebrandt and Herm Botzow
Steven P. Hildreth ‘72 and Joan P. Hildreth ‘69
Melinda M. Hildreth Honkala ‘92
Linda A. Hill and Christopher W. Hill
Claire B. Hill
Henry F. Hiller
Hinckley, Allen & Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Hindle ‘99 and ‘00
Brian F. Hiney ‘99
Amie L. Hinkley
Mary-Lou C. Hinman ‘65
Katherine M. Hirsh
Robert H. Hitchcock
Hitchiner Manufacturing Co. Inc
Patricia A. Hitchner ‘98 and John T. Hitchner
Hiway Recovery Inc
Paige N. E. Hobbs ‘15
Kathleen W. Hobel ‘60
Marjorie S. Hodes and Jay L. Hodes
Travis M. Hodgdon ‘94 and Gretchen Hodgdon
Valerie D. Hodge ‘98
Stephen F. Hoffman and Carrie L. Hoffman
John E. Hoffman Jr
Sumner M. Hoffman
George E. Holbrook
Jeffrey Holbrook
Susan M. Holbrook ‘64
Jean M. Holden
Peter T. Hollis ‘79
Robert W. Holloran ‘58
Herbert D. Holmes M’72
Stacy J. Holmes M’73
John Holt and Ann Holt
Blake T. Holton ‘15
Virginia T. Holub ‘65 M’80
Stanley A. Holz and Sandra A. Holz
Karen S. Honeycutt
Karen W. Hood ‘80 and James M. Hood
Daniel J. Hooper ‘87 and Kathleen Hooper
Hopkinton Middle/High School
Charles D. Hornbeck and Antje Hornbeck
Vesta A. Hornbeck M’76 and Charles E. Hornbeck
Susan Horne and John N. Horne
Jeannie A. Horne ‘90
Laura E. Horowitz
Amy J. Horton ‘06
Ralph W. Hosford
Kenneth G. Houghton ‘62
Benjamin D. Houle ‘14
Katie A. Houle ‘12
Sean C. Houlihan ‘94
Frank B. Hounsell ‘59 and Beverly A. Hounsell
Duncan R. Houst ‘15
Yvonne L. Howard M’91 and Loren C. Howard
Cynthia J. Howard
Bradford S. Howe
Douglas M. Howe ‘85
Andrew Howell
Joyce C. Howie ‘56
Paul G. Huard ‘70 M’78 and Kathy A. Huard ‘71
Laura N. Hubbard M’08
Janet P. Hughgill ‘68
Diane M. Huling ‘76
Marilyn J. Hull ‘83 M’93
Stephen J. Humer ‘14
Frank L. Hunnicutt
Jean A. Hunnicutt
Barbara B. Hunt ‘58
David M. Hunt ‘81
Karen L. Hunt ‘03
Ruth B. Hunt
William C. Hunter ‘04 and Allysha J. Hunter ‘04
Patrick W. Hunter ‘99 M’04
Kristen V. Hunyadi ‘14
Anne E. Huot and Joanne M. Cepelak
Catherine Huot
Diane M. Huot ‘78
Nancy L. Huot ‘76
Judy L. Hurd ‘73
Donald F. Hurley and Deborah A. Hurley
Lucille B. Hurley ‘83 and Jeff D. Hurley
Melissa J. Hurley ‘04
Hurley Office Solutions
Robert E. Hutchings
Sarah W. Hutchins ‘57
Peter S. Hutchinson and Megan A. Hutchinson
Stephen R. Hutter ‘00 and Cindy Hutter
Philip S. Hyde Jr ‘52 and Frances I. Hyde ‘55
Shirley Hyde ‘54
Brent M. Ilsley ‘89 and Karlena L. Ilsley
Paul K. Indorf and Carrie L. Hall-Indorf
Jaime K. Ingalls ‘02
Timothy A. Ingraham
Robert Ingram
Kristen E. Iodice ‘06
Jennifer M. Irvine
Irving & Bernice Singer Family Foundation
Susan V. Iverson ‘88 and Yale H. Iverson
Evelyn R. Izbicki
Thomas I. Izbicki
J.N.J. Daniggelis Agency Inc
Sandra Jackson ‘58 and Howard P. Jackson Jr ‘58 M’81
Helene S. Jackson
Jacob J. Lichman Irrevocable Memorial Trust
Ruth F. Jacobs and Carl B. Jacobs Jr
Nancy L. Jacobs ‘79
Linda M. Jacobson ‘69
Jacqueline J. Ray Living Trust
Rena G. Jacques
Andre A. Jalbert ‘76 and Kristen Jalbert
Roger Jamerson
James A. Grubman TTEE
Deborah J. Jardine ‘75 and Richard J. Jardine
Maryann J. Jasiewicz ‘76
Susan B. Jaworski ‘76
Daniel R. Jean ‘15
Priscille C. Jean ‘74
Sally M. Jean
Gwendolyn N. Jefferson ‘82 and Richard Jefferson
Carol L. Jeffery ‘65
Mary L. Jennell
Edward J. Jennison
Michael E. Jenoski and Anna M. Jenoski
Sandra Jenoski
Isabel S. Jensen
Joyce C. Jernberg ‘48 M’68
Jewish Federation of New Hampshire
Raymond A. Jobin ‘63 M’70 and Dorothy A. Jobin ‘62
Ockle E. Johnson and Chris M. Hrynowski
Marilyn O. Johnson M’71 and David G. Johnson ‘70
Richard E. Johnson and Barbara E. Johnson
Aaron R. Johnson ‘06
Danielle A. Johnson ‘12
Donald J. Johnson ‘53
Elizabeth M. Johnson ‘66
Karen E. Johnson
Kathleen R. Johnson
Kristen M. Johnson ‘12
Susan K. Johnson
Thomas M. Johnson ‘75
William H. Johnson
Johnson & Johnson
James F. Johnston III ‘74 and Elizabeth R. Johnston
Holly S. Jolles ‘74
D T. Jones and Anne R. Jones
Graham A. Jones ‘76 M’84 and Joan Roeber-Jones
Katharine R. Judd
Kenneth Jue and Carol S. Jue
Peter J. Jukoski ‘83
Karen L. Juozaitis and Donald R. Juozaitis
Christine M. Justice ‘97 and B. M. Justice
B. Glenn Jutras
Charles J. Kabat ‘88
Peter Kageleiry ‘60 and Jane Kageleiry ‘61
Jay V. Kahn and Cheryl J. Kahn
Wolf Kahn and Emily M. Kahn
James R. Kahrs M’79 and Sheila Kahrs
Dylan J. Kaiser
Thomas E. Kalampalikis ‘61
Richard L. Kalich and Judith J. Kalich
Aaron J. Kalisher ‘92
Martin B. Kallio Jr ‘70
Karyn A. Kaminski
Brian R. Kanaley
Diane L. Kane ‘78
Lisa D. Kane
Walter A. Kangas ‘77 and Nancy Kangas
Stephen Kanter and Karen E. Kanter
Tricia A. Kapiloff ‘09 and Michael N. Kapiloff
Kapiloff Insurance Agency Inc
Gary J. Karp ‘73
Ann E. Kashian ‘82 and Leo W. Kashian
Margaret R. Kasschau
Randy Katzman ‘76 and Pamela Katzman
Stuart E. Kaufman and Caroline T. Kaufman
Jaycelyn A. Kay-Pfenning ‘13
Karen Kayser
Marcia Kayser
Thomas M. Keegan ‘73 and Lucille Keegan
David J. Keenan ‘77
Risa Keene and Douglas W. Keene
Keene Auto Body
Keene Beauty Academy
Keene Cal Ripken Association
Keene Elm City Rotary Club
Keene Endowment Association
Keene SAU 29
Keene Swamp Bats
Collin E. Keith ‘11
Kellco Products Inc
Dan Kelleher
Fanny M. Kelley ‘01
Nicole A. Kelley ‘11
Spencer Kellogg IV ‘97
Mary A. Kelly and Craig Kelly
Brendan T. Kelly ‘13
Lori Kelly
Nancy Kelly
Nancy J. Kelso ‘74 and David J. Kelso
Ken Jue Consulting
Peter W. Kendall ‘72 and Christine Kendall ‘72
Richard W. Kendall ‘90 and Karen Kendall
Christopher B. Kendall ‘67
Sarah B. Kendall
John P. Kendros
Julia A. Kennedy ‘86 and Hugh J. Kennedy ‘85
Colm M. Kennedy ‘02
Nancy B. Kennedy
Kenneth W Whitaker Revocable Trust of 2009
Robin Kenney and Leslie Kenney
Jean L. Kenney ‘69
Sean J. Kenny ‘85 and Lisa Kenny
Jacklyn P. Kerigan ‘15
Patricia A. Kerins
Wendy J. Kern ‘83
Shirley G. Kestenman
Robert H. Keyes
Kathy S. Kierstead ‘76
Mary F. Kiley ‘50
Elizabeth A. Kilgore ‘55
Steven L. Killoran ‘86 and Susan Killoran
Ron V. Kilyanczik ‘73 and Deborah C. Kilyanczik ‘78
Stephen A. Kimner ‘87 and Kerri-Lynn Kimner ‘87
Elizabeth A. Kincade ‘75
Kendra L. Kincaid ‘06
Judith I. King ‘71 and Douglas E. King ‘69
Sandra A. King ‘74 and Kevin R. King ‘72
Janet N. King M’84
Maria King
Robert E. Kipka
Christine E. Kirby ‘95
Janet L. Kirby M’78
Jane S. Kirk
Shelley A. Kirschner ‘77 and George Kirschner
Janine S. Kizik ‘96 and Richard M. Kizik
Seth M. Klaiman ‘93
Natalie S. Klein ‘75
Annelise M. Kloster ‘15
Jane G. Knapp and Fred W. Knapp
Brianna M. Knapp ‘14
Harriet L. Knappe ‘93 and Claus G. Knappe
Scott G. Knickerbocker ‘85
Pamela Knight and Henry F. Knight
John W. Knowles ‘65
David L. Knowlton ‘71
Charles Koch
Sandy Kochman and David M. Kochman
Helen E. Koehler ‘63
Zachary A. Koehler ‘14
Gary Kofinas
Carolee Kohlhepp
Darrin Kohlhepp
Glen Kohlhepp
Sue Kolivas ‘75 and Louis N. Kolivas ‘74
Darlene A. Kolofsky and Christopher E. Kolofsky
Samuel A. Kondrup ‘95
Donna M. Koolis
Lynn Kopas ‘80
Peter D. Koson ‘67 and Michele M. Koson
Timothy R. Kossbiel ‘07
Beverly Kovacs Spaven ‘65
David J. Kozak
Donald G. Kozera ‘75 and Victoria L. Kozera
Karen L. Krajewski ‘79
Kate R. Kraska
Kraushaar Galleries
Alexandra V. Krauth ‘12
Suzanne S. Krautmann M’97 and Paul J. Krautmann
Patricia H. Kritzman
Steven D. Kronick
Mary Krotzer
Shannon M. Kruger ‘91 and David Kruger
Gary M. Kucsan
Donna J. Kuethe ‘75
B Scott Kuhnly ‘88
Michele L. Kuiawa ‘93 and Eric Eichner
Myrtie F. Kullgren ‘45
Marion Kummel and Herbert Kummel
Adam G. Kumpu ‘15
Helen W. Kunz M’63
Darren K. Kupinsky ‘94
Neal M. Kurk and Heleen H. Kurk
Evthoxia M. Kyrousis ‘10
Laurie Labato-DiTomasso and John C. DiTomasso
Kevin P. LaBranche ‘86
Eileen LaBrecque ‘65 and Paul A. LaBrecque
Howard W. Labrecque
Kathryn A. LaCasse ‘60
Thomas C. Lacey ‘73 and Linda A. Lacey ‘73
Margaret O. Lachapelle
Mary Lou LaCoste ‘57
Michael C. Ladam
David A. Ladensohn and Claudia S. Ladensohn
Kasey E. LaFlam ‘06
Jennifer C. Lahey ‘93 and David P. Lahey
Robert S. Laitman and Ann C. Mandel Laitman
Justin R. LaJeunesse ‘07
Mary-Ann G. LaJeunesse ‘59
Marion W. Lake ‘63 and Albert C. Lake Jr ‘64
Lesa A. Lakeman-McDonald ‘75 and Douglas B. McDonald ‘67 M’72
Leann Lam ‘13
Denis A. Lambert ‘00
Norman A. Lambert ‘69
Jamie C. Landau
Julian Landau
Jeffrey C. Landgren ‘91
Michael N. Landis and Leslie Kinney
Carol G. Landry ‘75 and Drew P. Landry
Christine E. Landry ‘79
Elaine G. Landry ‘66
Matthew B. Lane ‘11
Stuart Lang and Barbara W. Lang
Charles E. Lang ‘81
Laurel A. Lang ‘78
Delma A. Langille ‘51
Kyle B. Langley ‘15
Winifred W. Langtry ‘52
Jay R. LaPanne ‘89 and Amy E. LaPanne ‘91
Tina M. Laperriere and Ricky P. Laperriere
Paul F. LaPerriere Jr ‘67
Alan A. Lapham
Amy D. LaPierre
Del LaPlante
Peter R. LaPolice ‘84
Paul T. Lapotosky ‘71
Howeina H. Lariviere
Steven K. LaRoche ‘93 and Amy E. LaRoche ‘92
Alexander P. Larochelle ‘15
Eileen Lary ‘80 and Kenneth Lary
Paula L. Lauffer-Noone ‘86
Melissa S. Laughner
Elizabeth L. Laurella ‘66
Pearl A. LaValley ‘63
J. Richard Lavatori
Thomas G. Lavell ‘65 and Carol Lavell
Tad K. LaVergne and Jennifer L. Lavergne
K O. Lavergne
Carol A. Laverty ‘60 and William F. Laverty
Sandra J. Law
Law Offices of Paul G. Schweizer
Law Offices of Randall Carmel
Melissa P. Lawless ‘99
Louise M. Lawrence ‘42
Lawrence and Alice Harris Trust
Isaak J. Lazarou
Robin D. Lazinsk ‘85 and Adam S. Lazinsk
Leah J. Leach ‘93
Virginia D. Leach ‘52
Elizabeth M. Leahy ‘14
Nicole M. LeBlanc ‘10
Pierre G. LeBlanc ‘78
Donald R. LeBrun ‘66 and Joyce G. LeBrun
Mary E. Lebrun
Rebecca S. Leclerc ‘13
Danielle M. Ledger ‘10
Richard D. LeDuc ‘71 M’74 and Karen L. LeDuc ‘71
Nora K. LeDuc ‘73
Susan A. Lee and Jack G. Lee
Regina E. Lehman
Sheila L. Leifer and Elihu I. Leifer
James M. Leighton ‘67
Patricia N. Leinster ‘81 M’85 and David R. Leinster
Barbara Jo Lemay ‘67 and Robert R. Lemay
Brian P. Lenda ‘93
Susan E. Lendrum ‘91 and Peter R. Lendrum ‘91
Robert G. Lenzi ‘68
Michael A. Leone and Deborah L. Leone
Leon’s Auto Center
Michele C. Lerch
Ronald A. Leslie ‘67
Julia A. Lessard ‘12
Lorna Letourneau ‘57
Larry J. Levandowski ‘72
Jean H. Leventhal
Marcia M. Leversee and Gordon J. Leversee Jr
Amanda Levine
Bruce LeVine Mellion ‘69
Joan LeVine Mellion ‘74
Norman S. Levy ‘89 and Kimberly A. Levy ‘91
Shelley Levy and Richard P. Levy
Deirdre M. Lewis ‘12
Marion E. Lewis ‘54
Samantha E. Lewis
Stephan H. Lewy
Dustin T. Libby ‘06
Liberty Mutual Insurance Group
Kristen J. Licht
Romeo F. Lieto
Donna M. Lietz and Andrew E. Lietz
Sally Lifschitz
William R. Liggett ‘85 and Janet G. Liggett ‘84
Catherine M. Liggett ‘88
Taber B. Lightfoot
Patricia S. Lincoln ‘55
Linda A. Dixon Revocable Trust
Maryann L. Lindberg and Robert M. Lindberg
John G. Lindgren Jr ‘09
Craig R. Lindsay and Natalie Boucher
Lori J. Lintner ‘94 and Jason A. Lintner ‘94
Susan O. Lipschitz
Aaron A. Lipsky ‘68
Tamara L. Lique Naitove and Peter D. Lique Naitove
Judith G. Lister
Janet E. Little ‘84
Karen K. Little ‘73
Kaleigh A. Liupakka ‘13
Loren E. Livengood Jr ‘60 and Donna A. Livengood ‘61 M’80
Thomas W. Liveston ‘72 and Denise A. Liveston ‘74
Melanie J. Lizotte ‘13 and Theodore A. Lizotte
John R. Loblundo
Randall J. Locke ‘66 M’70 and Heather W. Locke ‘70 M’78
Christopher P. Lockett ‘13
Gloria L. Lodge
Robert S. Loeb
Donna L. Lombardo
Corinne S. Long
Clifford Lopate and Beth D. Davidson
Carol Lord ‘63
Kathryn B. Lord
Kenniston W. Lord Jr
Mary A. Lord
Gary B. Lorden
Heidi M. Lorden
Rebecca P. Lorden ‘12
Danielle M. Loschiavo ‘01
Louise P. Lostocco
Diane Lototski ‘75 and John Lototski
Louise L. Waltz Marital Trust
Lisa S. Lounsbury ‘86
Laura M. Lovell Inglese ‘94
Edith L. Lovering ‘40
Sherman A. Lovering ‘49
Robyn D. Lucius
Lucy M Sargent Rev. Trust
Alyson F. Lukas ‘93
Peter O. Lund ‘77
Haley E. Lundgren ‘15
Anni E. Luneau ‘87 and Christopher Parker
Joseph E. Lungwitz
Helga Lustig
Kevin M. Lydon ‘10
Margaret A. Lynch ‘79
Bonnie R. Lynn ‘68
Olivia A. Lynn ‘15
Lynn C. Rust, CPA PC
Eleanor S. Lyons ‘60
Margaret A. Lyons ‘91
Madison K. Macaruso ‘14
Myra K. Macfie
Carol P. MacGregor ‘67
Sharon K. Mack ‘85 and Robert B. Mack
Edward R. MacKay
Donald K. MacKenzie
Linda M. Mackenzie
Richard N. Mackey M’60 and Barbara G. Mackey ‘61
Jonathan C. Mackey ‘10
John A. MacLean
Norman M. MacLeod and Elizabeth C. Stevens
Elizabeth A. MacMillan ‘78
Kyle R. MacMillan ‘15
Eleanor MacNicoll
Kathleen J. MacNicoll
Robert J. Madden and Linda C. Madden
Sandra S. Madden ‘73
Scott A. Madden ‘03
Deborah M. Maddy
Ellen P. Madigan
Mildred N. Madigan
Kevin G. Maes ‘76 M’90 and Deborah B. Maes ‘76
Sheryl E. Magdycz
Ryan J. Mahan ‘15
Michael F. Maher ‘72 and Katharine Maher ‘73
Eileen M. Mahoney ‘83 and Randall Wynn
Karen L. Maiello ‘89
Henry W. Maier ‘75
Martha M. Mains
Emanuel J. Malatras ‘74
Paul J. Malinski ‘63
Janice Malin ‘90
Anne-Marie Mallon
Elaine S. Malm ‘62 and Arthur C. Malm Jr
Malm Family Revocable Trust
Stephanie M. Malouin
John F. Malsbenden ‘61 M’64
John F. Mancini
Lynda Manganello Walsh ‘94
Karen A. Mangine ‘72 and Stephen A. Mangine
Robyn W. Manley ‘73 and Jonathan F. Manley Sr ‘72
Susan A. Manley ‘71
Kathryn L. Mann
Vaughn K. Mann ‘65
Jane C. Manner
Phylis M. Manning
Michelle L. Manno ‘01
Susan Manupelli
Nancy F. Marashio ‘64
Marc P. Tieger & Judith L. Tieger Revocable Trust of 2008
Linda A. Maree ‘74
Tevis Margolis
Mazal Michal Mariaschin and Daniel S. Mariaschin
William J. Marinelli and Debra M. George
Marion & Jasper Whiting Foundation
Bradley L. Mark ‘58
Floreen G. Maroncelli ‘63
Donna D. Maroon ‘67
Shelia R. Marr ‘71
Florence A. Marsh ‘77
Frank J. Marsh Jr
Judith P. Marshall ‘59 and Albert H. Marshall ‘58
Elizabeth R. Marshall ‘08
Kelly B. Marshall ‘85
Karen A. Martel-Gianferrari ‘01
Robyn J. Martichuski
Abby M. Martin ‘01 and Ryan Martin
Rodger C. Martin ‘79 and Judith A. Martin ‘96
Lillian K. Martin ‘53
Michael C. Martin ‘12
Sylvia S. Martin
Nora G. Martindale
Roberta A. Martineau
Misty M. Martinez-Bohannon ‘94 and Andrew S. Bohannon ‘94
Mary B Minkler Trustees
Mary-Ann LaJeunesse Rev. Trust
Laurence Mase
David J. Mason
Michelle R. Mason ‘05
Massachusetts Jump$tart Coalition
Cara Massciulli
Barbara S. Massicotte
Anne E. Mathieson M’73
Michael J. Matros
Gloria E. Matthews ‘53 and Malcolm Matthews
Virginia Matthews ‘95 and Brendan K. Matthews ‘94
David M. Matthews ‘81
Helen K. Mattson and G. T. Mattson
Brian A. Mattson ‘72
Christopher J. Maurer
Jean Maxwell ‘48 and *Reginald Maxwell
Wendy J. Maxwell ‘70
Karen J. May and David C. May
Estelle B. Maynard ‘50
Mary W. Mayshark-Stavely and Homer E. Stavely Jr
Richard D. Mazzocchi Jr and Julie L. Mazzocchi
Cynthia S. McAlpine M’58
Margaret R. McAuliffe ‘64
Karen H. McAvoy
Sylvia M. McBeth and Craig F. McBeth
Lauren A. McBeth ‘05
Amy E. McBournier
Dennis J. McCabe ‘67
Cheryl R. McCabe-Charron ‘15 and John P. Charron
Allison J. McCadden ‘14
Ian G. McCallion ‘12
Heather F. McCandless ‘12 and Caleb M. McCandless ‘13
Stephanie E. McCann
Barbara McCarthy ‘75
Melissa A. McCarthy ‘96
Thomas P. McClain and Jean Marie McClain
Wendy L. McCloskey ‘90 and William J. McCloskey Jr
Haley E. McConville ‘14
Judith W. McCormack ‘62
Margaret K. McCormack ‘56
Nancy M. McCormack
Steven N. McCormack ‘75 M’95
Anne E. McCormick
Michael D. McCurry
Leila I. McDanolds ‘55
Nancy K. McDermott ‘72
Patrick F. McDermott ‘76
Matthew W. McDougal ‘15
Jared L. McFarland ‘15
Theodore D. McGahie ‘82 and Karen McGahie
Steven C. McGettigan ‘75 and Niki A. McGettigan ‘75
Eleanor J. McGettigan ‘71
Robert E. McGettigan ‘64
David K. McGill ‘70
Andrew F. McGonagle ‘15
Ryan D. McGrath
Shirley H. McGrath
Katherine M. McGraw and John L. McGraw
Ted McGreer and Heather A. McGreer
Ingrid E. McGuire
Meredith L. McKunes ‘15
Peter F. McLaughlin ‘94
Paul D. McLeod and Kim A. McLeod
Shirley J. McLoughlin M’90
Lewis A. McMahon ‘60 and Deborah McMahon
Kenneth McMaster
Lorraine McNamara
Maryann H. McNeil ‘90
Scott McPherson ‘92 and Kelly O. McPherson ‘92
Seth A. McQuade ‘03 and Lara E. Scott ‘02
Carol M. McShane
Jean M. McSherry
John E. McSherry
Sharon L. McWilliams ‘83
Cailey C. Meagher ‘15
Susan L. Medeiros and John T. Medeiros
William C. Medvidofsky ‘02 and Kathleen M. Medvidofsky ‘84
Emily N. Meece ‘15
Woody Meiszner
Susan E. Melia and John M. Melia
Ruth B. Mellion
Francis Mello
Theresa A. Mello
Mello Trust
Shawnna Menard
Ellen S. Mendelson ‘86 and Allen Mendelson
William R. Menezes
Leslie A. Meola ‘07 ‘12
Thomas A. Mercer Jr ‘81 and Helen E. Mercer ‘85
George F. Mercuri
Deborah Merowski
John R. Merrill ‘98 and Meghan Merrill
Joan M. Messier M’76
Logan J. Messina ‘15
Martha F. Methot ‘73
Janet Meuse
Heidi L. Mewes
Amanda L. Meyer ‘09
Ruth Meyers
Stephen R. Miceli and Penny J. Miceli
Bernice A. Michael ‘35
Michael S. Rossini, CPA
Jacqueline Michalak
Katje K. Mickola ‘97 M’05 and Lynne M. Andrews
Julie A. Mikla ‘93
Christine A. Miles ‘77 and Michael Miles
Kathryn P. Miles and Douglas J. Miles
Theodore R. Miller ‘68 M’93 and Susan C. Miller ‘69
Christina E. Miller ‘99
Jeremiah J. Miller
Mallie D. Miller ‘10
Mark E. Miller ‘15
Marcia B. Millian ‘77
Hannah Z. Millon-Garvey ‘98
Martha J. Mills and Cole A. Mills
Amy L. Milne ‘92
Ms. Kathryn S. Miner
David O. Minickiello M’74 and Linda K. Minickiello
Mary B. Minkler ‘57
Karen L. Misseri
Thelma Mitchell ‘46 and Francis Mitchell
Charles E. Mitchell ‘66
Charles J. Mitchell ‘52
Cheryl J. Mitchell ‘73
Kim R. Mitchell ‘77
Geraldine H. Mittelman
Mary D. Moe ‘62 and Theodore H. Moe Jr
Thomas A. Moffatt
Teresa L. Moler ‘97
Monadnock Flooring & Decorating Company Inc.
Monadnock Score Chapter 379
Mary M. Monahan ‘72
Samantha J. Monmaney ‘06 M’08
Justin N. Monninger ‘12
Patrick J. Monteleone and Janice B. Monteleone
Michael J. Montuori and Marie Limongelli
Judith G. Moody H’76 and John H. Moody ‘71 M’76
Moog Inc.
Larry F. Moore and Donna L. Moore
Barbara A. Moore ‘61
Carol S. Moore
Heidi L. Moore ‘97
MacKenzie T. Moore ‘11
Michael Morales ‘09
David J. Moran ‘66 and Cam Moran
Kathleen E. Moran ‘93
Richard D. Morandi and Christine Morandi
Nancy P. Morey ‘70 and John A. Morey ‘69
Nancy M. Morgan ‘62 and Wayne Morgan
William H. Morgan and Susan B. Morgan
Lynda G. Morgan ‘75
Diane I Davis Morianos
Ryan C. Morin ‘00 and Nancy A. Morin ‘01
Bethany-Laura Morin ‘12
Elizabeth A. Morin ‘65
Suzanne Morin
Marie E. Morinico
Jessica L. Morissette ‘15
Kevin J. Morneault ‘14
Betsy A. Morris ‘78 and Donald Morris
Kenneth R. Morris ‘64
W.T. Morris Foundation
Jonathan A. Morrison
Edna Morse
Lauren A. Morse ‘05
Ronald A. Morse ‘59
Scott Morton
Margaret R. Moruzzi ‘83 and James Moruzzi
Brigida J. Mosley ‘46 M’72
Maxine Mosley
Naomi R. Moss
Sheila Moss-White ‘58
Mount Royal Academy
Norman R. Muir ‘75 and Donna A. Muir ‘75
Eleanor M. Muldoon ‘49 M’80
Dennis S. Mullen ‘94 and Amy E. Mullen ‘94
Aaron N. Mullen ‘15
Gretchen Muller M’90
Elizabeth A. Mulroney ‘12
Janine D. Munns ‘84
Alyssa M. Munsell ‘12
Michelle L. Munsey ‘11
Floyd M. Murphy ‘64 and Marlene Murphy
James Murphy ‘74 and Candace C. Murphy ‘00
Robin A. Murphy and Mark T. Murphy
Craig R. Murphy ‘14
Cyril J. Murphy
Jennifer G. Murphy ‘94
Linda J. Murphy
Susan M. Murray ‘77 and James S. Doremus
Debora L. Murray ‘99
Michael F. Murray ‘94
Ross D. Murray ‘85
Ryane A. Murray ‘06
Sheila M. Murray ‘67
Jonathan E. Musci ‘15
Steven J. Musco
Barbara M. Myers ‘35
Linda L. Myers ‘75
Mylec, Inc
Susan K. Nachtigal and James G. Nachtigal
Mary E. Nadeau ‘65 and Arthur A. Nadeau ‘65
Ann E. Nadeau ‘72
John L. Nagle ‘14
Karen S. Nahary ‘06
Hardy C. Nalley Jr ‘66 and Elisabeth M. Nalley ‘66
Edward G. Namath ‘87
Nancy S Ashford Revocable Trust
Debra L. Napsey ‘07
Meredith K. Nash ‘13
National Film Preservation Foundation
National Geographic Education Foundation
National Science Foundation
Bruce E. Nawoj ‘70
NDJ Solutions, LLC
NEA-New Hampshire
Thomas J. Neary ‘77
Gayle Neff
Richard A. Neilsen ‘60 M’70 and *Jane Neilsen
Glenn T. Nelson ‘62 and Lisa K. Nelson
Jean P. Nelson and Douglas A. Nelson
Donald R. Nelson ‘69
Jessica-Lynne Nelson ‘06
Joan A. Nelson ‘75
Joan M. Nelson ‘52
Mary M. Nelson ‘58
Susan F. Nelson
Geoffrey D. Ness ‘09
Marsha H. Neubert ‘69
Susan L. Neuman
Nicole B. Neville
New England Foundation for the Arts
New England Sports Floors
Meredith D. Newbold ‘65 and Stephen Newbold
James M. Newcomb ‘89 and Bethany Newcomb
Susan B. Newcomer and Jeffrey P. Newcomer
Michael J. Newell II and Jacquelyn L. Newell
Robert J. Newell and Doreen Newell
Kaitlyn M. Newell ‘15
Nicole A. Newell ‘14
Newfound Memorial Middle School
Sarah M. Newman ‘15
Susan J. Newsom ‘89
Thanh V. Nguyen ‘05
NH Ball Bearings, Inc.
NH Charitable Foundation
Pamela C. Nicholson ‘64
Shane R. Nickerson ‘94 and Elisa M. Nickerson ‘93
Linda Nienhouse ‘69
Luisa Nieves
Barbara J. Niland ‘89
David A. Nims ‘55 M’60
Nissan Automobiles of Marlboro, Inc.
Nissan of Keene Inc.
Paula A. Noll ‘74
Stephanie M. Normand ‘11
Norm’s Bike & Ski Shop
Northeast Delta Dental
Northeast Utilities
Brian T. Norton ‘72
Robert A. Norton Jr ‘83
Sandra A. Norton ‘69
Edith Notman
Mr. David Nowak
Nancy Nowak
Duncan L. Noyes and Bonnie L. Noyes
Noyes Volkswagen, Inc.
Susan M. Nugent M’73
Keegan M. Nunley ‘09
Patricia F. Nutbrown ‘67
Stephen M. Nute ‘86 and Lisa Nute
Patricia Nye ‘61
Tina A. Nyland ‘89
Thomas W. Oberg ‘75
Alison L. O’Brien ‘15
Byron J. O’Brien ‘88
Connor S. O’Brien
Patrick M. O’Brien
Christine S. Ochsner ‘97 and Matthew Ochsner
Katelyn E. O’Clair ‘12
Michael J. O’Connor M’98
Robert J. O’Connor ‘61
Erin M. O’Connor Jones ‘89
Thomas M. O’Dea ‘15
Sandra E. O’Donnell ‘90
Sean J. O’Donnell ‘11
Anne L. Ogden
Ms. Cynthia L. Ogden
Rebecca A. Ogg ‘87
Susan G. O’Halloran ‘65
Chris O’Hara
Meaghan O’Hara
Old Hampshire Designs, Inc
Cynthia O’Leary
Linda E. Oliver ‘75
Susan D. Olson and Lloyd W. Olson
Kenneth C. Olson
Louis O’Mara ‘58
Margaret M. Omartian ‘74 and Robert A. Omartian
John P. Onanian
Linda A. O’Neil ‘84
Nancy B. O’Neill ‘10
Jovan A. Oquendo ‘14
Thomas P. O’Quinn ‘73
Judith P. Ordway
Ellen Feldman ‘82 and George Ornato
Michelle Orsita
Adrienne L. Osborne ‘12
Tracie M. Osche ‘99
Diane Osgood ‘59
Abraham J. Osheyack ‘06
Katherine S. Oslin ‘95
Joyce E. Oster and Eric R. Oster
David J. Ostrowski
Rachel L. Otto ‘03
Janet M. Ouellette ‘69
Joseph Ouellette
Robert J. Owen ‘80
Charles A. Owusu ‘99
Abbot L. Packard ‘88 M’90
David Padrazo Jr ‘15
Carol J. Page ‘68
Ann M. Pagnotta ‘12
Nancy E. Pansa ‘78
Marcia C. Pansuk ‘85
John J. Pantuosco
John R. Pappalardo
Linda Paquet
Erin E. Parda ‘03 and Brian A. Parda ‘01
William D. Pardus
Paul Pare and Kim E. Pare
Margaret R. Parenchuck ‘62 and Charles S. Parenchuck
Irene A. Parent ‘52 and Bruce E. Parent ‘52
Carmen J. Pariseau M’99 and Robert Pariseau, Sr.
James W. Parker ‘54
John S. Parker ‘15
Minot H. Parker ‘56
Virginia M. Parker-Ferrell ‘65 M’79
Peggie A. Partello
Jacob D. Pastor
Wendy Paterson ‘75
Troy A. Patoine ‘92 and Jennifer Patoine
Cheryl L. Patty M’00
Richard J. Paul ‘76
Paul F Silva 1995 Rev Trust
Dylan M. Payea ‘15
Derek A. Peabody ‘12
Louise P. Pear ‘65
Ann W. Pearson ‘59 and Richard E. Pearson
Julie Pearson
Robert E. Pearson ‘54
Megan C. Pedersen and Christopher M. Pedersen
G Mark Pedersen
Heidi Pedersen Schlossman
Patricia Pedroza Gonzalez
Susan M. Peery and Gordon R. Peery
Barbara A. Pelc ‘89
Richard A. Pelletier and Lori D. Pelletier
William Pelletier and Colette Pelletier
Marie A. Pelletier ‘84
Philip M. Pelletier
Rebecca A. Peloso ‘94 M’05 and John E. Peloso ‘92
Joyce A. Pelrine M’91
Timonthy Pemberton
David Penfield and Becky Bronson
Paul Penfield Jr and Barbara B. Penfield
Andrew B. Penfield ‘15
Megan L. Penney ‘15
Jose M. Pereira and Elisabete M. Pereira
Alexa Pereira
Matthew J. Pereira
Jane Perich
John C. Perkins and Carol S. Perkins
Carl G. Perkins ‘52
Chester W. Perkins Jr ‘58
Elizabeth Perkins
Ashley L. Perreault ‘15
William S. Perron ‘67
Jennifer M. Perrone ‘08
Sandra Jo Perrone
Sarah N. Perrotti ‘13
Cecilia Perry
Christine V. Perry ‘13
Louise K. Petelle ‘60 and Herbert R. Petelle ‘60
Peter H. Cook Architect AIA
Dorothy D. Peterson
Nils G. Peterson ‘57
Kyle J. Petrillo ‘12
Phantoms of New Hampshire, Inc.
Andrew L. Phelps ‘60 and Joanne M. Phelps
Mary Philbin
James W. Philbrick ‘11
Lisa A. Philbrick ‘90
Cheryl A. Philipps ‘90
Andrew J. Phillips ‘13
Gregory H. Phipps ‘97
Phyllis Ann Woodward Trust
Cynthia A. Piascik
Christopher B. Picard ‘09
Benjamin R. Piche
Jennifer H. Piersiak
Debora B. Pignatelli
Gerald L. Pilotte ‘73 and Marguerite D. Pilotte
Diana M. Pimer ‘15
Robert Pimer
Robert M. Pingree
Lindsey R. Pinkham ‘77 and Deborah Pinkham ‘77
Ethan M. Pinney ‘15
Doris D. Piper ‘38
Wendy Pisciotta
Sibyl Pitcock
Laura L. Pittman
Leslie T. Pitts and Jane A. Pitts
Christine E. Pitts ‘92
Eugene J. Piurkowski ‘69
PJD Septic Services LLC
Michael G. Plaisted ‘64 and Nancy Plaisted
Charles H. Plimpton ‘51
Deborah A. Plumer ‘76
Bertrand Poirier ‘83 M’94 and Angela Poirier
Dennis M. Poirier ‘75
Jonathan M. Poirier ‘10
Mary Polio
Jean A. Pollock ‘57 and Richard E. Pollock
Wendell L. Pollock and Pauline L. Pollock
Loretta M. Pollock ‘53 M’73
Patricia Pomerleau ‘11
April A. Pongitory ‘96 and Marc Pongitory
Natali K. Pope ‘85 and Jeffrey S. Brown
Jack S. Porter Jr
Samantha L. Possemato ‘13
Debra V. Potter ‘79
Pamela H. Potterton ‘73
Jane S. Powers ‘94 and Thomas F. Powers III
Robert M. Powers ‘75 and Karen E. Powers
Barry Powers
Sean T. Powers ‘12
Gaynelle R. Pratt M’99 and Charles C. Pratt
Phyllis A. Pratt ‘63
Rosemarie B. Preble ‘68 and Paul C. Preble ‘68
Rinald G. Precourt ‘61
Caroline N. Pregent ‘43
Premier Bar Prospects LLC
Barbara A. Preston ‘03
Eugene E. Preston ‘69
Myrna B. Prevost ‘58 and Fernand J. Prevost ‘57
Price Chopper’s Golub Foundation
Elizabeth Principe
Caitlin L. Proce ‘14
Amy L. Proctor ‘13
Lindsay A. Prospect ‘84
David L. Provencher
Donna M. Provencher
Kathy Provencher
Larry Provencher
Pauline Provencher
Phillip J. Provencher ‘06
Kathleen J. Psirogianis ‘67
Nancy J. Puglisi ‘78
June D. Purington ‘57
Kayla M. Purinton ‘15
Talivaldis T. Purvins
Judith H. Putnam
Lucinda C. Putnam ‘74
Putnam Foundation
Nancy M. Putney ‘53
Judith Putzel
Dale F. Pyer ‘76
James P. Quinlan ‘98
Virginia W. Quirk ‘76
Lauren E. Rabin ‘84
Celia E. Rabinowitz
Erica C. Rader ‘10
Erik J. Radermacher ‘15
Margaret A. Radziewicz ‘71
Antonetta Ragone
Margaret Ramsay ‘56 M’64 and C. Murray Ramsay Jr ‘52 M’62
Bettina J. Ramsey ‘88 and Michael Ramsey
Ramuntos Brick Oven Pizza
John R. Rand ‘64
Lynne D. Randall ‘80
Laura B. Randolph
Michelle E. Rappaport ‘92 and Eric D. Rappaport ‘92
Michael A. Rascona and Lauren K. Rascona
Taylor D. Ratcliffe M’08
Kathy Ratliff and John C. Ratliff
Alison B. Ravins ‘85
Jane F. Rawley ‘78
Jacqueline J. Ray ‘55
Richard J. Raymond ‘78 and Joyce L. Raymond ‘78
Scott K. Raymond ‘96
Roberta J. Rayno ‘96
Raytheon Company
Real to Reel, Inc.
Robert J. Reardon
Dolores Rebolledo ‘98
Michael P. Redington ‘74
James P. Reed Sr ‘04
Charles E. Regan ‘60
Stacey L. Regan ‘93
Elizabeth M. Reid ‘89 and William Reid
Maureen E. Reid
Samantha L. Reilly ‘12
Mark E. Reinhold ‘98 and Karen M. Reinhold ‘96
Dennis L. Relyea Sr
Rebecca S. Relyea
William J. Remick ‘51
Judith Renaud
Leslie H. Reny
Mark E. Reynolds and Barbara Reynolds
Deborah L. Reynolds ‘84
Michael J. Reynolds ‘95
Patricia A. Reynolds ‘67
Peter Reynolds
Kelly R. S. Ricaurte
Kathleen M. Riccardi
Bethany G. Ricciardi ‘15
Arlene S. Rich ‘41 and Roger Rich
Lee M. Richard ‘69 and Linda Richard
Thomas M. Richard M’80 and Cynthia M. Richard ‘81
Raymond P. Richard ‘56
Richard A. and Sheila A. Foote 2013 Rev Fm
Richard M. Rothstein, D.M.D.
Lori D. Richer ‘92
Margaret A. Richmond ‘93 and Rodney W. Richmond
Ashley K. L. Richmond
Spry W. Richmond
Katherine L. Richter ‘93 and Erryl Richter
Nancy P. Rickard ‘73
Thomas A. Ricupero ‘76 and Nancy P. Ricupero ‘76
Rebecca L. Rieger ‘14
Vincent E. Riel ‘57 M’66 and Carol J. Riel ‘59
Donald J. Rielly and Barbara H. Rielly
Patricia O. Rietze and Anthony Rietze Jr
Antonetta T. Riley
Mark Riley
Wendy A. Riley
Tyler K. Rines ‘12
Ruth J. Ring ‘63
Leslie A. Ringuette ‘86 and Paul Ringuette
Michael S. Ripley ‘96
Zachary J. Ritland ‘06
Richard A. Rizio and Ann S. Rizio
Judith Robbins ‘78 M’89 and David B. Robbins ‘78
Margaret Robbins ‘69 and Clifford Robbins
Kyle H. Robbins ‘08
Mason W. Robbins
Robert E. Kipka Revocable Trust
Marguerite W. Roberts ‘53
Priscilla A. Roberts ‘50
Dawn A. Robertson
Donna W. Robinson and Andrew P. Robinson
Lawrence W. Robinson ‘74 and Joann R. Robinson ‘72
Michelle Robinson ‘10 M’13
Ann M. Robitaille ‘74
Scott G. Rochwarg ‘07
Sol Rockenmacher and Linda L. Rockenmacher
Robert R. Rodrigue ‘00
Margaret M. Rodriguez and Jose A. Rodriguez
John H. Rogers
M.Ann Rogers ‘56
Richard E. Rogers ‘51
Christopher C. Roland ‘72 M’73 and Judith Roland
Michael S. Rolke ‘10
Audrey E. Roman ‘10
Lynn C. Roman ‘05
Ethan A. Romanelli ‘13
Kayla J. Romaniello ‘12
Peter H. Romer ‘66
Audrey Rondo ‘65
Crista L. Rookey ‘11
Susan A. Rooney ‘76 and Michael W. Rooney ‘75
Janice L. Rooney ‘64
Kimberly Rooney
Sara Roos and Dave Jacobs
Peter D. Roos and Elisabeth L. Roos
Rosalie A Walker Living Trust
Janet E. Rose ‘76
Judy Rosen and Brooks Townes
Arthur M. Rosen
Gerald Rosenberg and Elaine Rosenberg
Marilyn Rosenbloom and Harvey Rosenbloom
Anthony J. Rosinski ‘70
Cheryl Ann Ross
Eugene W. Ross ‘57
Lindsay P. Ross ‘12
Patricia M. Rossi
Lee Ann Rossi-Brothers
Salvatore Rossini and Annette Rossini
Nancy A. Rotatori
Margaret Rothaus and Barry Rothaus
Aaron D. Rothberg ‘95
Suzanne R. Rothstein
Marilee H. Rouillard ‘64
Sharon Rousmaniere and James A. Rousmaniere Jr
Catherine L. Roy
Eric J. Roy ‘15
Kathleen M. Roy ‘64
Patricia Royce ‘69 and Daryl Z. Royce ‘71
Lillian M. Royce ‘70
Janet L. Royer
Linda Rubinstein and Chip Greenberg
Daniel B. Rubinstein ‘06
Judith A. Rudas ‘67 and Ferenc Rudas
Eleanor R. Rudnick and Alan S. Rudnick
Jeanne M. Rudzinski ‘78
Alan F. Rumrill ‘79 and Kimberley Rumrill
Elizabeth J. Rundlett ‘54
Nancy K. Rupert ‘73
Vangie H. Ruskowski H’94
Chandra L. Russel ‘98
William E. Russell ‘73 and Caroll L. Lothrop
Russell Sabia Revocable Trust
Margery Russem and
Jerome G. Russem
Julie A. Russem
Tory Russo
Lynne D. Rust and Lynn C. Rust
Ruth and Emerson McCourt Charitable Trust
Lois H. Ruttenberg
Walter A. Ryan ‘64 and Laura Ryan
Cornelius J. Ryan ‘92
Katherine M. Ryan Martin ‘98
Lucy D. Ryder ‘87 and Steven J. Ryder
Marie W. Ryder M’78
Mary K. Ryder
Jacqueline P. Rzasa ‘71
Janet E. Rzasa ‘86
Russell V. Sabia ‘81
Marc S. Sacher
David L. Safford ‘83
Safran USA
Saga Communications
Melissa Saint
Stephen C. Salamin ‘84
Diana L. Salonen ‘72
William B. Salt ‘81
Lisa R. Samel and Kenneth J. Samel
John A. Samperisi
Kimberly A. Samson ‘88
Nancy M. Sandahl ‘64
William Sandall and Deborah Sandall
Deborah J. Sanders ‘82 M’93
Ruth C. Sanders ‘76
Sarah E. Sanders ‘15
Nathan P. Sanderson ‘15
Pamela A. Sanderson ‘79
Kirk Sanger ‘97 and Karyn R. Nelson
Sandra L. Santa Maria ‘76
Sophia M. Santerre ‘84 and Paul A. Santerre ‘83
Sarah A. Santiago ‘11
Justin C. Saraceno ‘00 and Danielle N. Saraceno ‘00
Paul V. Sarah and Laurie L. Sarah
Elaine G. Sarah
Lucy M. Sargent
Martha F. Sargent ‘51
Priscilla S. Sargent ‘44
George Saridakis
Donna M. Sarro ‘78 and Tiertza-Leah Sarro
Laura Satchell
Saul O Sidore Memorial Foundation
Madeline Saulnier ‘64 and Allan O. Saulnier ‘63
Robert E. Saulnier ‘61 and Grace S. Saulnier
George W. Saulnier Jr
Margaret M. Saunders M’75 and Laurence R. Saunders
Savings Bank of Walpole
Stephanie J. Savoy and Glenn R. Savoy
Jacqueline Sawtelle
Margaret M. Sawyer and David R. Sawyer
Michael J. Scanlon
Kathleen Scharnikow
Monica L. Schauss ‘13
Susan E. Scheinman ‘89 and John E. Scheinman M’89
Walter Schier
Richard J. Schleckser M’14
Constance B. Schlegelmilch ‘98 and John G. Schlegelmilch
Joy E. Schmelzer ‘06
Mark Schmidl-Gagne M’95 and Kimberly A. Schmidl-Gagne
Sandra L. Schneider and Michael A. Schneider
Kathryn L. Schnyer ‘10
Richard K. Schoebel ‘93 and Meredith M. Schoebel ‘92
Elizabeth J. Schofield ‘61
Sandra J. Schofield M’97
Karli B. Schrade ‘15
John W. Schuhl and Alicia A. Schuhl
Ellen M. Schultz ‘87
Schwab Charitable Fund
John Sciara and Jennifer L. Sciara
Erin A. Scillia ‘01
Jane D. Sciucco ‘74 and Paul Sciucco
George W. Scott Jr and Charlotte S. Guyer
Robert J. Scott Jr ‘71
John S. Scranton
Sandra M. Scripture ‘63 and Peter D. Scripture ‘62
Kenneth M. Scupp ‘11
Kathy C. Searles and Jeffrey L. Searles
Judith G. Seaver ‘62
Michele D. Secaul-Lemar M’94
Karen M. Seferi ‘70
Joshua L. Segal
Tina Segalla Grant ‘73
M Therese T. Seibert
Erika M. Seitz ‘04
William P. Seldon ‘83 and Nancy F. Seldon ‘81
Stephen C. Seraichick ‘76 and Laura J. Seraichick
Thomas Serverino
Patricia H. Severance ‘80
Leslie A. Seybold
Jeffrey C. Seymour
Stephen D. Shallcross ‘09
Alexandria R. Shally ‘15
Nancy A. Shanks
Warren A. Shanks
Jane Shapiro and Gary M. Shapiro
Tina M. Sharby ‘86 and Scott R. Sharby ‘87
Stephen J. Sharp and Anne E. Sharp
Travis M. Shattuck ‘63
Donald W. Shaw Jr ‘69
Pauline D. Shea ‘58 and Morton A. Shea ‘58
James A. Shea ‘14
Martin C. Sheil ‘90 and Carol A. Sheil ‘78
Robert M. Sherman and Lisa A. Sherman
Brenda L. Sherwin ‘75
Willodene G. Shickel
Margaret W. Shinkle ‘72
Maxwell N. Shippee ‘08
Shipping Shack
Shirley Burt Revocable Trust
Chelsea M. Shirshac ‘15
Kelsey M. Shope ‘14
Terrell H. Shortsleeve ‘73 and Harold S. Shortsleeve ‘73
Shirley T. Shugart ‘60
Nagata Shuichi
Joan C. Shultz and James W. Shultz
Barbara A. Siegert
Carol L. Sierk ‘65
Joel S. Silberberg and Elaine Silberberg
Todd A. Silberstein and Lisa A. Leinau
Francesca B. Silliman
Leslie R. Sillman-Hadra
Paul F. Silva ‘62
Irwin Silver
Paul R. Silverfarb ‘99
Nancy E. Silverman ‘81 and Michael S. Silverman ‘79
Claire W. Simensen ‘52
Richard J. Simensen ‘61
Lynn M. Simington and Arthur W. Simington
Peter A. Simmel ‘77
Judith H. Simmons
Robert H. Simonds ‘67 and Pauline Simonds
Simply Massage
Robert E. Simpson ‘73 and Carol A. Simpson
Roger C. Simpson ‘63 and Dorothy B. Simpson ‘61
Christine Simpson
Jennifer M. Simpson ‘06
Larry K. Simpson
Marion A. Simpson
Frances W. Sinder ‘68
Paula Singer and Karl Singer
Sisterhood of Temple Adath Yeshurun
Sisters of Mercy
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Northeast Community Inc
Cynthia H. Sivonen ‘64
Margaret C. Skelly
Jacob F. Skinner ‘72
Susan T. Skinner ‘68
Samantha Skove
Caroline Skowronek
Lynne R. Slavin
Louise Slayton and A R. Slayton
John B. Sloan and Donna M. Sloan
Beverley A. Slocum ‘54
James G. Smart and Eleanore L. Smart
Kathleen M. Smart ‘74
Peter J. Smilikis Jr ‘90
Wayne R. Smith ‘80 and Jessica Indig-Smith
Donna E. Smith ‘78 and Jeffrey S. Smith
Eileen P. Smith and Dennis M. Smith
Jeffrey G. Smith and Heather M. Smith
Mary Lou Smith ‘75 and Robert A. Smith
Raynor R. Smith Sr ‘69 M’75 and Martha L. Smith ‘69
Tara V. Smith ‘91 and Mel E. Smith ‘90
Clifford E. Smith ‘74
Dorothy C. Smith
Ernest W. Smith Jr
Francis X. Smith ‘77
Hannah A. Smith
Jennifer H. Smith ‘05
Jodi W. Smith ‘79 M’84
John H. Smith Jr ‘50
Joseph E. Smith ‘82 M’88
Joyce C. Smith ‘56
Kelly Smith
Laura D. Smith ‘75
Lynn C. Smith ‘83
Pamela A. Smith ‘73
Pennie J. Smith ‘73
Susan C. Smith ‘70
Smiths Medical
Rebecca L. Smolenski
Heidi M. Smyth
Sally A. Snarski ‘68
Ellen M. Snyder
Jennifer L. Snyder ‘96
Margaret E. Sodders ‘15
Sodexo Campus Services
Richard C. Solomon ‘77
Sonnax Industries
Marilyn G. Soper and Bruce C. Soper
Susanna M. Sornatale ‘11
Robert J. Soucy ‘62 and Joan B. Soucy ‘61 M’85
Andrew J. Soucy ‘72
Heather J. Soucy ‘10
Ms. Susan R. Southworth
Marcus S. Soutra III ‘06
Mikayla E. Souza ‘11
William J. Sowa ‘82
John W. Spallone Jr ‘76
Bryan L. Spangelo ‘80
Margaret E. Spencer ‘67
Anthony Speranza ‘85 and Karen Speranza
Carrie M. Speshock ‘92 and *Paul Speshock
Margaret C. Spicereddy ‘04
Freda Spiro ‘57
Susan C. Sponheimer ‘69
Bertie E. Sprague Jr ‘69 M’75
Anne D. Spry
Squan-A-Tissit Trout Unlimited
James Squires
Norman R. St Germain ‘83
Victor R. St Pierre ‘79 and Nancy St Pierre
Debra A. St Lawrence ‘85 and Joseph St. Lawrence
Barbara A. St. Pierre
Stacey P. DeAngelis LLC
Ivan S. Staev ‘11
Maura C. Stafford ‘88
Mary E. Staniels ‘60
Paul Stanish and Karen B. Stanish
Douglas J. Stanley
Stanley Yarosewick Rev Trust
Marshall E. Stanton
David B. Staples ‘55 M’60
Joseph Staples
Jane E. Stark ‘87
Andrew T. Starkey ‘12
Lynne A. Starr
Jane C. Stauffer ‘74 and Richard K Stauffer
Gina A. Stec ‘93
Jean H. Stedman ‘74
Savannah B. Steevens ‘15
Randi A. Stein
Peter M. Steiner ‘11
Crystal M. Steinfeld ‘15
Kathleen C. Steinmetz ‘78
Catherine M. Stephens ‘82 M’02
Sydney L. Stern and Jonathan Stern
Barry G. Stetson ‘76
Mansur K. Stevens Jr ‘51 and Deleen Stevens
Michael Stevens
Wallace R. Stevens
Thomas J. Stewart M’86
Matthew J. Stieglitz and Donna L. Stieglitz
Barbara J. Stimson ‘41
Sting Ray Optics
Cynthia A. Stinson ‘79
Richard A. Stockwell ‘85 and Curt W. Herr-Stockwell ‘86
Nancy C. Stockwell ‘82
Michelle L. Stofflet and Brian L. Stofflet
Anita C. Stokes ‘56
Joann Stolls
James A. Stone and Catherine F. Difranco-Stone
David A. Stoner ‘79
Elizabeth P. Straw ‘47 and Oscar A. Straw
Susan S. Strickland ‘71
Judith Stroncer ‘65
Bonnie J. Strout ‘93
Samantha T. Strubel ‘15
Tara N. Stuart
Helen L. Stuefloten ‘61
Edna L. Styles ‘48
Kathleen W. Sullivan ‘73 and John L. Sullivan ‘72 M’78
Sullivan Tire
Margaret A. Summers
Pia M. Sunderland ‘91 and Lawrence B. Sunderland
Elaine P. Suss ‘66 and Robert H. Suss
Donald H. Sutherland ‘61
Joseph E. Suttile
Anne R. Sweeney ‘00 and Peter Sweeney
Gayle Sweeney
Gloria A. Sweeney ‘64
Jean E. Sweeney ‘63
Karen Sweeney
Kerri Ann Sweeney
Kristin Sweeney
Christine M. Swett ‘74
Wanda S. Swiger
Eric E. Swope ‘99
Gloria D. Symonds ‘53
Symonds Family Trust
Claudia M. Sysyn ‘75 and Timothy Sysyn
Molly J. Taflas ‘13
Kaitlyn A. Taft ‘07
Ashley L. Talmont ‘07
Kay Tamarkin and Jerry P. Tamarkin
Tyler A. Tambascio ‘14
Laurie Tarabelli
Victoria E. Tarabelli ‘15
Patricia A. Targett ‘70
Chris J. Tasoulas
Michael F. Tate ‘63 and Linda Tate ‘63
Lindsey C. Tatro ‘15
Tau Phi Xi
Melissa M. Tawney ‘08
Charles F. Taylor ‘72 and Kathleen M. Taylor
Leslie L. Taylor ‘80 and Jeffery Taylor
Rhonda S. Taylor ‘79 and Edward R. Taylor ‘95
Mary Alice Taylor ‘78
Meg Taylor
Robert W. Taylor ‘93
Sara L. Telfer and Gavin Telfer
Janis Temple Metoxen ‘68
Joshua L. Terrell ‘89
Terry Mitchell Properties and Development
Wanda L. Tessier ‘88
Andrew J. Testin
Sarah H. Testo ‘00 and Martin W. Testo ‘98
Catherine W. Tewell
Gregg R. Tewksbury
The Bruce E LeDuc and Nora K LeDuc Rev Trust
The Charles Irwin Travelli Fund
The Edge Basketball Club
The Hoffman Family Foundation
The Kingsbury Fund
The Lary Family Trust
The MacMillin Company
The Melanson Company, Inc.
The Mountain Corporation
The Nancy Roberts O’Neill Rev. Trust
The Paul A Boucher 2006 Revocable Trust
The Pittsburgh Conference
The Pub Restaurant & Caterers
The Weinrieb Family 2012 Revocable Trust
Jill M. Theriault
Dorothy L. Therien ‘91
Kathleen N. Therrien ‘65
Mary E. Thickstun ‘47
Kathryn A. Thomas ‘15
Linda H. Thomas ‘73
Sarah W. Thomas ‘15
Taylor J. Thomas
Thomas Charters LLC
Nancy P. Thompson ‘80
Dayna E. Thurston ‘07
Tides Softball
Marc P. Tieger
Robert L. Tilton ‘97 and Caitlin E. Tilton
Arnold R. Tilton ‘64
Timken Aerospace & Super Precision
Charlotte H. Timlege ‘61
Jeffrey M. Timmer
Toadstool Bookshop
Marcia Tocci ‘69
Margaret Toce and Joseph P. Toce Jr
Susan B. Tochterman and Gary W. Tochterman
Robert E. Todd ‘59 and Ann Y. Todd
Joanne Toland
Lynda T. Tolton
Jane Toolin Corliss ‘70
Kaitlyn A. Tordonato ‘15
Elinor S. Torello ‘65 and Thomas F. Torello
Christine A. Torpey-Pagano
Alissa M. Toscano ‘15
Charles D. Tousley
Todd V. Tousley ‘85
Stephen J. Towle ‘70 and Janet Towle
Beatrice E. Towne ‘47
John R. Trabucco ‘77 and Deborah Trabucco ‘78
Carolyn A. Trachim ‘78 and Walter Trachim
Linda E. Tracy ‘71
Carmen P. Trafton ‘95 and William P. Trafton
Nicholas P. Tragakes and Lynda L. Tragakes
Kathryn Trahan
Bryan R. Trainor ‘68
Harvey S. Traison
Melinda D. Treadwell ‘90
Barbara S. Tremblay M’88 and Anthony M. Tremblay
Richard P. Tremblay ‘50 and Constance C. Tremblay ‘57
Claire Tremblay
Louis E. Tremblay ‘64
Maryellen Tremblay ‘55
Mary E. Trent
Maureen F. Trimper ‘83
Tinker G. Trow ‘70 and Judy Trow H’70
Mr. William O. Trudeau Jr
Marion L. Trudelle ‘53
True North Networks
Jennifer L. Trueman ‘08
John B. Tucker ‘59 and Carol A. Tucker M’78
Beth E. Tucker
Joyce M. Tuden ‘71
Christine A. Turci
Steven Turco
Charles A. Turina and Alanne K. Turina
Turmoil Inc.
Sarah K. Turner ‘06 and Douglas H. Turner ‘05
Madelina L. Turner
Cathryn G. Turrentine
Roderick D. Twiss ‘65 and Donna S. Twiss ‘64
Elizabeth A. Twitchell ‘63
Dixie Tymitz
Carrie A. Tynan ‘03
Nadine B. Underhill ‘72
Priscilla J. Underwood ‘73
United Technologies Corporation
US Cellular
Lois B. Vadeboncoeur ‘57
Cheryl Vail
Ronald Valle and Katherine G. Valle
Peter D. Vallerie ‘15
Mark Valzania and Kim Valzania
Joanne Van Arsdell
Lee-Ann P. Van Atta ‘86 and Garrett D. Van Atta ‘86
Suzanne A. Van Buskirk ‘69
Elizabeth F. Van Gundy
Susan Van Kleef ‘78
Barton M. Van Wie ‘49
Jacqueline Vanacore ‘11
Abigail S. Vanasse ‘82
Eleanor Vanderpool
Marijo F. Varney ‘84 M’07 and James E. Varney ‘84
Matthew D. C. Varrell
Aislyn M. Vaughan ‘11
Samantha G. Ventolieri ‘14
Thomas E. Verdone and Barbara A. Verdone
Verizon Foundation
Joseph H. Veronezi ‘07
Jessica A. Vespia ‘98
Anne K. Vey M’97
Village Painters LLC
Nancy T. Vincent and C. Paul Vincent
David L. Vincent ‘70
Carmine J. Vitagliano ‘75
Susan A. Vlamis
Gary D. Vogel ‘82
Roger C. Vogler
Virginia L. Volk
Adam J. VonDette ‘99
George M. Vose ‘74
Ronald F. Votto Jr
VOYA Foundation
Judith Wachsmuth ‘64
Shirley K. Wagenhorst ‘58
William W. Waitt ‘12
Michael C. Wakefield ‘90 M’93
Norman S. Wakeman ‘58
Michelle Walch
Janet T. Waldo ‘55
Raymond P. Waldron ‘14
Alan D. Walker ‘82
Norma V. Walker ‘51 M’59
Rosalie Walker ‘57
Stephen G. Walker ‘80
Rosario C. Wallace
Wal-Mart Foundation
Deirdre M. Walsh ‘00
Gayle Walsh ‘82
James P. Walsh
Matthew J. Walsh ‘14
Richard J. Walsh ‘62
Walt Disney World
Jean Walter ‘74 and Ralph D. Walter
Susan E. Walthour
Joseph M. Waltz and Helene Waltz
Mark F. Waltz ‘60 and Jane L. Waltz
Miles E. Waltz
Elisha R. Wamsley ‘13
Donna M. Ward
Erin N. Ward ‘10
Scot A. Ward ‘90
Lindsay Ware ‘03
Barbara W. Warner ‘56
Paul W. Warner ‘04
Kerri L. Warren
Sylvia A. Washbourn
Ruth M. Washburn ‘47
Neil F. Watnik
Joseph P. Watters and Jane Watters
Emily A. Watts ‘04
Rebecca M. Watts
Robert H. Way ‘78
Jack G. Webb ‘87 and Catherine F. Webb ‘88
Lucy S. Webb
Pauline A. Webb
William G. Webb ‘58
Suzanne M. Webster ‘93 and Dennis Webster
Angela S. Webster
April T. Weed ‘79 M’90 and Charles F. Weed Jr
Robert E. Weekes and Janice K. Weekes
Christine H. Weeks
Linda S. Wegener ‘80 M’85 and Richard Wegener
Elizabeth J. Weibrecht ‘93
Craig E. Weinreich ‘85
Rose K. Weinrieb and Jerome J. Weinrieb
Timothy J. Weisel and Deborah Weisel
Thomas Weisshaus
Nan F. Welch ‘69
Lawrence A. Welkowitz
Karin Wells
David G. Wenhold ‘90
WEOG - Anonymous donors
Susan E. West ‘91
David A. Westover ‘72
Meagan K. Whalen ‘15
Silvija S. Wheeler and David W. Wheeler
Juliette R. Wheeler
Kim M. Wheeler M’07
Pamela A. Wheeler
Patricia Wheeler
Tracy A. Wheeler McAdams ‘92
Whelen Engineering
Roger C. Whipple ‘59 M’73 and Lorraine D. Whipple
Kenneth W. Whitaker M’68
Edward H. White Jr ‘64 and Christina C. White ‘64
Thomas M. White M’95 and Jennifer J. White ‘87
Catherine G. White
Elaine M. White ‘65
Patricia C. White ‘62
Richard H. White ‘59
Virginia R. White
Jennifer J. Whitehead ‘97
William C. Whitman ‘57
Marsha N. Whitney ‘78 and David Whitney
Suzanne Y. Whittemore ‘94 and Peter T. Whittemore ‘69
Susan L. Whittemore
Ann M. Whittle
Douglas A. Whittum ‘65
Donna M. Wholey-Thivierge ‘80
David P. Wichland
Marguerite L. Widell
Bonnie F. Wiedenfeld
Meghan E. Wiese
Maryellen Wigglesworth
Candice D. Wiggum
Kayla M. Wilbur ‘13
Marylin K. Wilcox ‘51
Susan J. Wiles
Liane T. Wiley
Lisa M. Wilkinson ‘86 M’08 and James A. Wilkinson ‘90 M’11
Joan F. Willey ‘58
Jacqueline G. Williams ‘70 M’80 and Allan H. Williams
William J. Williams IV ‘02 and Christine E. Williams ‘01
Angela Williams
Christine F. Williams ‘11
Elizabeth W. Williams ‘78
Katelyn C. Williams ‘13
Kathleen N. Williams
Susan E. Williams ‘77
Ronald L. Williamson ‘64 and Flora Williamson
Matthew M. Williamson ‘83
Michael J. Willis and Jo Ann R. Willis
Judy Wilmeth and Don B. Wilmeth
Donna J. Wilson ‘77 and Peter Wilson
Casey B. Wilson ‘03
Joann M. Wilson
John C. Wilson
Judith W. Wilson ‘62
Ryan R. Wilson ‘12
Windham High School
Andrea L. Winking ‘12
Jo Ann Winn ‘76
Kathleen F. Winsor and Arthur I. Winsor Jr
Robert E. Wirta ‘65 and Joanne Wirta
Ned D. Witham ‘63 and Marlene C. Witham ‘63
Robert N. Witham ‘53
Kara L. Witt ‘91
Jennifer Wojenski ‘87 and Edmund F. Wojenski ‘85
Catherine Wolf ‘61
Rosalie Wolff and Aaron H. Wolff
Robert K. Wollner ‘96
John R. Wood Jr ‘61
Linda M. Wood
William H. Wood
Stephen M. Woodard ‘78 and Linda J. Woodard
Carol A. Woodard ‘78
Donna D. Woodfin ‘62
Barbara L. Woods ‘13
Kathryn H. Woods ‘68
Michael S. Woods ‘96
Works Bakery Cafe
Ellen M. Wright ‘63 and James Wright
Ellen M. Wright ‘00
Shirley S. Wright ‘55
William C. Wrobel ‘10
Carol Wyndham
Carol Yadeta
Ronald A. Yantiss ‘74
Stanley J. Yarosewick H’05 and Mary-Lou S. Yarosewick
Nancy C. Yeaton ‘59 and Philip S. Yeaton
Priscilla Young and *Kenton M. Young
Donald A. Young
Douglas R. Young ‘15
Linda S. Young ‘74
Young Entrepreneurs Academy
Laura H. Yurgeles ‘72 M’82 and Michael J. Yurgeles
Christina Zadravec and Charles M. Zadravec
Eric Zadravec
Allen J. Zagoren
Joy Zagoren
Eleanor C. Zahner ‘46
Walter R. Zakahi and Catharine A. Foster
Elizabeth D. Zalewski ‘82
Lori A. Zaniboni
Eileen D. Zarcaro
Elise M. Zarcaro
Lynn M. Zarcaro
Mark Zarcaro
Robert S. Zawadski ‘12
Patricia A. Zemianek ‘63
Roger Zerba and Louise R. Zerba
Lucretia Zerfas
Gail M. Zimmerman
Jennifer R. Zinka ‘14
Elizabeth A. Zinn
William Zirkelbach ‘85
Randi Ziter
Edwin J. Zitta M’82 ‘78
Erin S. Zoellick ‘13
Charles G. Zoulias ‘67 and Christine Zoulias
Bruce Zu Walick M’73
Jessica A. Zucchino ‘80 and Alan Zucchino
Anthony G. Zuppani
Robert M. Zurek ‘80 and Cathy S. Zurek ‘80
Beverly B. Zurell ‘69
Amy F. D. Zwaan

1909 Donors Listed Alphabetically

President’s Circle $10,000 and above
Alice S. Ayling Scholarship Foundation
C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
*Gordon B. Davis ‘72
Engelberth Construction Inc.
John R. Faust ‘58 and Cynthia A. Faust ‘57 M’80
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Kenneth Gruskin
Kraushaar Galleries
Pierre G. LeBlanc ‘78
Bruce LeVine Mellion ‘69
NH Charitable Foundation
Peter D. Roos and Elisabeth L. Roos
Ruth and Emerson McCourt Charitable Trust
David B. Staples ‘55 M’60
The Charles Irwin Travelli Fund
The Kingsbury Fund
WEOG - Anonymous donors
William T. Morris Foundation
Charles G. Zoulias ‘67 and Christine Zoulias

Provost’s Circle $5,000 to $9,999
Agnes M. Lindsay Trust
Bruce L. Austin ‘77 and Barbara D. Austin ‘77
Stephanie H. Baute ‘62 M’78 and Joseph A. Baute
Bruce and Barbara Austin Family Foundation
CNA Foundation
Richard B. Cohen and Janet L. Cohen
Fenton Family Dealerships
Friends of the Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery
John E. Hoffman Jr
Margaret R. Kasschau
Mary F. Kiley ‘50
Julian Landau
Anni E. Luneau ‘87 and Christopher Parker
*David R. Proper
Putnam Foundation
Safran USA
Saul O Sidore Memorial Foundation
Savings Bank of Walpole
The Hoffman Family Foundation
US Cellular
Young Entrepreneurs Academy
Walter R. Zakahi and Catharine A. Foster

Member $1,000 to $4,999
A.W. Hastings & Co.
Jacqueline A. Abbott ‘58 M’62
Alan P Zucchino 1994 Revocable Trust
David D. Alcox ‘87
Bruce A. August and Debra A. August
Nancy W. Bermudes ‘55
William L. Brackett ‘57 and Barbara R. Brackett ‘57
Harry H. Branning and Christine Branning
Stephen P. Brighton ‘85 and Regina Brighton
Carroll Concrete
Central New England Attack-A-Crack
Cheshire Medical Center
Clarke Distributors Inc.
Class of 1965
CNA Foundation
Norma R. Cohen and Lester Cohen
Corona Films Inc
John W. Cowdery ‘82 and Glynnis E. Cowdery
Courtenay C. Cross
Sydney Croteau-Frechette and David Frechette
Carolyn B. Davis ‘48 Marcus A. Devro ‘83 DTZ
Thomas R. Eaton Sr
Esri ConnectEd
F. H. Hamblet Electric Inc.
Nona P. Fienberg and Lorne M. Fienberg
Filtrine Manufacturing Company
GE Foundation
Barbara A. Gendron ‘63
Kenneth R. Goebel and Lorraine J. Goebel
Greater Boston Chapter Trout Unlimited
Lillian M. Grossman-Strater ‘42 and Henry A. Strater
Jeanne B. Grubman and James Grubman
John P. Hansel Jr
Kimberly T. Harkness ‘85
Betty M. Hettinger
Mr. and Mrs. Hindle ‘99 and ‘00
Hitchiner Manufacturing Co. Inc
Travis M. Hodgdon ‘94 and Gretchen Hodgdon
Anne E. Huot and Joanne M. Cepelak
Jacob J. Lichman Irrevocable Memorial Trust
Ruth F. Jacobs and Carl B. Jacobs Jr
Edward J. Jennison
Graham A. Jones ‘76 M’84 and Joan Roeber-Jones
Jay V. Kahn and Cheryl J. Kahn
Wolf Kahn and Emily M. Kahn
Keene Branch, American Association of University Women
Keene Endowment Association
Gary Kofinas
Michael C. Ladam
Marion W. Lake ‘63 and Albert C. Lake Jr ‘64
Jamie C. Landau
Liberty Mutual Insurance Group
Donna M. Lietz and Andrew E. Lietz
Maryann L. Lindberg and Robert M. Lindberg
Lynn C. Rust, CPA PC
John A. MacLean
Henry W. Maier ‘75
Tevis Margolis
Mazal Michal Mariaschin and Daniel S. Mariaschin
Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation
Massachusetts Jump$tart Coalition
Woody Meiszner
William R. Menezes
Katje K. Mickola ‘97 M’05 and Lynne M. Andrews
Judith G. Moody H’76 and John H. Moody ‘71 M’76
William H. Morgan and Susan B. Morgan
Robert W. Morgan ‘53
Brigida J. Mosley ‘46 M’72
Gretchen Muller ‘90
National Film Preservation Foundation
National Geographic Education Foundation
National Science Foundation
Mary M. Nelson ‘58
New England Foundation for the Arts
NH Ball Bearings, Inc.
Nissan of Keene Inc.
Robert A. Norton Jr ‘83
Noyes Volkswagen, Inc.
Paul F Silva 1995 Rev Trust
Premier Bar Prospects LLC
Margaret M. Rodriguez and Jose A. Rodriguez
Judy Rosen and Brooks Townes
Steven J. Ryder
Saga Communications
Madeline Saulnier ‘64 and Allan O. Saulnier ‘63
Margaret M. Sawyer and David R. Sawyer
Schwab Charitable Fund
John S. Scranton
Stephen C. Seraichick ‘76 and Laura J. Seraichick
Pauline D. Shea ‘58 and Morton A. Shea ‘58
Paul F. Silva ‘62
James G. Smart and Eleanore L. Smart
Sodexo Campus Services
Smiths Medical
Freda Spiro ‘57
Squan-A-Tissit Trout Unlimited
Stanley Yarosewick Rev Trust
Mansur K. Stevens Jr ‘51
Sting Ray Optics
Sullivan Tire The Edge Basketball Club
The MacMillin Company
The Mountain Corporation
The Pittsburgh Conference
Thomas Charters LLC
Timken Aerospace & Super Precision
Melinda D. Treadwell ‘90
True North Networks
Turmoil Inc.
Nancy T. Vincent and C. Paul Vincent
Norma V. Walker ‘51 M’59
Joseph P. Watters and Jane Watters
Whelen Engineering William T. Morris Foundation
Robert N. Witham ‘53
Works Bakery Cafe
Ellen M. Wright ‘63 and James Wright
Stanley J. Yarosewick H’05 and Mary-Lou S. Yarosewick
Jessica A. Zucchino ‘80 and Alan Zucchino

Recent Graduate
Lauren A. Adams ‘11
Edward A. Ambrose ‘11
Evan C. Bennett ‘13
John F. Brunelle ‘11
Katherine E. Burke ‘11
Adrianna M. Cardinal ‘13
Christopher C. Chapman ‘11
Alexander P. Cuomo ‘12
Brian R. Desrosiers ‘12
Chantal L. DiBartolomeo ‘10
Roger H. Duval ‘14
Jonathan M. Edson ‘11
Alyssa J. Gilhooly ‘12
Alexander P. Greczylo ‘13
Brooke M. Greeley ‘10
Bradford Haimowitz ‘10
Kristen M. Johnson ‘12
Jaycelyn A. Kay-Pfenning ‘13
Collin E. Keith ‘11
Nicole A. Kelley ‘11
Deirdre M. Lewis ‘12
John G. Lindgren Jr ‘09
Jonathan C. Mackey ‘10
Elizabeth A. Mulroney ‘12
Michelle L. Munsey ‘11
Craig R. Murphy ‘14
Ann M. Pagnotta ‘12
Andrew J. Phillips ‘13
Samantha L. Possemato ‘13
Sean T. Powers ‘12
Kayla J. Romaniello ‘12
Stephen D. Shallcross ‘09
Mikayla E. Souza ‘11
Aislyn M. Vaughan ‘11
William W. Waitt ‘12
Ryan R. Wilson ‘12

In Honor of Listed Alphabetically

Angel Agiorgousis in honor of John Paul Agiorgousis
Alliance Data in honor of Andrea Cuzzupe
David Bartlett in honor of Luke Bartlett
Andrew L. Bass in honor of Stephan Lewy’s 90th Birthday
Dorothy E. Battenfeld in honor of the Battenfeld Famil
Susan M. Battenfeld in honor of Brianna Magowan
John E. Buster in honor of Eibhlin Kelly
Katherine A. Campbell in honor of Andrew Karlin
Audrey Carson in honor of Nick Nowak for ht KSC Baseball program
Christina Casavina in honor of Sarah Crooker
Colin Cass in honor of Natalie Riddel
Shelia Cataldo and Rob Cataldo in honor of Andrea Cuzzupe
Roberta Catchings in honor of Kendal Brown
Richard B. Cohen and Janet L. Cohen in honor of Norma and Lester Cohen’s Birthday
Richard B. Cohen and Janet L. Cohen in honor of Jack Pechter for a speedy recovery
Richard B. Cohen and Janet L. Cohen in honor of Rick and Jan Cohen’s Anniversary
Norma R. Cohen and Lester Cohen in honor of Janet L. Cohen’s Birthday
Norma R. Cohen and Lester Cohen in honor of Richard B. Cohen
Norma R. Cohen and Lester Cohen in honor of Rich and Jan’s Anniversary
Norma R. Cohen and Lester Cohen in honor of Jack Pechter for a speedy recovery
Norma R. Cohen and Lester Cohen in honor Rick Cohen’s Birthday
Richard B. Cohen and Janet L. Cohen in honor of Bernie Feld’s Birthday
James Cook in honor of Addison Cook
Peter H. Cook in honor of Addison Cook
Thomas Crimi in honor of Michael Crimi
Melissa Croteau in honor of Nathan Pedersen
Ellen Curley in honor of your newphew William J. Velez
Sean T. Curran in honor of Sean Curtin
Carol E. Curtin in honor of Sean Curtin
Danelle Daley in honor of Christine LaHive
Ellen Davey-Fleming in honor of Christine LaHive
Richard W. Delande and Pamela Delande in honor of Kellie Delande
Violet Desilets in honor of Joseph Cortese
Diane E. Diagle in honor of Christian Bourgea
Gail L. Dion in honor of Keith Simpson
Lynne J. Doblin in honor of Kendal Brown
Matthew P. Donovan’98 in honor of the Class of 1998
Julia Edwards in honor of Luke Edwards
Susan P. Egan and Kevin W. Egan in honor of Kelly Egan
Derek Elliot in honor of Robbie Hamilton
Deb A. Ellison in honor of Brona Kilburn
Executive Properties in honor of Willie Velez
Linda K. Feld in honor of Gerald Rauch
Bernice R. Feld in honor of Mrs. Gerald Rauch
Bernice R. Feld in honor of Mrs. Lester Cohen on her 90th Birthday
Roberta Ferragina’96 in honor of Professor Carl Granquist
Nona P. Fienberg and Lorne M. Fienberg in honor of Tom White
Danni J. Fitzgerald in honor of Lucy Fowler
Patricia H. Fletchall in honor of Sarah Hart
Daryl B. Foreman in honor of Zachary Sampson
Maxine Freedman in honor of Norma and Lester Choen’s Birthday
Amy Gerolamo in honor of Christian G. Bourgea
Levi G. Gershkowitz’11 in honor of Len Fleischer and Erika Radich
Levi G. Gershkowitz’11 in honor of Hank and Pam Knight
Peter S. Goldman and Deborah J. Goldman in honor of Norma’s 90th Birthday
Kathie J. Goodwin in honor of Taylor L. Goodwin
Werner F. Gossels and Elaine F. Gossels in honor of Stephan Lewy’s Birthday
Nancy L. Gossels in honor of Stephan Lewy’s 90th Birthday
Janine Graham in honor of Andrea T. Cuzzupe
Michael Gregory in honor of Allyson W. Doyle
Richard J. Groleau in honor of Kevin Gonzales
Jeanne B. Grubman and James Grubman in honor of the Grubman Family
James A. Grubman and James Grubman in honor of Sally G. Lifchitz
Larry Haft and Florence Haft in honor of the birthday of Norma Cohen
Carrie L. Hall-Indorf and Paul K. Indorf in honor of Olivia Indorf
William C. Hamlin and Patricia H. Hamlin in honor of the Cohen Family
Diane E. Hartmann in honor of Billy Harmann
Michael A. Haun in honor of Lindsay Taflas
Gerald B. Hawkes in honor of Ben Weidman
Eileen C. Hearn in honor of Chelsea J. Harris
Linda A. Hill and Christopher W. Hill in honor of Jennifer Hill
Jeffrey Holbrook in honor of Jessica Gagne-Cloutier
Cynthia J. Howard in honor of Ben Kelly
Dave Jacobs and Sara Roos in honor of cousins Roberta & Peter Roos, Elisabeth & Emma & Ethan. Happy New Year
Richard E. Johnson and Barbara E. Johnson in honor of Jolene D. Johnson’09
Karen E. Johnson in honor of Cynthia Mellor
Susan K. Johnson in honor of Caroline K. McSherry
Stuart K. Kaufman and Caroline T. Kaufman in honor of Professor Marj Droppa
Keene SAU 29 in honor of Tom White
Nancy Kelly in honor of Ben Kelly
Patricia A. Kerins in honor of Norma Cohen
Shirley G. Kestenman in honor of Norma Cohen’s 90th Birthday
Jane G. Knapp and Fred W. Knapp in honor of Andrew P. Knapp
Donna M. Koolis in honor of Robert Koolis
David J. Kozak in honor of Sarah Crooker
David A. Ladensohn and Claudia S. Ladensohn in honor of Janet Cohen
Stuart Lang and Barbara W. Lang in honor of Frederick S. Wolf’s Birthday
Amy D. LaPierre in honor of Jeffery Stein and Jen Steeholm
Tad K. LaVergne and Jennifer L. LaVergn in honor of Payton Darger
Susan A. Leen and Jack G. Lee in honor of Jan and Rick Cohen
Regina E. Lehman in honor of Carroll Lehman
Michele C. Lerch in honor of Zachary Rollins
Donna M. Lietz and Andrew E. Lietz in honor of Anne Huot
Joseph E. Lungwitz in honor of Nathan Pedersen
Ellen P. Madigan in honor of Thomas Jenoski
Mildred N. Madigan in honor of Thomas Jenoski
Teviw Margolis in honor of Rachel Margolis
David J. Mason in honor of Margaret R. Mason’17
Sylvia M. McBeth and Craig F. McBeth in honor of CP Vincent
Thomas P. McClain and Jean Marie McClain in honor of Kaitlyn M. Newell
Susan E. Melia and John M. Melia in honor of Amy Richo
Deborah Merowski in honor of Keith Simpson
Kathryn P. Miles and Douglas J. Miles in honor of Rachel Boynton
Naomi R. Moss in honor of Mrs. Lester Cohen on her 90th Birthday
NEA-New Hampshire in honor of Tom White
Jean P. Nelson and Douglas A. Nelson in honor of Douglas Nelson
Cynthia O’Leary in honor of Michael W. McBournie
John P. Onanian in honor of Tommy Jenoski
David J. Ostrowski in honor of Jessica Gange-Cloutier
Heidi Pederson Schlossman in honor of Nathan Pedersen
Patricia Pedroza Gonzalez in honor of Dr. Ann Britt Waling
Timonthy Pemberton in honor of Zach Rollins
Ethan M. Pinney in honor of Charles A. Sheaff
Judith Renaud in honor of Kayla Renaud
Marilyn Rosenbloom and Harvey Rosenbloom in honor of Lester Cohen’s Birthday
Margaret Rothaus and Barry Rothaus in honor of Zav Weiss
Catherine L. Roy in honor of Norma and Lester Cohen’s Birthday
Julie A. Russem in honor of Norma Cohen
Tory Russo in honor of Alex P. Tragakes
Mary K. Ryder in honor of Lynne Sullivan Fuller
Marc S. Sacher in honor of Robert Koolis
Lisa R. Samel and Kenneth J. Samel in honor of Norma Cohen’s 90th Birthday
William Sandall and Deborah Sandall in honor of Samantha Magee
Jeffrey C. Seymour in honor of Emily Kenney
Robert M. Sherman and Lisa A. Sherman in honor of Jessica Baker
Joan C. Shultz and Lisa A. Shultz in honro of Sydeny T. Shultz
Irwin Silver in honor of Stephan Lewy’s 90th Brithday
Sisterhood of Temple Adath Yeshurun in honor of Nona Fienberg
Margaret C. Skelly in honor of Nathan Pedersen
Caroline Skowronek in honor of Zach Rollins
Ellen M. Snyder in honro of Nathat Pedersen
Susan R. Southworth in honor of Janet L. Cohen
Sydney L. Stern and Jonathan Stern in honor of Janet and Richard Cohen
Michelle L. Stofflet and Brian L. Stofflet in honor of Ben Weidman
Karen Sweeney in honor of Jermiah Miller
Kerri Ann Sweeney in honor of Keith Simpson
Lindsay Taflas in honor of Jessica Howard
Kay Tamarkin and Jerry P. Tamarkin in honor of the special birthday of Norma Cohen
Joshua L. Terrell’89 in honor of Tau Kappa Epsilon
Jill M. Theriault in honor of Zachary Rollins
Joanne Toland in honor of Billy Harmann
Nicholas P. Tragakes and Lynda L. Tragakes in honor of Alex Tragakes
Harvey S. Traison in honor of Dr. Arthur Cohen
Beth E. Tucker in honor of Tyler Reilly
Christine A. Turci in honor os Sarah Crooker
Mark Valzania and Kim Valzania in honor of Kait Wheeler
Matthew D. Varrell in honor of Paul I. Beling
Rosario C. Wallace in honor of Kolby Reggione
Pamela A. Wheeler in honor of Kait Wheeler
Juliette R. Wheeler in honor of Kait Wheeler
Rosalie Wolff and Aaron H. Wolff in honor of Norma Choen
Christina Zadravec and Charles M. Zadravec in honor of Steven Edward Zadravec
Eric Zadravec in honor of Steven Edward Zadravec
Elise M. Zarcaro in honor of Zach Rollins

In Memory of Listed Alphabetically

Lauren Adams’11 in memory of Vincent Carey
Alison Ahmed’85 in memory of Michael Waters
David D. Alcox’87 in memory of Vincent Carey
Denise A. Allard in memory of Philip S. Hyde
Edward A. Ambrose’11 in memory in Vincent Carey
Alice M. Ashdown in memory of Papa Ashdown
John S. Battenfeld in memory of David Hatch Battenfeld
Klaus J. Bayer’85 and Christine M. Bayr in memory of Franziska Samuel
Evan C. Bennett’13 in memory of Vincent Carey
Walter F. Bergen in memory of Kenton Young
Sylvia D. Bonaccorso and Roy T. Bonaccorso in memory of Susan Herman
Wendy W. Boxer and Jeffrey J. Boxer in memory of James Wheeler
William T. Bridgham Jr’62 in memory of Michael O’Neil’62
John F. Brunelle’11 in memory of Vincent Carey
Kally Burke’90 in memory of William T. Lessard
Katherine Burke’90 in memory of Vincent Carey
Catherine Cametti in memory of Sean Casey
Car Clean USA in memory of Lorrine H. Wakefield
Adrianna M. Cardinal’13 in memory of Vincent Carey
Lenore F. Cardoza and John G. Cardoza in memory of Sean Casey
James H. Casey in memory of Sean Casey
Bonnie M. Chalmers’13 in memory of Tyler J. Smith
Christopher C. Chapman’11 in memory of Vincent Carey
Cheshire Co. Retired Teachers Association in memory of Irene Nelson Koski
Class of 1965 in memory of Glenna J. Mize
Philip H. Clay’64 and Karen W. Clay in memory of Lorrine H. Wakefield
Richard B. Cohen and Janet L. Cohen in memory of Phyllis White
Keith C. Couch and Julie A. Couch in memory of Marjorie D. Stapleton
Glynnis E. Cowdery and John W. Cowdery in memory of Keith ‘Fuzz’ Joy
Candace Cox in memory of Barbara B. Cox
Alexander P. Cuomo’12 in memory of Vincent Carey
Sharon J. Day in memory of Nick Day
Carolyn M. Delehanty in memory of my son John Michael Delehanty
Brian R. Desrosiers’12 in memory of Vincent Carey
Pamela Diamantis in memory of James Diamantis
Chantal L. DiBartolomeo’10 in memory of Vincent Carey
Pauline A. Dionne in memory of Kay MacLean
Donna M. Drouin M’91 and Leo G. Drouin in memory of Charles A. Hildebrandt
Roger H. Duval’14 in memory of Vincent Carey
Jonathan M. Edson’11 in memory of Vincent Carey
Gerald J. Eichner in memory of Albert and Myra Eichner
Nona P. Fienberg and Lorne M. Fienberg in memory of Phyllis White
John D. Finnern and Bette G. Finnern in memory of Sarah S. Buchalter
Kathryn Forest in memory of Phyllis White
Elizabeth C. Freeman in memory of James M. Wheeler
Russell N. French in memory of gay people who died in the Holocaust
Kevin R. French in memory of Sean Casey
Marilyn Ganame in memory of Sean Casey
Barbara A. Gendron’63 on memory of Ernest O. Gendron
Kenneth E. Gile’58 in memory of Patricia Gile
Alyssa J. Gilhooly’12 in memory of Vincent Carey
Sean T. Gillery’89 in memory of Kay MacLean
Anthony E.Goldin in memory of James Wheeler
Amy L. Goldthwaite’91 in memory of William T. Lessard
Brian T. Gooding in memory of James Wheeler
Heidi B. Graff in memory of Vincent Carey
Alexander P. Greczylo’13 in memory of Vincent Carey
Brooke M. Greeley’10 in memory of Vincent Carey
Mitchell H. Greenwald’74 and Erika G. Greenwald’74 M’91 in memory of Kay MacLean
Greenwald Realty Associates in memory of Kay MacLean
Grove Street Fiduciary, Inc. Wealth and Trust Advisors in memory of James Wheeler
Bradford Haimowitz’10 in memory of Vincent Carey
Cynthia M. Hamilton in memory of David Battenfeld
Andrew T. Harris in memory of Ted Harris
Travis M. Hodgdon’94 and Gretchen Hodgdon in memory of Edmund A. Gianferrari
Laura E. Horowitz in memory of Richard M. Horowitz
Paul G. Huard’71 and Kathy A. Huard’71 in memory of Brian E. Richardson
Catherine Huot in memory of Rene Lachapelle
Evelyn R. Izbicki in memory of James Wheeler
Thomas I. Izbick in memory of James Wheeler
Mary L. Jennell in memory of Sean Casey
Kristen M. Johnson’12 in memory of Vincent Carey
Katharine R. Judd in memory of Bill Leons
Judith J. Kalich and Richard L. Kalich in memory of Susan Shafer-Meiszner
Randy Katzman’76 and Pamela Katzman in memory of Annette Pomerantz
Jaycelyn A. Kay-Pfenning’13 in memory of Vincent Carey
Risea Keene and Douglas W. Keene in memory of Charlotte Kapiloff
Colin E. Keith’11 in memory of Vincent Carey
Nicole A. Kelley’11 in memory of Vincent Carey
Leslie Kinney and Michael N. Landis in memory of Charles A. Hildebrandt
Gary Kofinas in memory of Dr. Susan J. Herman
Suzanne S. Krautmann M’97 and Paul Krautmann in memory of Phyllis White
Matthew B. Lane’11 in memory of Tyler J. Smith
Laurel A. Lang’78 in memory of Faith G. Armington
Winifred W. Langtry’52 in memory of Dot Carruthers’40
Deirdre M. Lewis’12 in memory of Vincent Carey
Marie Limongelli and Michael J. Montuori in memory of Sean Casey
John G. Lindgren Jr’09 in memory of Vincent Carey
Melanie J. Lizotte’13 and Theodore A. Lizotte in memory of Ms. Gladys Shover
Laura M. Lovell Inglese’94 in memory of Vincent Carey
Jonathan C. Mackey’10 in memory of Vincent Carey
John A. MacLean in memory of Kay MacLean
Henry W. Maier’75 in memory of Kay MacLean
Martha M. Mains in memory of James M. Wheeler
Marc P. Tieger and Judith L. Tieger Trust in memory of Chuck Hildebrandt
Michelle R. Mason’05 in memory of Nate DeMond
Helen K. Mattson and G.T. Mattson in memory of Kay MacLean
Margaret K. McCormack’56 in memory of Kendall E. McCormack
Anne E. McCormick in memory of James Wheeler
Michael D. McCurry in memory of Hames Wheeler
Theresa A. Mello in memory of Charlotte Kapiloff
Francis Mello in memory of Charlotte Kapiloff
Mello Trust in memory of Charlotte Kapiloff
Kathryn S. Miner in memory of James H. White
Mary D. Moe’62 and Theodore H. Moe in memory of James H. White
Elizabeth A. Mulroney’12 in memory of Vincent Carey
Michelle L. Munset’11 in memory of Vincent Carey
Craig R. Murphy’14 in memory of Vincent Carey
James M. Newcomb’89 and Bethany Newcomb in memory of Alta Lu Townes
Cynthia L. Ogden in memory of James M. Wheeler
Joyce E. Oster and Eric R. Oster in memory of Sean Casey
Ann M. Pagnotta’12 in memory of Vincent Carey
Jane Perich in memory of Phyllis White
Cecilia Perry in memory of James M. Wheeler
Dorothy D. Peterson in memory of James M. Wheeler
Andrew J. Phillips’13 in memory of Vincent Carey
Debora B. Pignatelli in memory of Frances Fishman Becker
Samantha L. Possemato’13 in memory of Vincent Carey
Sean T. Powers’12 in memory of Vincent Carey
Lauren E. Rabin’84 in meoory of Steve Farnham
Celis E. Rabinowitz in memory of Jermone L. Rabinowitz
Margaret Ramsay ‘56 M’64 and C. Murray Ramsay Jr’52 M’62 in memory of Constance Ross
Margaret Ramsay ‘56 M’64 and C. Murray Ramsay Jr’52 M’62 in memory of Marion Sabin
Margaret Ramsay ‘56 M’64 and C. Murray Ramsay Jr’52 M’62 in memory of Paul Davidson
Real to Reel, Inc. in memory of Gerald Bamberger
Raymond P. Richard’56 in memory of Nancy Richard
Vincent E. Reil;57 M’66 and Carol J. Reil’59 in memory of Phyllis White
Dawn Roberston in memory of James H. Wheeler
Kayla J. Romaniello’12 in memory of Vincent Carey
Jeanne M. Rudzinski’78 in memory of Dr. Virginia Trumball
Stephen C. Salamin’84 in memory of Dr. Peter Jenkins
John A. Samperisi in memory of the Samperisi Family
Deborah J. Sanders’82 M’93 in memory of Ed Sanders’80
Stephanie J. Savoy and Glenn R. Savoy in memory of Sean Casey
Michael J. Scanlon in memory of Sean Casey
Walter Schier in memory of Tracy Schier
Thomas Serverino in memory of Sean Casey
Leslie A. Seybold in memory of Vincent Carey
Stephen D. Shallcross’09 in memory of Vincent Carey
Cynthia H. Sivonen’64 in memory of Nancy Leighton’64
Donna E. Smith’78 and Jeffrey S. Smith in memory of Phyllis White
Heidi M. Smyth in memory of Shirley E. Black
Susanna M. Sornatale’11 in memory of Tyler J. Smith
Mikayla E. Souza’11 in memory of Vincent Carey
Mary E. Staniels’60 in memory of Phyllis White
Tau Phi Xi in memory of Jennifer Ann Puls Sweeney
Janis Temple Metoxen’68 in memory of Kay MacLean
Charles D. Tousley in memory of Doris Mabel Tousley
Carmen P. Trafton’95 and William P. Trafton in memory of Kay MacLean
Mary E. Trent in memory of Lisa Trent’79
Charles A. Turina and Alanna K. Turina in memory of Marianna Rogers Nichols Kennedy
Joanne Van Arsdell in memory of Marek Kaplan
Aislyn M. Vaughan’11 in memory of Vincent Carey
William W. Waitt’12 in memory of Vincent Carey
Michelle Walch in memory of Allan Walch
Lindsay Ware’03 in memory of Katrina A. Armstrong
Christine H. Weeks in memory of Kip Weeks
Patricia Wheeler in memory of James M. Wheeler
Marsha N. Whitney’78 and David Whitney in memory of James M. Wheeler
Marguerite L. Widell in memory of Sean Casey
Candice D. Wiggum in memory of Sylvia May Anderson
Michael J. Willis amd Jo Ann R. Wills in memory of Sean Casey
Ryan R. Wilson’12 in memory of Vincent Carey
Ellen M. Wright’00 in memory of Ronald J. Wright
Stanley J. Yarosewick H’05 and Mary-Lou S. Yarosewick in memory of Walter R. Yarosewick
William W. Adam’78 in honor of Dennis L. Wenzel